Everyone can fly!

July 22, 2006 at 11:15 p07 (Travel)


That’s Airasia tag line and i can’t argue with Tony Fernandez, CEO of Airasia… as moi just got the RM1.99 (excluding tax RM35) ticket to Ipoh for this August. Yippee!! I am flying in as many time for the last two months as i did for the whole of the last two years.

… my thanks also go out to all those entrepreneurial JB guys who provided the transfer between Senai and Kiasuland! Without the convenient of the “taxi” service provided by these Malaysians, the hassle of travelling to Senai and navigating the bottleneck at the custom would be enough deterrent to low cost carrier (LCC) fans like moi!!

Our next target is Bangkok and Macau, for say SG$100? Getting one of these tickets is like striking the “consolation” price in the local 4-D lottery! Only no bet money $$ required and the odd of striking is much better…

LCC tickets fishing, anyone?



  1. wuching said,

    apa ini jpg here & jpg there wan? oi! sumthing wrong lah!

    4f: sorry taiko! was playing with the theme template hehehe…

  2. mother superior said,

    Wah, travelling a lot hor? Good deals indeed. Hey, you got time to travel so much har? Maybe I’m in the wrong line, leh. Working for govt must have strict leave days only.

    4f: wrong line? cheng hu gang not bad wat! iron rice bowl mah!!

    we go off on weekend and if need to, we will replace the working day (that we are not working) with an off day or OT. effectively we work on flexi-time lah.

  3. angel said,

    When is pipit kambing to KL??

    Aaa… i miss bkk!! i want go shopping in bkk! 😀

    4f: will be in KL in Sept. can be my guide or not? i dont miss bkk cos i’ve never been there 🙂

  4. angel said,

    september first half or 2nd half?? i’ll be away first 2 wks of sept…

    4f: ok… then i will come in the 2nd half of Sept. 🙂

     i will be in KL for a week starting 18 Sept mon. got blogger meeting or not in Sept?

  5. helen said,

    You mean those Air Asia ‘cheap’ tickets?

    Hey, if it is, the chances are very good. Much better than 4-D ler…

    4f: yup, Airasia for the moment. we r looking also at others like Valuair, Jetstar, Tiger…

    how? when r u taking advantage of the cheap air tickets? 🙂

  6. Ricket said,

    I always thought budget airline was good enough, until I travelled one time too many. If can I still prefer the regular ones where its all about good service.

    4f: u r right, the service and comfort level is really nothing to shout about. anyway, for that kind of pricing it beats taking those long distance coaches or driving up…

  7. me said,

    still remember when you called them names when you couldn’t get the cheap tickets the last time 🙂 this time, you can spend the money saved on food, food and more food. 🙂 got 4 number digit ah, your ticket? so lucky, maybe i can also strike lottery with your no.

    4f: i learned my lesson! see cheap tickets quickly booked this time round!!

    tips for u this weekend… 4972 hehehe… dont forget  my 10% kopi money if you strike!!

  8. titoki said,

    Ipoh?! When?! I’ll drive up to meet you. Muahaha. 😉

    4f: … ahhh, ok :-p

  9. fantastflier said,

    waaaahhhhh u damn lucky…

    4f: too bad no LCC to calgary!!

  10. happysurfer said,

    Whoa! You globetrotter liao!

  11. zara's mama said,

    I’m still curious.. is there really an airport in Ipoh?

    I’d always wanted to book myself an airasia tix.. but my hubby can never commit a time he can go for holiday.. *sigh*

    Lucky you.. going to have another ‘get-together-session’ with FIL huh?

  12. LM said,

    But when I see the hordes rushing for seats on some of these LCCs, I think I still prefer a bus/coach ride. At least got scenery to see mah. Some of these coaches are quite luxurious now, with individual video on demand screens and massage seats!

    4f: bus ride to KL is ok… but to Ipoh is abit too long. so far, airasia is never full *touch wood* & hopefully future also wont lah…

    actually it is a dichotomy… buses prices are going up by offering all these luxury perks while the biz model of low cost carrier is just the opposite.

  13. Leonard said,

    wah liew, you travelled so much this year….

    4f: actually i visit my in law like every 2 months. only lately being taking plane

    i was jetting around too much last year and see i was still stuck here for so many months…

    who say iron bowl…in some way lar…but now more work, i’m multi-tasking…opps..someone walk by liao…cannot get caught!!!

    4f: cheng hu gang  =  rice bowl, right?

    nice template…drool over wordpress…

    4f: hor kua nia… wordpress not that friendly sometime…

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