Fire & other World Cup stories

July 2, 2006 at 11:15 p07 (General Chatter)


England played Portugal to a goalless draw in a quarterfinal match early this morning and finally lost 3-1 in a penalty shoot-out. Historically, England has a poor record in penalty shoot-out and I was not surprised at the outcome. I am not a football fan but I guess one of my neighbours is. He must be an England supporter and presumably was so distraught that he set his apartment on fire this morning. The bomba (fire service) arrived within 10 minutes and put the fire out so fast, I didn’t even have time to take a snap shot. Anyway, I managed to take a shot of the “red rhino” and a fire engine at the carpark downstair.

England loss, I am sure, breaks the hearts of a lot of its fans. But I guess nothing is more saddening than the outcome of the “Fatty versus Oldies” game early this morning. France, captained by grand old man Zidane managed to outplay Fatty Ronaldo & Co by a single goal, courtesy of magician Thierry Henry. I don’t know whether someone will set fire to his apartment again with this piece of news but I am sure my friend, KK who had taken leave on all the days the Brazilians’ samba is on, will cancel his remaining leave come Monday tomorrow.

Although I am not a football fan, I am thankful to the euphoria whipped up by this global event. Conceptualized and organized by a few football crazy ex-classmates, we are using the excuse to watch the final to throw a party in Ipoh on the 8 July 2006. It doesn’t matter few will stay to watch, but what is important the event got me a 2-day visa from the Home Ministry where my wife is the visa processing officer cum Home Minister. For the uninformed, visa is what married men required when leaving home for matters that are not within the boundary of work and family. The icing on the cake will probably be the opportunity to do some family bonding with my father-in-law. FIL is a man of few words and it will be interesting to find out what the effect of a few beers at the local pub will do!



  1. angel said,

    woooo… welcome home! 😉
    world cup is sexciting! no?

    4f: tenkiu 4 de welcome! world cup is only sexciting if my neighbours dont burn down my apt anytime a favourite loses a match!

  2. zara's mama said,

    wa.. people set fire to their appartment? So ‘kua jeong’?

    And then going to watch finals with FIL? Make sure his team doesn’t loose hor.. or else.. he said you curse his team and then your relationship with him will be severed until the next World Cup match.

    Good luck!

    4f: i am sure it was an accident and not the masterpiece of some crazy football fans! i was very worried when i saw the smoke. If i were to evacuate i would be in a dilemma cos i don’t know whether to save my wife, my mum or my fish first! 😉

  3. Mickell said,

    Did your neighbor really set fire to his apartment because he was upset with England’s loss or you’re just making it up? Ha, ha, ha…! 😀

    4f: sorry mike…it was my wildly exaggerated imagination that came out with that crazy neighour-set-fire theory. but it was scary as the apt that was on fire was so near to my block. lucky the civil defence guys got there fast!

  4. Leonard said,

    so it’s aren’t easy to get a “visa” ya?

    never mind, now its approved, go and enjoy urself!!

    4f: after i come back from the party in Ipoh, i look forward to drop by yours. as visa is hard to come by, i think we better have it in SG instead of JB. Brudder cocka , pls swim across the causeway as soon as you read this msg!! 🙂

  5. happysurfer said,

    Imagine, both teams I supported lost. Jeez.

    Enjoy your outing.

    4f: so chamz :-(. Better let me know which teams your support in the semis, so i can place my bet on the opposite teams muahahahaha!!

  6. Simple American said,

    Hope they throw the dummy under the jail. How stupid to burn your apartment over a game.

    Visa huh? Over here we call them kitchen passes. Because the order is written in the kitchen. hehe

    4f: no lah dont think the fire is due to england losing the game…juz my wild imagination. so, SA when can you get your kitchen pass to come over here for some chilli crab?

  7. Cocka 'Drooling' Doodle said,

    I strongly recommend you to bring FIL to the Coyote Ugly pub for maximum effect of family bonding.
    Man to man, that is.

    4f: hei! thats the spirit man! are you coming over for the bloggers meeting? babe magnet leonard had arranged a lot of young chicks to attend!!

  8. Leonard said,

    hmmm….so we’ll have a special appearance in cocka??

    4f: quick2 fix the date so we all can get our visa or kitchen pass approved asap!!

  9. Eileen said,

    Visa so fast approved liao ah?? so easy ah? you sure you never bribe the “Home Minister”? 😛

    4f: tell u a secret, got to sleep with the Home Minister to get my visa approved 😉

  10. Simple American said,

    I need to write a proposal. If it works it might get me a ticket to Singapore. Have to wait and see.

    4f: yo! gud luck!

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