No Massage Services Here!

July 27, 2006 at 11:15 p07 (Random Observations)

*Rub rub eyes*… true of not?

Burung Pipit visitors had double and triple over the last few days. Nearly 50% of the visitors are directed here via the word “massage”.

 here is a sample…

  • clean massage in singapore
  • massage near raffles place
  • naked massage buddies
  • girl to man massage in malaysia
  • massage course in singapore
  • should sg man go for massage
  • tui na for infant

This influx happened after the posting of the “massage” entry.

Hei, you out there!

There is  NO, yilek, tak ada, MO, mei you, massage or char guat or tui na or urut, services here, ok? But thanks for dropping by, nevertheless.

Want information on massage, please go to sammyboy… or NEW PAPER (classified ad) or Yellow Pages  (online version).

This will be my final entry on the subject and will avoid the “M” word at all cost in future.



  1. LM said,

    C’mon! don lidat. Wat’s behind that door? Can see?

    u also one ham sup bugger… thong toh choong yan!! welcome welcome to the club!!
    btw, r u one of the lurkers? 🙂
    for the record there is nothing here but some old man aloe vera & pandan leave plant hehehe….

  2. Eileen said,

    The power of massage!!

    Does this mean there are a lot of ‘ham sup lou’ lurking around here?? 😛

    4f: ya… should put up some girlie pix here 😉

  3. zara's mama said,

    Wow.. People thought See Fei is the name of some piao mei offering hangky panky char-kuat cum extra service.

    Did you check how long this ppl stay around for? Or when they saw nothing humsup here, they left?

    4f: unfortunately wordpress counter function is not that powerful. i have no idea what the lurkers are up to!!

  4. titoki said,

    Your forget your orgasmic soap. 😉

    4f: i didnt. do u need me to replenish your stock?

  5. happysurfer said,

    So, your post got the works! Oops! And what’s wrong with that? The more the merrier, mah. 😉

    4f: hope ppl drop by for the right reasons…

  6. angel said,

    char-guat?? i oso wanttt…

    har? dun hv?
    dont care…
    *sits and wait until got*

    4f:  as usual… pls lie down on yr tummy and take off all the baju & seluar

  7. fantastflier said,

    thats wat happens when u start pimping…………………………… 😛

    4f: calgary got lubang or not? FF can be the 1st branch manager…

  8. wuching said,

    ur the pimp now!

    4f: niamah!

    launching one flying radar-guided-sea-skimming BATA slipper heading toward melbourne

  9. mother superior said,

    Orgasmic soap, massage,a nd now pimping – what’s your real Message, har? ,-)

    4f: Mother Superior… you will have my confession this coming Thursday!!

  10. me said,

    told you they will come….and be very disappointed there is nothing to see here. nevermind lah, increase traffic flow. maybe you should start subscribing to some money-making adverts. then you can post on ‘this is not another post on SEX’ or ‘HOW TO MAKE bread and LOVE it” or “PORNO and PHOTOGRAPHY both begins with the letter ‘p'”. kekekekekekeke.

    4f: you seem to be better at this game. can be my partner in crime business? you can be the copy writer and i am the front! 50-50 split?

  11. Leonard said,

    see fei do big business liao loh…so many ppl come here and comment…no need stand at lorong wat also got business…

    everyone can call him to fix appointment at 9xxx-xxxx

    4f: leonard, wat 9xxx-xxx? you read too much sammyboy lah! 🙂

  12. fantastflier said,

    wah wah branch manager *claps hands*

  13. Cocka doodle said,

    Pssst! Can divert some of them over to JB ah? We need the tourist dollar.
    Aiyah…..sure lah, traffic increased.
    You blog name is Burung summore……so ppl thought got massage the burung service.

  14. Mickell said,

    Looks like Singaporeans are getting real hard up for massage services. But it’s so expensive here in Singapore. No wonder why so many Singaporeans are flocking up to Bangkok to get cheap and good massages.

    4f: too bad cannot tar pau lah! LOL. actually the neighbourhood shop charges of around $40 for an hour is not excessive.

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