Why l switched to WordPress 1

July 6, 2006 at 11:15 p07 (General Chatter)

WordPress has some cool functions that i like….eg this comment decoding function.  When you switch it on and apply it to the visitors’ comments, you can decode what they really want to say. I tried it and found a few surprises.

The decoded comments that really stand out were from Titoki.

Read the comments and see whether you can do better than WordPress.

GIVE THE GEISHA A SOAP! Post 30th June Titoki


I still cannot see imagine how a soap can give one so much sexual fantasy.

Comment after decoding (read the undeleted words)

 I still cannot see imagine how a soap can give one so much sexual fantasy.

HELLO WORLD! Post Jun 28th Titoki

Everyday I come here waiting for you to update… but you are too busy making babies… Sigh ;)

Comment after decoding (read the highlight words)

Everyday I come here waiting for you to update… but you are too busy making babies…Sigh 😉



  1. me said,

    hahahaha! it would be interesting to see how titoki replies to your post. you are obsessed with her lychee boobs man, obsessed…. hahahahahaha.

    4f: actually, i am not obsessed by her physical attributes. i am actually surprise by her obsession to get my attention. she is giving me the absence-make-heart-grow-fonder treatment right now. *wink wink*

  2. fantastflier said,

    wah lau my glasses not strong enuff to read, need to upgrade! eh you got crush on titoki ah? 😀

    4f: u really got to change your glasses. she did the code and not me lah!!

     p/s btw, tot u lasik liao, still wear glasses?

  3. Leonard said,

    gee, i dun understand the second uncensored comment..whats the true meaning…

    guess i need lasik to be able to read and undertand sia!

    4f: i meant she missed my writing *as if*…hei? u 4 eyes also har? how come need lasik?

  4. Eileen said,

    Erm…you mean wordpress actually do the decode or it’s the original comments that we type??? i’m abit blur here lah…;p

    4f: the editorial panel of wordpress allow easy decoding and presentation of comments.

  5. littleguykitchen said,

    I’ve also migrated to wordpress as it has categories. It can also allow password protected posts. The biggest drawback was I can’t change the template unless I’ve got a host server. Simple nice theme you had. 🙂

    4f: tenkiu2 for dropping by.

    yup i cant seem to find the template  code also. i guess i am taken by the “widget” & “recent comments” which are very easy to use.

  6. titoki said,

    DAMN!!! You have just deciphered our cyber affairs to the whole wild world. Madman like Cocka will knock on my door soon. LOL. ;p

    4f: dear, we cant go on like this. at least after this exposure i will know who my competitors are!!

  7. Simple American said,

    How do I use that function. I am new to WordPress and still just a padawan.

    4f: padaman, “edit comment” use you must.

    may the Force be with you!

  8. angel said,

    Liuliu, how to e-mail u when u din put your e-mail add anywhere in yr blog oso…or i couldn’t find it?

    4f: you can liu  me at seblow2001@yahoo.co.uk

  9. fantastflier said,

    lau liao, me wearing granny glasses…..

    4f: dont bluff. send pic, ok hahaha

  10. helen said,

    No wonder so many are using wordpress… so syiok hor?? As for me, I’m too lazy… Hey, still in Ipoh ar??

    4f: YA!! i am still at old town waiting for your appearance. I am the one with the cobweb between my chin and my neck hehehe…

  11. Mickell said,

    I guess people like to stick to things they are familiar with as they are by nature conservative. They want to remain in their comfort zone. You’re a hero by taking the migrating plunge from problematic blogger to wordpress! 😀

    4f: tenkiu tenkiu for the compliment! actually i am not good with blogger that’s why i switched to wordpress. i think blogger is more friendly if u know how to do your own tempering with the template.

  12. zara's mama said,

    But this is more of a joke isn’t it??

    Next time let me type in Greek and see if WordPress can decode.

    4f: hahaha…but the decoded words will still be in greek…unless you read greek hahaha

  13. Mickell said,

    I love Stephen Chow’s Kung Fu Hustle and Shaolin Soccer too 🙂

    4f: welcome to the Stephen Chow’s Fan Club. Heard Mother Superior hubby is one too! i actually recommended Stephen Chow as the new James Bond in one of my blog. Daniel Craig looks haggard and not handsome enough.

  14. Mickell said,

    Carpark auties don’t seem to exist anymore. Not since HDB and URA outsourced their carpark enforcement function anyway. Now they are all Malay guys in white on scooters. They are also armed with digital cameras besides bus-lanes during their operational hours, to nab motorists driving on the bus-lanes. It’s a dirty job, but somebody’s got to do it. A carpark aunty was reportedly shoved down onto the ground by an irate motorist after getting booked by her. He was of course charged with intently causing bodily harm to a civil servant while carrying out her duties. Nobody has dared to lay a finger on the Malay male carpark wardens. Not yet anyway.

    4f: hei how come you comment here in this entry? 🙂

    i bear them no grudges cos a lot of time it is my fault. actually it is also physics, the more you “jiak” the higher chances of you kena “saman”! a white shirt warden actually advised me to write to Town Council once with a “pau jiak” reason to get my saman waived. i parked on a seasoned lot and i reasoned the “red” line was not clear enough. I didnt pay any fine on that occasion.

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