Feng Shui Talk at St Andrew Cathedral

July 24, 2006 at 11:15 p07 (Random Observations, Singapore)

I saw this sign outside St Andrew Cathedral (SAC) promoting a talk by one Rev Daniel Tong. It reminds me of what Helen wrote recently on the subject. She was talking about feng shui and how it has become a mega-buck industry. With this, are we seeing the churches are also jumping onto the “feng shui” bandwagon to reach out to the people?

The talk is organised by SAC Welcome Centre and will be held on 28 July FRI from 12 pm to 2 pm. I hope this is not another smartly veiled recruitment drive and the venue better has a back door that is not locked.

Anyone, lunch time FENG SHUI talk?



  1. wuching said,

    see! god is chinese!

    4f: muahahahah…

  2. zara's mama said,

    Wow.. I saw 4 posts on this.. You are so excited you actually posted 4 times of the same topic?

    4f: sumeting wlong ‘ere… let me check!!

  3. me said,

    go and attend, see what they talk about and then let us know lah…..if you fall asleep in there. god + feng shui ………strange combination.

    4f: indeed “feng shui + god” is a strange but an interesting combination. but the timing is not good coz pipit will be in jb, cocka’s territory during that time.

  4. helen said,

    C’mon lar See fei, if you’re not willing to do it to quench your 8 instinct, at least do it for us poor 8 souls who are dying to know what the heck is Christian feng shui!!!! lol

    We’ll be counting on you……

    *see fei man sui, see fei man sui…” chanting

    4f: hei take this opportunity to come over lah. ng ah sio bkt for you & ur entourage, ok? πŸ™‚

  5. Mickell said,

    I hope u don’t get conned by all these feng-shui masters πŸ™‚

    Faith is a substance of things hoped for and the conviction of things not seen.

    Superstition is something else altogether.

    No offense inended πŸ™‚

    To each his own πŸ™‚

    4f: hi mike, i think the talk is conducted by St Andrew Catheral themselves, not an external feng shui master. maybe rev d.tong had discovered some feng shui code in the good book… who knows?

  6. Leonard said,

    just like the bubbletea, breadtalk, kopi bread…

    everyone in sg like to jump onto the bandwagon…

    4f: wanna ride this bandwagon, leonard? a lot of ready fan if you blog this talk hehehe…

  7. ylchong said,

    wind + water, OK for people in general.
    For the church? might as well add: wayang ala AhLian too?

    I still prefer Helen of Troy + Alexander the Great to put me to sleep. ..zzzz

    4f: aiyoh… wayang with Helen of Troy and hamsup Alexander? dont forget to reserve a seat for me hor when that happen!! πŸ™‚

  8. helen said,

    I wish I can!! lol Go lor seefei… and then blog about this..

    4f: come lah… stay over for one week and meet cocka and mother superior in person. take airasia and i will put out the red carpet for you at senai!!

  9. helen said,

    Wait, let’s not jump into conclusion… maybe the good rev is talking about the negative aspects of feng shui…

    4f: hahaha egg in the face lah liddat!!

  10. mother superior said,

    I have browsed through the book at the church bookshop. Rev Daniel Tong’s research is on Chinese culture & practices, and how Christians should or should not be involved. Don’t be deceived by the good vicar trying to promote it. He is not, rather, he is explaining what feng shui means in Chinese culture, and how Christians should not depend on fate, but faith. That’s the gist of the book I glanced through.

    4f: Thanks Mother Superior for clearing the air. Now i noe what to get for kin min lai (welcome gift)Β for jie2 Helen!

    We welcome Helen with open arms to the Bloggers’ Meet.

    4f: … and red carpet all the way from Senai or Changi Airport if she decide to fly

  11. CK said,


    Interestingly Daniel Tong admits he is not an expert/scholar on feng shui or related divination practices. Indeed his painstaking research on ‘feng shui and related divination’ are culled from a potpourri of Internet articles.

    However Daniel Tong condemns ‘feng shui and divination’, he labels the central tenets e.g. Yin-Yang religious concept of Taoism as ‘demonic’.

    Daniel Tong is of the opinion if something does not agree with his religious viewpoint, it must be demonic.

    A nutty view indeed.

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