Smile, it is TGIF!

June 15, 2006 at 11:15 p06 (Singapore)

The week is coming to an end. This week, we in the land of Singa should end it with a smile. A smile that is Unikly Singapore, in tandem with the latest govt buzz to "Welcome the world with four million smiles". This latest govt campaign is created to welcome the International Monetary Fund and World Bank Group meeting in Singapore in the coming September.

Singapore is a 3M country, not to be confused with 3M the "sticker tape" company. Singapore 3M is ahemm…mo dei (no land), mo yau (no oil) & mo yan (no human resource) and i take my hat off to the govt for their creativity in coming out with this latest "product". We are effectively selling "smiles" and for the chinese you know what that means. "Selling smiles" is synonym with the products that bar hostesses hawk in karaoke lounges. So, one up for the marketing of Singapore Inc.!

The IMF & World Bank come and go… but deep within, we do have reasons to smile. Those on my short list are….

Singapore Zoo spent $250,000 to rehab "Chawang" the elephant which gored its trainer last year. SZ could have just shipped Chawang to another zoo. According to the zoo, Chawang is very rare as its tusked are crossed. Glad to hear our zoo residents are treated like stakeholders instead of just mere exhibits!

Hougang & Potong Pasir residents can rejoice as they, die2 will get their lift upgrading come 2015, as promised by the government. In the meantime, they must gwai gwai queue behind other PAP wards. Without the promise of upgrading, the govt need to change the "smile" campaign tagline to "4 millions smiles excluding those in Hougang and Potong Pasir".

Hahahaha…can still watch some matches free…courtesy of RTM1 in Channel 39. As the commentaries are in Malay, can brush up my rusty Bahasa Melayu too. Kill 2 birds with one bola!!

In my dreams i smile a lot…as i always (day)dream i am like the towkay above, closing deals in the comfort of my limo with a handphone!!



  1. Ricket said,

    But Channel 39 is very distorted right?

  2. See Fei said,

    Beggar cant be choosy, right? Anyway, i only watch between 930 and 10 pm.

  3. Zara's Mama said,

    Chawang the elephant looks like a camel to me.. no wonder it’s very rare.. 😛

    Good that you can tap on good old RTM1 to watch your bola match! So you must smile at the immigration officers next time when you cross the border.

  4. See Fei said,

    hahaha chawang is undercover now…

    actually have not watched a single match yet on 39. just feel happy cos it is free mah…me liddat one.

  5. me said,

    eh? got one more seat in the limo *plants bottom firmly in the spacious chair* got champagne or not?

  6. titoki said,

    I still prefer my bed! 😉

  7. Robin said,

    perhaps you may want to also made some money in my fengshui casino post today.

    I like singapore.

  8. Cocka Doodle said,

    Wah? What 4 million smiles?
    Mutt yeh kum hoe siew? Charp toe kum ah? Siew toe keen ngah mm keen ngan ah?


  9. desiderata said,

    see fei:

    bring back SGD to NegaraKU and you start off 25million s=miles:):):):):):):): Desi wanted to replicate this 🙂 25millioon X, but I don’t thing seefei is so PAtient like Desi wan. So s-miley across the Cosway and 1/2bridge, concokedted bridge, imaginary bridge, watever, as long as it’s 25million s-miles long!:)(* whisper~~~Art thou PR of sin-land?)

  10. Leonard said,

    aiyoh, the smiling one need to submit NRIC one, i thought of submitting my MAXIM picture…dunno will get myself into trouble anot…

  11. See Fei said,

    u r welcome…the sit next to me is reserved for sleeping partner only.

    is that an invitation?

    fengshui only benefit the buildings’ owners. checked out your casino post liao, where is the beef? 🙂

    u dont know har? all sgrean are asked to submit their smile online cos govt wanna build a smile mural to welcome all the gweilos coming in sept for the imf meeting…

    malaysia no need burung pipit to smile lah…The Sandiwara currently running in the capital alridi got everyone smiling gleefully…

    u mean the one that look like u r wanking away…hahahaha! the publisher will get into trouble if they publish. hand job is ok as long as u dont blow… 😉

  12. Mother Superior said,

    AAAAAAAARGH!!! Leonard, don’t send the MAXIM picture, please. Better send Chawang’s picture instead. I mean, that animal cost $250K to recuperate, gosh, that’s where my tax money went into.

  13. fantasyflier said,

    hey thats a camel in the pic, not an elephant! 😛

  14. Leonard said,

    wah liew….make fun of me…i where got wanking away….

    angry liaoz….

  15. See Fei said,

    chawang is more famous than you and me combined. before long, all famous animal like ah meng, chawang, merlion will be confered the title “honourary singaporean” and their smiles can be used as well. animal & human on par…only in Unik Sg!!

    Chawang is a smart boy…after nearly killing his trainer and used $250,000 of our sweat&blood money to jiak hong, he where got dare to show its face anymore?

    Sorry hor! Will retract the statement if you pass me your MAXIM heheheh….

  16. Leonard said,

    LOL, it’s okay! i know you didn’t meant it loh.

    frankly speaking, i really look like wanking meh? :X

  17. See Fei said,

    actually cant really tell as the mag covered most part of your chest, cant see below the waist.

    relaks lah…4fei only pulling your leg lah.

  18. Mickell said,

    Can we free ourselves from the desires of mortal flesh? Very hard leh. Human resource is the only resource Singapore’s got. Otherwise we wouldn’t have gotten to where we are today.

  19. See Fei said,

    i agreee 100% Mike. Unless we grow 3 heads and 6 limbs we just have to work damn hard to main our competitiveness as our neighbouring countries are catching up fast.

    Desire of mortal flesh is part of our human’s nature. To totally cut it off is against nature. Some craving and occasional manifestatiion of this desire is good for the body and soul… not to mention the survival of our species….LOL

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