Zie Zie must try…

June 8, 2006 at 11:15 p06 (Tag)

Cocka "Z" tag challenge, here i come!!!

1. Zeppelin…this is not. But if you have the urge to ride some hot air (beside the one from your boss) you can try the hot air balloon ride near to the open field next to the 7th-storey hotel …psst FF, are you listening?

2. ZZZZZZZZ….my state of mind when the actions are happening LIVE in Germany. Niamah, Starhub (the cable co witht he sole right) is charging $15.50 for the privelege to watch the World Cup 2006. Even free also don't want lah…my beauty sleep is more important. Anyway, not that crazy over soccer!

3. Zircons are not only the oldest minerals on earth, they also show another interesting feature. Their oxygen isotopic composition has been interpreted to indicate that more than 4.4 billion years ago there was already water on the surface of the Earth. Who says blogging doesnt increase your general knowledge?

4. ZARA…a fashion store in town where i spent a lot of time in following my wife on her shopping trips. This is the only place where my wife will let me ogle gals, so i would leave her alone and not pester her to leave…

5. ZERO…wish everyone will have more of these in their bank account by end of the year! 4D idea for the weekend…4972! Don't forget my 10% commission if the numbers come out!

6. Zara…a potential applicant to the Malaysia Book of Record (MBR). She will be in the good company of Amber Chia & Datuk Michelle Yeoh. Read about her exploits in Zara's Mama & MBR in Teh-C ! For those with sons, if wont hurt to be friendly by dropping-by Zara's Mama blog. But my guess is, it is aready too late cos ZMM has tons of followers!!

7. Zombie…reminds me of Michael Jackson's Thriller music video. I missed his BAD's days!

8. Zakat..is the tithe the Muslims pay to the mosque… not to be confused with Zakar, which means penis in malay. So, be careful how you address the Encik Zakaria in tis world!

10. Zhonghua…also Tionghua or Choongwah in dialect…which loosely interpreted as "Chinese in the Centre". This is a hangover phrase from the olden Chinese empire which see China as the centre of the universe…and others as uncultured barbarians. BTW Zhonghua is also a brand of Chinese cigarettes that retail at RMB 50 (SGD $10, RM 23) a pack. It is the Davidoff equivalent in China. Offering Zhonghua ciggies to Chinese is a good ice-breaker…But caution hor! Offering ciggies in Singapore is an offence!



  1. Zara's Mama said,

    Wow.. you and Zara also tong-tou-zhong-yan? Since you said you posted Cocka’s photo b’cos you and him are the same type?

    I know I know.. what is the same between Zara and you.. both of you also like Breast! See.. it’s easy to spot similarity!

  2. Leonard said,

    this is one tough meme…

    i tot the one i did is tough, this is so much tougher.

    would give this a miss!

  3. fantasyflier said,

    woh well done my friend another Zzzzzz alumni!!!
    yez itz doez increaze the generzal knowzledge…

  4. Non-soccer fan said,

    中国 means Middle Kingdom 🙂

  5. Robin said,

    Sorry about your cardinals.. a cheap place to replace them is in Pasir Ris farm (not the doggy one but the seafood one).. hmmm.. how to explain har?

    I bought my neon tetra at 50 for S$9.00 from a ah pek with cock-eye.

  6. See Fei said,

    cheese…u read between the lines…a rare attribute indeed! hahaha i like your association between cocka and Zara! LOL

    Come on! u can do it lah!! I offer to clean your dvd for u, can or not *wink wink*

    ZZZZ alumni…wat? Sleeping club issit? OK lah, i will keep my eyes open for sleeping partners….oopss..i mean members LOL

  7. fantasyflier said,

    LOL xiuxiuxiuxiu

  8. Cocka Doodle said,

    I always knew you were of ‘substance’.
    Well done with the tag. You can be assured of more coming your way from now on. LOL

  9. See Fei said,

    thanks for the explanation. no world cup for you also ha?!

    thanks for the tips… will wait for the tanks to stabilise b4 doing anything. i found the cause of the death, albeit too late. it is called the white disease, common among family of tetras. you keep fish too?

    u will be the alumni recruitment officer. all new members got to ZZZ approved by you!

    Compliments are always welcome…some worms for you… come come my kok kok kei LOL

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