Hello world!

June 20, 2006 at 11:15 p06 (Filler)

This is my first century post! Like to say a big THANK YOU to all the visitors of this blog for the feedback and comments, especially those words of wisdoms left on my father's day post. I am really overwhelmed by all you guys… the talents, the wits, the fame that some of you enjoy, cheemnez,….and learned a few new words too, like "preparenting". No child also can be parent…very cheemz but i like!!

"Pants Pen off and concentrate more on baby making"…Mother Superior coded divine advice which i will follow! Actually blogging and bb making take a lot of effort. I do nearly all my writings and bb making at night, so they clash. I will let my blogging take a back seat for the moment and will take a week break to catch my breath. Mike & Blur2, this is a 3 horse race now…see who got result by April 2007!

With that decision, i have to say "Sorry" to Lenglui. Your tag got to wait a little while longer. In the meantime, do feel free to browse through some of the entry that i am particularly fond of and like to share it here with you…. 

mission statement

me no blind! 

10 hottest chick in towns

reading between the lines…

I have had a lot of FUN doing this blog and would look forward to come back in July and have MORE!!




  1. Mickell said,

    Way to go! Pal! Goodbye to all blogger problematic crap! 😀

    4f: hope so! still tampering with it

  2. me said,

    hi. just came for a quick visit.

    4f: vanakum!

  3. Zara's mama said,

    Wah.. now got nice nice domain woh.. don’t want to join us in the blogspot headache huh?

    Anyway.. wordpress will make blogging more efficient so you can work on the baby making huh?

    Btw, you know the rules right? Since you want kukujiao so much?? Hantam on the day your wife ovulates, male sperms are quick swimmers but die faster, so if you hantam on the day she ovulates.. the quick swimmer will reach the destination and still alive. If you want one without kukujiao.. then hantam before she ovulates, female swimmers are slow but are survivors.. 4f: sorry for asking, how do u noe when is ovulation?

    I also heard eating more red meat will help to produce sons while going on a vege diet will help to produce daugthers (this I’m not sure how true it is). 4f: now i noe why wifey is feeding me vege…she likes girls

    Anyway.. Good luck and hope you join the blogging parents gang! 4f: join got privilege or not? 🙂

  4. Leonard said,

    wah lau..not bad sia…

    own domain liao..i also thought of but too stingy to change…

    maybe can share with me the cost and lobang then i consider yet again!!

    4f: no cost involved… just register with wordpress. wp has the ready made blog like this one, or you can download the software and install yourself. self-installed wp is more flexible according to their website. hope that helps!

  5. Simple American said,

    At first I thought you were a hundered years old. That might be why the preparenting is not so effective. And you have to admit preparenting does not have the same stigma as sex. Have to go wash my hands after typing that. kekeke

    Enjoy your break. cya when you get back.

    4f: hahaha…thats a good one!

  6. angel said,

    Good luck! Take care! Come back soon!

    4f: sau toh!

  7. Cocka 'Drooling' Doodle said,

    Eh? What have you been doing all these years ah? Now only starting a family ah?

    4f: cari makan & cari mak we.  fyi, human don’t come from egg like cocka. 😉

  8. maggielurva said,

    seefei, i don’t think you will like wordpress if you know how troublesome to upload images!

    they have some nice features tho’.

    4f: let me try out the features first. will post the diff btwn blogger and wordpress later.

  9. fantastflier said,

    eh..tot I left a comment here earlier.
    anyways good luck!

    4f: where got? sure u didnt leave it at jie2 helen’s blog? 😉

  10. mother superior said,

    10Q, 10Q, that was no coded divine advice, friend. That’s common sense, lah. You can’t have everything. You can’t meet us on blogsphere and also want to have baby. Aiyah, don’t wast time now, GO, GO, GO!!!

    4f: i really appreciate ur advice. i will still blog but will cut down on the frequency.

  11. me said,

    never mind. increasing world population more important. go, go. need tips on creating baby boy or not? but fyi, girls are more fun and lovable as they tend to pull at your heart strings.

    4f: can share your tip or not? fyi, i am the last from my tribe…

  12. Mickell said,

    Do you have to pay anything to move here? How did you move all the past entries from blogger?

    4f: wordpress is free. i import my posts from blogger through the “import” function available in the dashboard. i did not encounter any problem during the transfer.

  13. Eileen said,

    Fwah, so nice leh, your new blog.
    So any prize for the person who win the race?? cash? free milk powder? free diapers? hehehe..we should start looking for sponsors hor… 😛
    Jia You! Come back with good news! 🙂

    4f: good idea. pls come for the next blogger meeting so we can thrash out the detail. will have to ask mike chua to come along too and Mummy Superior as the judge of this competition.

  14. helen said,

    Hey, why is everyone moving ??????? **dun leave me alone lar**
    You’re meeting up with those old ACS leang jais to watch bola ar??

     4f: official: meet ACS leang jai. private: meet my jie2 helen. come july, got karipap to eat or not? 🙂

  15. titoki said,

    Everyday I come here waiting for you to update… but you are too busy making babies… Sigh 😉

    4f: want to be my mistress issit? don’t play2, i can read coded msg!

  16. happysurfer said,

    Congrats! on reaching 100!

    4f: where is my birthday present?

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