ACS Grand Reunion II

July 14, 2006 at 11:15 p07 (Gathering)


I have been coming in early for the last few days. My mind felt rejuvenated and my body energetic after coming back from Ipoh. Look like the good food of Ipoh and their famous mineral mountain water had done the trick… or is it the company of bosom buddies that reconnected all the loose synapses? I dont know but whatever it is, my hope is it will last…at least until the next reunion.

The reunion started with the arrival of the first out of towner on Thursday, me on Friday and finally wrapped when the Italy was crowned the world champion on Monday morning. We had a lot of fun doing things that we used to do when we were in secondary school like playing badminton, hanging out until the wee hoursof the morning, singing (now it is called karaoke) and yum char. I dont know where i found the energy but i actually stayed up for 24 hours without sleeping on Saturday.

Maybe my RM50 on the football pool on the 3rd placing match between Portugal and Germany helped. As most of the reasonable scores on Germany were taken, my RM50 went to Portugal 1-0. I thought i had a chance when Portugal held Germany 0-0 during the interval. All hell broke loose in the 2nd half and Germany won 3-1. Goncang won the pool and i won a breakfast at Foh San. The little Mr Kiasu in me and i believe some of the guys in the group too, was trying to recover our lost RM50 by gobbling its equivalent worth of dim sum.

Never in my life had i gone for dim sum so early in the morning and had to wait for 45 minutes some more! We were there at 5 am and a sign on the wall said business hour starts at 6 am. When they  finally opened at 5.45 am we thought they were being flexible but niamah, we were wrong. We had to spend another 15 min watching Foh San staff taking their breakfast before we were finally served on the dot at 6.00 am. Why so rigid, ah? If not for old time sake, we would had gone to Yoke Fook Mun which opens earlier! Helen, can you tell the lady boss our story? Until today, my mum still ask for Foh San moon cake whenever i go back to Ipoh during the that period of the year. Don’t let poor customer service spoil the brand name that she had built up over the year!

Beside hanging out with the boys which i enjoyed very much, the meeting with the MGS girls was a tad dissappointing, to say the least. The dinner setting was not very conducive for mingling and chatting. We later adjourned to a disco where the music was too loud for any meaningful exchange of conversation. We could have danced but the aunties were too uptight and the uncles that were present were more interested in the booze and the music! The MGS girls left about 11 pm en masse and i actually felt sad that people still behaved like they were in secondary school. Even in secondary school, the girls didn’t leave that early. Only different now, the girls drive and no longer depend on our 50cc Honda cubs to fetch them home.

We decided there and then that maybe it is better to stick to a “batang (stick) only” gathering. It is best that way as it will save us all those awkward moments in front of the girls. For this last gathering, maybe we could reward ourselves with a “I survived ACS reunion 2006” T-shirt since we really pushed ourselves to the physical limit of endurance. I take my hat off to the head organiser Goncang who had gone with only 3 hours of sleep for the three days (Fri to Sun) we were there. The man showed us why he is the taiko (big boss) among us as he exhibited boundless energy partying with us and at the same time had to wake up early to attend to his office matter.



  1. ylchong said,

    I am RE0UNIONED with you after one-month plus hiatus — also must pay your WordPressing home a rundown.

    No komplen — but where is the Cili Carp? I brought a barrel of teh+NMiss Sunthi Loh!

    4f: i miss the sweet aroma of TEH-C. Welcome back brudder!

  2. fantastflier said,

    haha it really sounds like you guys were 16 again 😛

    4f: yup, how we wish we were 16 again! it is not often for married batangs like us to stay out overnight with no serious repercussion from the home ministry.

  3. Simple American said,

    What is ACS? A school I assume. But what level?

    Always cool to get with old friends. Sounds like you all spent a lot of time together.

    4f: ACS stands for Anglo Chinese School where we did our secondary level education (Form 1 to 6). For those who pass their final A-level exam, they proceed to university thereafter.

    Without a worry in the world, we felt young and happy for the three days we were together. SA, how do people in America like former classmates get together? Care to share?

  4. Simple American said,

    Actually I may have one this October. I recieved a notice they are attempting to organize a weekend for my High School.

    Last time they did this there was a formal dance with bar (too pricey for me then). But they also had a family picnic on the school lawn. Bring your family and food and see who shows up. I was missed that too. Rats

    I really want to make this one. Wil blog about it should it transpire.

    4f: America is such a huge country! how do u guys keep in contact?  we have a yahoo group website where we keep in contact on a daily basis. well i look forward to your post on your next reunion!! 

  5. angel said,

    If u take me for these gatherings, ok ok, I not MGS gurl, 😛 I promise to stay with the boys and won’t go home early, ok? 😉

    So tell me, the gurls, how much hv they changed?

    4f: good, we do have smaller gathering in KL, Ipoh & Sg occasionally. will call on you next time, ok? sure you have no regret surrounded by uncles and aunties? hahahah…

    ah… the ladies. well, those that changed… look like aunties lah. those that didnt, and dress fashionably had the guys drooling and hope they are not married. go imagine, girl! 😉

  6. fantastflier said,

    waahahaaaa angel worried about 20 years time how she might look 😛

    nowadays the home ministry gets to hang out too you know 😉

    4f: actually those that still look good (and had their ex-classmates drooling) are those that had been fashionably and hiao hiao abit during school days. i guess how you look like will depend on your state of mind now and where you want to be in 20 years time.

  7. helen said,

    Hey, the photo is too small for me to see and drool… ! Pls post a larger photo of those ACS hunks of yesteryears??lol

    4f: just for you, i have created a dedicated website where you can ogle to your heart content all ACS hunks of yesteryear. the photos are posted in

  8. helen said,

    What’s wrong with the MGS chicks?? Who were present? Maybe I know some of em?? 🙂

    4f: they left too early and kept to themselves. some guys, including myself were trying to get the girls to dance but no luck that night. i personally expected more interaction and communication between the girls and the guys.

  9. angel said,

    U mean those who look like aunties last time still look like aunties now?? *blur* Wat u mean?

    Oi, Fantasyflier, liu so bad… see la, tease me summore… tease until u dunno how to spell yr FF oso! *LOL* 😛

    *LOL* hiao hiao? Please define hiao hiao? Want to check and see if I’m under the hiao hiao category anot 😛

    4f: aiyah use the geisha test lah…do the bukit bintang *LIU2* and see got heads turn or cat call or not? If got, then you pass the hiao test and sure wont look like auntie in 20 years time 🙂

  10. wuching said,

    agree with helen about the photos, need larger version & point out which one is u!

    4f: no need to see a larger photo lah… if you want to see me, i am the handsome one in red T-shirt-lah!

  11. me said,

    sounds like so much fun. maybe you guys were too boring for the girls, hence they left early. hahahahaha.

    4f: dont think that is true lah! for a meeting of old friends to work, participants need to interact and invest some time to warm up. we had not seen each other for like more than 20 years. the ladies were eager to leave like 10.30 pm which i think is too early. for goodness sake, this is a reunion party and not a wedding dinner. 🙂

     but on hindsight, we could have planned the after dinner program better to prevent the above situation. i guessed we spent too much time trying to get everyone together and not enough on the program planning.

  12. Leonard said,

    i’ve told myself not to bet on portugal, they always make me lose $$ one…hehe..

    seems that u have a great time recharging, the dim sum thing is crazy, so early and watching the staff took breakfast, cant blame them as they need energy to work, guess you guys were the first customer??

    i agreed with the others commenting above me, can i have a bigger size picture, so that i can spot you? thank you!! 😉

    4f: yup, we were the first customer at the dim sum place. hei leonard! the recharged battery is fast discharging now. awaiting you confirmation for the next blogger meeting to recharge again. 😉

     hei! u can see better pictures in the dedicated acs blog if you still have trouble finding me, i am the one in red t-shirt!!

  13. ian said,

    Gatherings huh… Nice nice… I’m from Sam Tet… Sounds a little outsider here hahaha!

    4f: welcome ian! sam tet woh seong siew pau cheong hehehe…. no outsider here lah. all are fellow bloggers & homo sapiens!

  14. zara's mama said,

    Walau eh.. this reunion stuff is better than viagra or ginseng huh??

    Make you STAY UP longer.. Hee hee..

    Pst.. you didn’t talk about your ‘reunion’ with FIL woh.

    4f: ZMM… astute observation & noti noti!

    FIL?… we watched the final at home and without the relaxing effect of alcohol, nothing much really happened. 🙂

  15. helen said,

    I went to the link and no, I did not see the recent photos

    Hmmm, apart from you, who were the supposedly hot ACS hunks back then?? Can’t tell now.. MUAHARHARHAR

    The MGS girls not sporting ar? Are these girls former 6 formers of ACS??

    4f: wait… wait… still uploading the photo.

  16. mother superior said,

    I think the MGS girls look like aunties cos they didn’t wanna shock you wiht their true self. Perhaps they went somewhere else after 11pm without the ACS boys! Hahaha…

    4f: hahaha… using us as alibi issit? now we know why you wanted to go off early during the last blogger meeting hehehe….

  17. spinnee said,

    ACS… it’s near my home leh… hahaha

    anyway studying was fun back then, isn’t it.

    if only pple will remain in their sch days, esp secondary school days.

    4f: so, the little girl with the pigtails peeping at us playing bola during the school time was you har?! 😉

    studying was only fun cos of the brudderhood and the umbrella provided by our parents. well, guess we have to rediscover that feeling…

  18. happysurfer said,

    See fei, was that the first reunion after twenty years? If so, no wonder lah the ladies were shy-shy – not exposed to sticks like you who are now in some big city.

    4f: u r quick rite…it was the 1st 20 years reunion for the gals. as for the guys we had our 20th 3 years ago and this is the 2nd time we got together again. hahaha… we never got to the stage of saying where we come from. so dont think they we are working & living now have any effect on them living early.

     i kind of like mother superior reason, maybe they got a 2nd program for the nite 😉

  19. michael said,

    is that the pic of those MGS girls that were in your reunion? Well, some do look beautiful. Are they married? Well, could it be that they are not interested in you.

  20. ProudtobeACSian said,

    Kudos…to you guys and girls who take the effort to get together.

    Left ACS in late 70’and do keep in touch with some and in fact
    one of them is a teacher in ACS. I visited ACS early 05 with my 3 kids. Still …super proud of the school…

    4f: tenkiu for dropping by! who is the teacher in ACS?

  21. Azmi said,

    I can still remember some of the names as published in your blogsite. I was in the same class with them back from std 1A(Mrs.Mah the class teacher) 2A (Miss Lim) 3A & 4A (Mdm Yap) but since standard five I was drifted a part, main banyak sangat!!! :)I dropped to stad 5B.Since than never had the chance to be among the elite class until I manage to make it up in my SPM exam yr 1981 than flew to the United States under JPA scholarship.Probably those guys in the picture don’t remember me it’s ok ( I was the shortest guy in the whole class, they use to call me pendek) but I can still remember some of the names like, Sridharan, Amran Sharif, Wong Hau Lek, and also there were 2 giants in our standard 1 class can’t remember their names. Well..that was than, whenever I had the chance to glance thru the old class photograph, I tell my kids that I’m so proud to be an ex-Acs boys but when they came with me to visit ACS, they shout, aiya abah!!! so buruk one la your school.

    Good to hear that everyone is in a well doing state. Bravo frenns.

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