Give the Geisha a soap!

June 28, 2006 at 11:15 p06 (General Chatter)

I finally caught “Memoir of the Geisha” over the weekend after missing the cinema run. One line by Zhang Ziyi that particularly striked me was when she told General Derrick in the spa, “Would you like me to turn your bathing habit into a pleasure?”. When there was no follow up scene on that, i guess we have to use our imagination on how to turn a routine mundance bath into a pleasurable activity. Frankly, I have no clue, do you?

I think one soap company read my mind and probably others too when i received a survey request in my email. One of the question was…

“How excited i am in using “XX” brand of soap?”

I am suppose to rate my feeling in a scale of 1 to 5 with the following definition..



3=very exciting

4=extremely exciting

5= beyond words

How much feeling can i derive from a bar of soap? To me, a bar of soap is just a bar of soap… a tool that i wont give a second thought. So i clicked 1 (Indifferent).

But wait! There must be more to that question. What IF there is a lady hand gliding that bar of soap all over my body, will I still still be indifference? Ok 2 (exciting) for me then. I am slowly seeing my soap in a difference light now. Throw in a  jacuzzi and turn on the bubbly, i can upgrade my vote to a “3” (very exciting).

I will definitely be a “4”….that is extremely excited if wifey can join me in my jacuzzi. If she is in the right mood and want to “turn my habit into a pleasure” i guess i will be speechless. That’s a “5” for me. 

Now, back to reality and right!…the survey request still open in my computer. I think i can’t answer this question because after giving it some thought, i think i am not indifference after all. The right answer should be “It depends on who is holding the soap”!



  1. Zara's mama said,

    Huh? You want a lady gliding a bar of soap on your naked body, and with your wife ‘turn your habit into a pleasure.”? Meaning what ah?

    Trio? Or she turns a blind eyes to a woman washing you?

    4f: You mean a menage a trois? 2 situations…

    1. me a vegetable…maid washing me supervised by wife. should be a “1” indifferent

    2. caught curi makan…wife beat me into a state of vegetable . no feeling liao… still a “1”

    Imagine, if you were 3 yrs old, your mum is gliding a bar a soap on your body b’cos you just poo-ed in your pants (for the 3rd time), and your wife was your play mate from neighbour.. do you get any pleasure still?

    4f: wife not borne yet, question invalid. anyway, still a “1” cos didi haven’t mature yet.

    Heehee.. sorry hor.. spoil it for you.

    4f: no prob. good try!

  2. seefei said,

    i accidentally deleted this comment from Happysurfer…sorry!

    Woah! Even a simple soap can be so exciting. Hmm…

    4f: You are rated “1”. If you want to get to “5” you know where to get me. 😉

  3. Cocka 'Drooling' Doodle said,

    i think the shape of the soap is equally important, yeah? 😉

    4f: this idea is very exciting commercially. i give you a “3”!

    for a start we can have shapes like banana & donut. for kids like Zara we can shape the soaps like toys, right?

  4. fantasyflier said,

    oooooohhhhh being showered by a lady, now that might stirringly interesting, hey get your other half to try #2 first!!!! save 3-5 for later LOL

    4f: …if i have a jacuzzi at home

  5. Mickell said,

    In Thailand’s red light districts, they have Turkish bath where a Thai girl would apply soap on her own body 1st b4 rubbing her body against the customer’s. Doesn’t leave much room for imagination, does it?

    4f: i would like to try that. hope thai ladies are not fat.

  6. angel said,

    O.o at thai’s turkish bath…
    errr… do they hv thai guys applying soap on their bodies b4 rub-a-dub-dub? 😀

    so, how did u like the geisha movie??

    4f: if you ask, a lot of leng chais will volunteer. it is a beautiful movie…i like.

  7. helen said,

    Hey, I didn’t think a bar of soap can contribute so much to your sex life… lol

    This is what I call cheap thrills.. Psst, what brand har? I also wanna try…

    4f: In tis world of $$ not enuf, guess cheap thrill is better than nothing. 

    would nt divulge the brand lah cos XXX co doesnt pay me any commission!

  8. titoki said,

    I still cannot see imagine how a soap can give one so much sexual fantasy.

    4f: another coded comment! i am glad you can see it too!

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