married man go massage parlour singapore

July 20, 2006 at 11:15 p07 (News & Comments, Singapore)

Someone found me using the above link words. That someone must be disappointed as the closest any post here matching that search is this article… married men also must make effort“. It was a post i wrote on a dinner arrangement with my visiting mother in law some time back.

However, i wonder why someone would like to search for “married man go massage parlour singapore”, unless you are doing research on the subject. As burung pipit is always helpful, maybe i can be of help. Drawing on my personal experience, i can think of a few reasons i call for the service of a masseur. As a married i think i am qualified to answer that search if i can rephrase it into “Why married man visit massage parlour”.

1. After a prolong exercise session like golf (in jb), the feel of an experienced hands is heavenly. massage is usually followed by a sumptuous seafood meal and a karaoke session. hence, i usually ask for a full day visa when i go for golfing in jb. the cost RM80 excluding tips.

2. (in suzhou, where i work for one year) it is cheap (RM50) and the masseurs were really good. dont think of hanky panky here as most of the masseurs were guys. as i no longer do business in china, i really miss the cheap and good massage there.

3. I am too tired to give my wife a massage at the end of a long day. Vice versa. Hence, sometimes i accompany my wife to the tui na (chinese style massage parlour). this tui na sifu at bukit timah is very heavily booked and usually got to make booking one week in advance. cost SG$40 for 45 minutes.

4. old already, need the char guat sifu (experienced masseur) to relieve some of the stress in the muscle that cannot be undone by sleeping and eating. i usually go for the half body massage at “myfoot” in great world or centrepoint in orchard road. cost SG$28  for 45 minutes.

5. sometime, usually in the company of a few ju pang gau yau (buddies), i will go for a makan-massage-drinking session in town… like a boys nite out. massage costs SG$30 for 45 minutes but masseur will ask for tips.

My wife and I are quite sore with the harsh government clamp down on the tui na shops in Singapore lately.  One of the rules that we are unhappy with is the ban on curtain cover; 2nd, massage must be carried out in full public view. Niamah, how do the government expect us to be massaged in the full view of the public in our birthday suit without the cover of at least a simple curtain!?

Literally, government is putting the neighbourhood tui na shops out of business. Of course there are spas out there which does not come under this rule but at $150 a session, it is effectively out of our budget. Massage, in its most basic form, is healthy. Government should just come down harsh on the few black sheeps that tarnish the trade and not throw the baby away with the bath water.



  1. wuching said,

    aiya, no hanky panky no fun lah!

    4f: sshh…. this blog is under home ministry surveillance

  2. Cocka 'Drooling' Doodle said,

    Come over to JB for massage la. More exciting.
    Psst! If the tui na shop owner is a mangkali , is he own as a Tui Na Singh??

    4f: ok, will take a rain cheque on your offer. tenkiu in advance hor!!

  3. Cocka 'Drooling' Doodle said,

    sorry…meant to say “is he known as ….tui na singh”

    4f: hei! didnt know blogger tuinasing operates a massage parlour heheheh….

  4. Simple American said,

    That is a little too much regulation. Wouldn’t it just be easier to put a chastity belt on the masseuse?

    4f: hei thats a good suggestion, albeit a bit medieval hahahaa… if that happens, i am sure lock picking courses will mushroom in SG!

  5. me said,

    i bet the person searching for that info will be soooo disappointed with your entry. the reason he added ‘married man’ prob means he wants more info on which cha bor is good, how much is std price and how far they let you go, etc. :-p don’t you think? otherwise, he can just search for massage parlour singapore. hmmmmm….

    save up for massage chair lah. wifey will need it after the child-carrying stage 🙂

    4f: aiyoh, you know the massage scene also har? another toong toh choong yan LOL

    massage chair – good idea, will put up a proposal to the home ministry for budget first hor…

  6. zara's mama said,

    Pay $150 then can have curtains or maybe room. Cheaper Tui-na, and you don’t get a curtains..

    Hmm.. maybe the government thinks if you want privacy.. pay la.

     4f: privacy also must pay hah? no wonder cheng hu so rich rakyat so poor 😦

  7. LM said,

    You know why we are ranked so low in the happiness ranking? tat is because we don’t get rubbed enough. Human touch is important towards good feelings and an elated mood. As you said, clean massage is healthy. The atheletes need them, so do everyone else stressed by the day to day living.

    4f: we are unhappy cos of a heightened awareness. i came from a far worse environment and i was happy cos i didnt know any better. if i were to go back to the state i was in, i will be very2 unhappy now.

    but i agree with you, the govt need to rub or raba raba the people more…

  8. Leonard said,

    new rules are set because of the need to, no matter how ridiculars it is, they’ll just pass it as they dun mind as they won’t be using it or breaking it, if need to use they have the $$ for the expensive one..

    everyone suffer from this…2cents of comments

    massage is good although i hardly goes

    4f: ya as a punishment all public servants who are involved in that policy should be massaged naked in the middle of raffles place (singapore central business district) during lunch time.

    seldom go massage issit… can go together when we visit cocka in jb hahahah…

  9. me said,

    fei, trying to stop hand free hp ah? did you check out the photo in helen’s blog today? hahahahaha. you can use the same idea lah.

    4f: tenkiu2… will drop by later.

  10. helen said,

    Siingapore is obssessed with its clean image. Anything remotely deemed ‘indecent’ will definitely get clamped down.

    4f: u r right on this one! but over rubbing that image, will see a sterile & dull SG!!

    Here, we still have Malay tradional masseurs making house calls. (especially for those ladies during labour confinement) I went for massage once and are they strong! I keep telling the woman to take it easy!

    4f: wifey talked about this one too. too bad, they dont do house call to kiasuland!! so, u r not the “tahan lasak” type that can take a lot of pressure hehehe..

    On other hand, to save you from trouble, just head for the nearest mall and get those blardy expensive OSIM massage chairs lar! lol

    4f: massage chair is a waste of money cos it doesnt really zero in on the correct pressure point. anyway, massage is still a very personal experience and no massage chair, no matter how good can replace that feeling.

  11. angel said,

    i lurve massages too!

    *climbs onto the bed to be picit-ed*
    Not so hard, hor? 😉

    4f: how to picit? turn over and take off your baju first lah!!

  12. MM said,

    Who personally cares if there are sexual services offered in exchange for money…the oldest trade in the history of the world!?!? As long as the masseuse can massage properly w/out causing damage then everything else is extra.

    Wife here, wife there..then don’t get married and be a real independent man rather then a little worm that has to betray his wife..or if not, be honest and get a divorce or come to an agreement where she ‘permits’ you to go and get your monkey spanked and be able to come home again to find your dinner cooked and underwear washed and ironed…hahaha…poor married men


    4f: admire your frankness and courage. hope you walk the talk

  13. Johnd367 said,

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