Leng Lui x4, wo lai yeh!

July 12, 2006 at 11:15 p07 (Tag)

Here’s Another Meme

I got tagged by Lenglui! Here goes…

1) 4 jobs I would stink at:
 Carpark Auntie: is government spy, I think. They are always in camouflage wearing tudung or a baseball cap with heavy dark sunglasses. They have the important task of increasing the cost of driving in Singapore. I don’t think I will fulfill my monthly quota of summon and most probably issue just enough summon to cover my salary.

Member of Parliament: I am always rakyat (people) before party and probably this will bring the party whip on my head faster than I can say “Lift upgrading for opposition wards in Hougang & Potong Pasir!”. Anyway, I prefer kissing babe to baby.

Blogger who write for STOMP (Straight Times Online Print)…: hei! I think I will go bonker if I had to write to a specific topic (beside meme hehehe) on a regular basis. Heard the money is good!

FATHER …for the simple fact that I am 15 year late (at least) for the job and counting.

2) 4 pretend nicknames I’m making up for myself:
-Burung Pipit, that’s me with my little views
-Darling, a nick all girls called me during my univ days
-Sebastian James, that’s my internet nick

-Seefei,  my blogger nick which is an aggregation of wifey & my name

3) 4 movies I have watched over and over (and did not fall asleep):
There’s not a lot of movies that I would watch over and over again if you don’t count those re-run like Aliens, Rambo etc that the TV stations dish out from times to times

-Autumn Tales (Chow Yun Fatt & Cherrie Chung)

-Pulp fiction (John Travolta in a comeback role)

-Stephen Chow’s comedies like “To China with Love”, Kung Fu Hustler, Shaolin Soccer

-Michael Hui talk show at the HK coliseum

4) 4 things I love to do on weekends:
Call for my unborn child (Short term)
-Play with my child (Middle term)

Play with my grandchildren (Long term)
– Have a cuppa on one hand and the newspaper on the other(always)

5) 4 alcoholic beverages I’ve enjoyed:
-Bailey’s Irish Cream with coffee. Yum yum! Its like drinking fiery kopi!
-Shirley Temple, like its smoothness
-Chinese Sao Shing Yellow Wine, good with seafood
-But of course nothing beats a nice cold beer…

6) 4 celebrities I would go on a Big Date with:
Angelina Jolie:  Cant imagine how a kick-ass babe like AJ will have a soft spot for babies. THis is one date that die2 must go.

-Lindsay Lohan: for saying “NO” to nudity. I may get lucky & get a private preview of her personal assets.

Mariah Carey: we failed to break the speaker during our karaoke session in
Ipoh. I may have better luck If MC around…

Monica Bellucci: she started in the legal profession before embarking on a career in the field of entertainment. Can’t resist beauty with intellect…monica_bellucci_fishnet.jpg

7) 4 things I could not live without (excluding the essential)::
-My camera
-My mobile phone
-My wallet
-My car

8) 4 of my favourite foods, whom I’d like to bon appetite with:
We need to eat and it is always good to catch up with frens over a good meal. My wishlist….
-Chili crab with Cocka in JB coz he owes me one!
-Prawn mee/Honey tea at Happy Valley Cafe with Helen in Ipoh
-Good old fashion beef steak in Calgary with Fly Boy
-Rojak with lenglui in KL, served by who else but Rojak!

9) 4 places I would rather be now:
There’s so many places I would love to be right now but in no particular order are & I need a time machine to go to some of these places:
-Kuala Lumpur in 5 years time (shopping day-trip when the KL-SG high speed train project is completed. Heard it takes 90 min for a single trip)
-Singapore in 5 years time (when the integrated resorts are in operation)pic143091.jpg
-Paris (bring my wife for a romantic walk around the city)

-Phuket (for some sun & beach)

10) 4 people I am tagging this meme:
-Jurgen Klinsmann, Germany ex-coach as he is in-between job now and may have some time to kill
-all the carpark aunties so they will spend less time issuing summons
Ultraman, my favourite childhood hero!
Leslie, my yuppie ex-classmate from ACS,
Ipoh. He has a unique point of view and I would like to hear from him!



  1. zara's mama said,

    15years too late for being a father? And you can’t do a good job
    No lar.. Sure can do a good job one. Me & hubby also became parents late, but we try our best loh.

    Now, please work on calling on the baby!! One More, Two More!

    Btw, don’t drink too much before ‘working’.. the sperm may get mabuk and go merry go round and miss the target. Heheh..

    4f: with luck, hopefully i can report for work by next national day!

  2. wuching said,

    wuah! u only date kuay mui only wor!

    4f: it is your fault lah! u booked ALL the popular bloggers lengluis that were my first choice hot dates!

  3. Cocka 'Drooling' Doodle said,

    Seefei..your blogger nick….I thought this means Flying Shit in cantonese, no?

    Come over to JB for the chili crabs, black pepper crabs etc….and bring the whole gang with you. I am looking forward to it too.

    4f: wat liao, “flying shit“? lucky i cleared the air. ok since you are so generous, i will bring the whole gang including my yi ma, gu teh, sam gu, look poh hahahaha….

  4. fantastflier said,

    how about a romantik walk in Calgary for a 16oz steak? AAA+ grade yummmyy…..
    I’m gonna cut this out, frame it up and remind you again in 5 years time muuaahahhaa

    4f: i should be the one framing up yr offer muahahaha…T-bone, medium raw and some red wine ok?

  5. Simple American said,

    You know Ultraman. I loved watching that show as a kid. Waatching him beat up those monsters. You have a link to his blog? 0_0

    I thought Shirley Temple did not have alcohol?

    4f: high five for SA! another fan of ultraman. blur me…Shirley T got no alcohol? no wonder i never get high drinking Shirley Temple!

  6. angel said,

    *waits for Darling to have Shirley Temple with Him*

    Got your email addy, thanks!

    4f: aiyah Darling talk talk only, not serious one. i think Shirley T goes well with you since it has no alcohol and you are underage hehehehe…

  7. me said,

    thank you for doing the meme. you will be a great father because you have the necessary prerequisite – love. keep on trying.

    4f: lenglui giu toh, must do!! i really hope “love” is enough in this materialistic world…and i don’t have to “wrap” LOVE with xbox, nike, ipod etc

  8. fantastflier said,

    I’ll bring the candles too…LOL

    4f: no wonder they shot brokeback mountain in canada…i can see it is getting to you too! it must be the air and the water!!

  9. me said,

    pleaseeee don’t. i can’t stand another materialistic child. seeing all those self-centered children out there is enough to make you pull out all your hairs. the greatest gift you can pass to your child is love. and your time.

    4f: tenkiu for your concern. so, the suggested formula probably would look like this, love + time + value = *hopefully* a well-balanced kid 🙂

  10. happysurfer said,

    LOL! You would make a great dad.

    4f: tenkiu for all the support!! win invite you all to my kid’s full month if i got the job next year…:-)

  11. Leonard said,

    i’ve to applause and agreed with my hands and legs raised for what you said about Carpark Auntie, how could ppl applied for such job, maybe it because of paricular group whom always like such job….

    4f: it is a terrible job lah but someone got to do it. given a choice, i prefer carpark aunties to those automated “cashcard” gantry. parking with automated gantry is relatively expensive. It is ridiculous to think that part of your parking fees goes toward the salary of some IT programmer who put the software into the automated gantry.

  12. Mickell said,

    Ha, ha, ha…! 😀 I commented in the wrong entry. Sorry for the mistake pal! 😀 You’re right, the more we jiak, the more likely are we get get summons on our car windscreens. Tearing enough coupons is like buying insurance, you never know when these bastard carpark wardens will strike. It would be good if our car can be armed with a camera cum motion detector to alert us on our handphones when the carpark warden is walking towards our cars! Ha, ha, ha…! 😀

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