Ng Ah Sio refused to open late for HK CEO

July 18, 2006 at 11:15 p07 (News & Comments)

HK CEO Donald Tsang was in Singapore for a 3-day state visit and thought it would be a good idea to wrap up his tour with supper at the famous Rangoon Road Ng Ah Sio Pork Ribs Soup Eating House. Unfortunately the lady owner had different idea… she refused to open beyond the operation hour (6 am to 2 pm) to cater to the V VIP and his entourage.

I am sure the Foreign Ministry guys would be in hot soup, if one Ah Hwa Bak Kut Teh (BKT) didn’t come to the rescue. Well, Donald got his BKT fix, and the 30 reporters that were invited to dine with Donald got a little scoop that was splashed all over the HK dailies.

Ng Ah Sio, shrewd marketing strategy or just plain business sense? I leave it to fellow bloggers here to comment. Actually, Ng Ah Sio was never on my radar before. I only get to know this shop when my brother from HK started asking for it two years ago. It seems Hong Kongers only know one Ng Ah Sio BKT in Singapore. After this latest hoo hah i am sure my brother will ask me to bring him to try the Ah Hwa BKT!

Personally, i don’t fancy the BKT from Ng Ah Sio… too much pepper and too plain. You get a few pieces of ribs with your soup and nothing else. I prefer those that served the ribs together with other ingredients like tau pok, fish ball, lean meat etc, commonly found in Malaysia. In Singapore, i prefer the BKT in Keppel Distripark in Tanjong Pagar.

Ng Ah Sio “Mr Tsang, aiyah, want to eat bak kut teh, please come early lah. This is not a supper dish and we hope you understand. Workers also need to sleep early,,, wake up early,,, and start preparing the dish early mah!!” (photo courtesy of Cocka)



  1. me said,

    wah! banyak action that ng ah sio. want good bkt, must come to kl. hehehehe.i know this fella who is so good, he has earned enough money for many mercedes and houses. unfortunately, he has shared most of the money with mr lim in genting.

    4f: *mesti catatkan ini perempuan jambu dari KL cakap mau belanja BKT di KL*

    hei me! can put a post on the good place for BKT in KL or not?

  2. helen said,

    I think the ‘action’ one is the Donald guy. What makes him think he is so special this Ng Ah SIo has to open late for him? IMHO, Ng Ah Sio did the right thing. It’s only just Ng Ah Sio treat all his customer the same.

    If the BKT cost RM20 one bowl, does that mean billionaires like Trump and Gates will pay more than the ordinary rakyat? Nope. So, why does Donald expect extra? His money is bigger ar? lol

    4f: 1000% agrees! pay normal price get normal service lah…

    But of course if Gates want to eat BKT, i will fly to Seattle with a team to serve him. In return, will ask for donation from Gates Foundation for the tsunami victims!!

  3. zara's mama said,

    Ng Ah Siao is really siao! If it was me.. I would prepare a feast for the VVIP! Get free publicity ma.. Good for business..

    But maybe he’s those very straight business man.. just treat all the customers the same la.. be it big shot or not.

    Btw, the photos didn’t come out properly.. they are not showing at all.. Ng Ah Siao sabo you ah?

    4f: Actually, they get more publicity by not bowing to Donald Tsang. From a business standpoint, it is just not possible to open for supper as the shop is catering to morning business. Of course, unless Ng Ah Sio is reimbursed for the lost business on the next day when they have to close shop. But then, how about the regular customers?

    I didnt know how the Minitry of  Foreign Affairs guys talk to Ng Ah Sio… top down, coercion, persuasion or doggy style but whatever it is, it reflect on the MFA persuasion skill or rather lack of it.

  4. Leonard said,

    well, Ng Ah Siao did apologies as per yesterday’s news but i was too busy “cooking porridge” to come out and listen to her explaination.

    it’s quite bad of donald to come late, but its also no harm of serving a VVIP once in a blue moon mah…wonder if they will do the same to our very own VVIP, btw, dun think he’ll eat bak ku tae, cos he so take care of his health!

    now hongkongers will know the only good BKT shop in Sg reject their chief!!!

    4f: well Ng Ah Sio made a fateful decision that will have both HK & SG lang talking for a long time!

    Hei! will you bring your gf the other “porridge” chef to the bloggers meeting next month?

  5. LM said,

    All the BKT talk making me hungry. But like seefei, I don’t like the clear soup type saturated with white pepper; bad for stomach.

    4f: welcome to the club… any fav BKT place to share? BTW, where is your office har? if near jurong, can go together hor!

  6. fantastflier said,

    hey SF try the BKT at Maxwell Road market, that will surely meet more like your taste. Its the one nearest the traffic lights facing maxwell rd.

    4f: 10Q bro!

  7. Eileen said,

    Don’t know if Ng Ah Sio regretted not being able to serve the VVIP?? But it seems he gain more ‘publicity’ now. If he were to serve the VVIP, his shop would only appear in the papers once, but now he appear almost everyday after the ‘saga’, and even in your blog..maybe this is one of his ‘marketing’ tactics…haha.. 😛

    I have not tried his BKT though…but don’t think i’ll try cos i don’t like clear soup type too! 🙂

    4f: u r right about NAS getting more publicity mileage by not serving this one V VIP guest. but i read in the paper he was given a short notice and was not informed of the identity of the V VIP. so, genuine misunderstanding and screw up on the foreign affair guys for the late notice?

  8. titoki said,

    LOL. This Ng Ah Sio is really more ‘dai pai’ than the herd of VIPs from Hong Kong. She sure sounds like me! Muahahahaahahahahah. 😉

    4f: *rolling out the red carpet* welcome dai pai titoki to burung pipit blog! ;-P

  9. wuching said,

    haih..i hate those vip ppl with entourage going around expecting ppl to cater for their every need! good ler get the door slammed in the face! hahahaha!

    4f: don’t like that lah… must give face to v vip cos u r a vip also… by virtue of winning the last “popular blogger” poll on the male section, beating kenny sia along the way.

  10. angel said,

    Dunno who is Ng Ah Sio.

    *sits around & be pretty*
    *awaits for the best BKT to be served*

    ps: Do you have the Asian Food Channel (AFC) at home? I’ve seen ome of the makan-makan which they featured in Sg really look sedap! *smacks lips*

    4f: dont have AFC at home. tell me where are sedap places in SG, so seefei can go and try out lah!

    hei next time when i visit KL, angel can go with seefei to “me” BKT invitation! 🙂

  11. me said,

    ok, give me some time to do secret photo-taking of the taukeh first 🙂

    4f: can i bring another lenglui along? angel is coming with me, can?

  12. Mickell said,

    What’s so nice about Bak Kut Teh? I prefer the soap and not the meat. Soup is tasty. Meat is nice but can cause constipation. Seems like vegeterians don’t have no shitting problems like meat-eaters do. Maybe Ng Ah Sio didn’t think Donald Tsang was big enough to be a real big-shot.

    4f: dont kill yourself by eating soap lah, my fren!! hehehe…

    according to “my paper” yesterday, Ng Ah Sio said he was not informed of the identity of the vip and was given too short a notice to prepare. well, it is a genuine mistake and we should not demonise Mr Ng because someone in the govt service think BKT can be prepared like hamburger with a flick of the oven switch!!

  13. happysurfer said,

    BKT with lots of pepper is pepper soup lah not BKT. Whoa! all this hullabaloo about Ng Ah Sio sure reminds me of that Polytechnic missy who lost her N70 phone. What’s her name again? hehe!

    4f: pardon me… how BKT = Tammy the poly gal? 😉

  14. Cocka 'Drooling' Doodle said,

    This Ng Ah Sio fella did the right thing.
    Have you been ill-treated by effing hongkies restaurant owners before?
    Well, I’ve been left standing outside in the cold winter evening because they were not open for business yet for another 30 minutes despite their staff were already in the restaurant sitting around having tea.

    4f: u also an early bird? u din give the restaurant staff your 2 kupangs?

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