Procrastination costs me RM120

June 13, 2006 at 11:15 p06 (Travel)

I am indulging myself in some Ipoh old world charm come early next month. The old ACS gang and some x-MGS girls are getting together for a gathering at Destress on 8 July. Last count…about 80 of us. If any of you guys and gals out there who were from ACS/MGS cohort of '83 (Form 6), please don't feel shy… come, come and join us!

Was going through the AirAsia website when i saw this GREAT offer of RM9.90 AirAsia ticket from IPOH-JB flying on 11 July. After discussing the plan to fly with SO, i went online again to book the tickets the next day. Niamah! 24 hours and the ticket price up went by 700%…. to RM69.90 each. For two persons, i am paying additional RM120, OUCH! Procrastination hurts!



  1. Cocka Doodle said,

    Many times their website price do not tally with what they published in the papers.
    This is so unlike Sinpagpore Tiger Airways or Valuair.

    I think AirAsia is 1 big phoney! I don’t take them anymore.

  2. me said,

    yau ngak tor yat kor yarn.

  3. Leonard said,

    despite the increase, you still book the tickets ah??

    such good deals must quick quick book le…

    being here so long the kiasu mentality still didnt get into you?

  4. See Fei said,

    the last time my mother in law got at RM30 ticket to ipoh, i tot AA offer must be genuine. but i guess if wan good offer must be quick and decisive.

    the offer in the website with live booking should be genuine. must try valuair and tiger when flying elsewhere. 10Q for the tips!!

    sob..sob…can borrow shoulder to cry on?

    yup!! never fly in malaysia b4. new toilet lah…die die must try.

  5. Mickell said,

    i think Kenny Sia mentioned in his blog that the seats inside the plane cannot recline ;p

  6. Robin said,

    Look.. if u want to be kiasu, must be kiasu all the way

    decide and then shoot!

    That’s how I got my free bluetooth from Caltex.. started queing at 7.30am when they start at 9am.. only to realise that people queue from the night before.. wah~

  7. See Fei said,

    i read that too hahaha… will consult my lawyer if i can sue AA if i get a bad back after 45 min of their non-recline seat LOL

    u no frenlah… got lobang never say earlier. me no kiasu lah… just cheapo-cannot afford to charter a heli. i am sure that is the fastest way to ipoh.

  8. fantasyflier said,

    wahhhh next time buy first then worry what to do with it 😛

  9. Leonard said,

    aiyo, what new toilet? toilet in airport or plane…

    laugh loud at me if you want…i really dun noe!

  10. See Fei said,

    virginal attempt liddat lah… next time will chop chop 1st!

    It is a chinese saying…when u see a new toilet die2 u will wanna try. even though u hv no urge to pang sai heheheh!!

  11. Zara's Mama said,

    aiya.. still cheap ma.. but Ipoh got airport meh? I didn’t know that.. I thought they shut it down already?

  12. See Fei said,

    got…wanna join me for some ipoh hor fun or not come july? can call jie2 helen to come along

  13. angel said,

    Oh yeah! In fact stoopid the price changes every hour!! The earlier u book, the cheaper u’ll get 😉

    So, u r also fr Ipoh? So many Ipoh mali wan… nah, I not Ipoh girl… I Penang girl 🙂

  14. See Fei said,

    welcome…ipoh, KL or penang or sg ok lah…all in the same peninsular.

    i usually stay in taiping when i go back to my wife kampung. taiping is midway between ipoh and penang.

  15. Happysurfer said,

    I think ticket prices published in the papers are true at time of print. Prices change from day-to-day so it’s wise to book when there’s availability.

    Air Asia a few months back gave away free air-tickets – some two million if I’m not mistaken – and colleagues of mine managed to book multiple tickets to different destinations. He has made trips and has still one or two more to go.

  16. See Fei said,

    lei ng gaw low yau…got free ticket never tell me early! this is the first time i am flying AA. cheap but dont know service good or not…stewardess good looking or not 😉

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