Coming up in 14 days…

July 26, 2006 at 11:15 p07 (General Chatter)

Busy days ahead for the weekend and the coming week…

 List of things to do

  • After issuing a challenge to Capt Fordo from planet Wuching, i have to get my Gundam Unit battleworthy in case he throws the 1st punch…
  • Golf game coming up on friday in JB… need to get some practice in the range. Cocka  maybe coming to play also… but only one hole… the 19th hahaha!!
  • Bloggers meeting next Thursday 3 August. Got to replenish the wardrobe. Must dress hip a bit as there will be a lot of hot chicks attending as the organiser Leonard is such a babes magnet! Guest of Honour: Cocka from JayBee
  • Friends from Ipoh are visiting this weekend, thanks to Mr T. Fernandez of Airasia. Jalan jalan in Orchard Road a must… will do some overdue shopping for the wardrobe.
  • Travelling again to Ipoh next Friday trying to meet my jie2 Helen. She didn’t turn up the last time and as one that doesn’t take “NO” for an answer… same time same place… Kong Heng at 3 pm. Butt keen butt san hor!!
  • Got to keep the Home Minister happy as i will be doing a few disappearing acts for the next 14 days. Guys, any suggestions?


P/s  “God! Pls grant me the same volume of strength as the guy above… if not the whole year at least for the next 14 days!!”



  1. helen said,

    Hahahaha my, you are fully booked eh? LOL As for our meet, I cannot promise lar… Friday is my cell night and they are having it in my house beginning this month. I gotta prepare this and that coz the good Lord has yet blessed me with a maid. lol

    4f: ok lor… in that case will ask the boss to credit your account

    Hey, becareful about Cocka and the hole OK? He’s one hell of a looker in pink.. remember his post on the ah kuas?

    4f: i like old record… finix one side and play the other 🙂

  2. zara's mama said,

    Twinkle Twinkle little sparks, How I wonder how much you are..
    How about Tiffany diamond for 14days disappaering act?

    4f: aiyoh, she will think i am having an affair if i give her diamond.

    Make sure that cocka fella don’t ask you to go and kiu guy and con you. He’s half ah-kua.

    4f: i will wear a chastity belt…. just in case. tenkiu for the warning hor!!

  3. LM said,

    What is this 14 days disappearance act? I m sorry I came late.

    4f: disappearance as not in the line of sight of the home minister for matter other than business and family matter. i gather from here you are not married! 🙂

  4. wuching said,

    apani? jpg lagi! play play too much with ur template lah, now can’t see pichure!

    4f: now i noe… it is your fault!

  5. angel said,

    waa waa waaa…. so happening!

    Home Minister arr? Errrmmm… body rub? 😉

    4f: body rub? how u noe? u promoted to home minister alridi ah?

  6. me said,

    wahhhhh! so busy. i thought only girls need new wardrobe for special events. et tu?

    4f:  tummy too big… need bigger clothe to cover up! 🙂

    well, don’t forget to write all about it. home ministry? hmmm…maybe your being away for that 14days is reward enough for her. hahahahha *ducking flying slippers* nyeh nyeh :-p

    4f: wah… so fast got mission for me liao. dont write can? post pix for all to see, can?

  7. fantastflier said,

    aiyoh simple, bring the home minister along.
    if not possible, make sure your phone got cam. also get lots of chocolates, flowers and LV/Prada/Gucci bags….. 😛

    4f: bring the home minister along? DOUBLE the cost of doing things for HALF the fun! bad deal hahahahaa…..

    but like your chocolate & flowers ideas. NO budget for genuine LV stuff …

  8. angel said,

    errrmmm… becos i woman? 😉

    and no, i’m not a home minister… no intention to be one… for now 🙂
    i’m happy to be the Prime Minister *LOL* 😛

    4f: never mind… pak toh is good also. married a loaded man can become minister with no portfolio!

  9. Leonard said,

    woah, really fully booked lei…

    me where got babe magnet, already 2 babes cannot attend liao and the response like nothing want…how how how!!!

    4f: it is ok if it is a small group. less man more share… can eat more wat!! cocka is coming but he is not sure of the direction. can put up a map or not?

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