Life in 5 years time…

July 30, 2006 at 11:15 p07 (News & Comments)


Malaysian tycoon Tan Sri Francis Yeoh was reported recently going to build an RM8 billion high speed rail between Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. The project will take 2 years to get the land approval and 3 years to build. If all well goes well, KL-Sg is only 90 minutes away in 5 year time.

Well, that means i can have breakfast with Cocka in JB, hope onto a fast train to KL for lunch with Lenglui & Zara Mama. Afterwhich i will still have time to talk3 talk4 with Happysurfer & Angel. Dinner will be good if i can catch Teh-C, and hear his view on the latest political scene in Boleh Land. Sacrificing supper, i can still hope onto a train to come back and kiss my son (hopefully he is here by then) good nite before calling it a day…. provided i dont have plan for a round of midnight gin rummy at the casino at Marina Bay or Sentosa Island, which will be fully operational in 5 years time.

Life is 5 years time is definitely very exciting if the above vision materialise!!



  1. angel said,

    We go tok tok, drink drink, dance dance, cuci mata see lenglui… can???
    If like dat, I also wanna go Kiasuland every weekend liao! But 5 years arrr? Alamak… still so long summore… nvm, good things come to those who wait, hor? 🙂

    4f: take airasia lah RM1.99 only!! cheap & good!! no need to wait 5 year

  2. me said,

    ya lor, so long wait. nevermind, when there is something to look forward to, life is more beautiful.

    4f: must do something to that hair of yours when visiting… still have nightmare of you & your hair!!

  3. fantastflier said,

    great plans! I just hope the immigration and customs will be just as fast….

    4f: hope by then we can get border pass (no need passport!!) like perak and southern thailand.

  4. Mickell said,

    Very exciting indeed 🙂 Provided our governments can finally reach some concrete agreement on the issues over the land where the railway tracks run on.

    4f: dont worry mike!! just remove the old one and replace with the new one lah!! it must be a Uniquely Boleh solution! 😉

  5. Mickell said,

    Wait a minute. Aren’t you supposed to be busy with taking care of your toddler by then? 🙂 Sure, you can bring your toddler along on the train trip to KL 🙂 Not sure if you can enjoy the trip as much without your toddler in tow though 🙂

    4f: aiyoh, thats why i need a break!

  6. helen said,

    Wait till they announce the fare lar… Only if it’s affordable to the masses than it’s a good thing. Not everybody is as ‘blessed’ financially as you mar!!. *quickly runs off** lol

    4f: dont worry. with airasia and bus providing the competition, cant be too expensive. *keeping my finger crossed*

    hei u r the rich tai tai! why so defensive, sked i borrow $$ from u issit? 🙂

  7. Wuching said,

    good! i’ll go visit singapore & malaysia in 5 years time!

    4f: why do you have to wait so long?

  8. Cocka Doodle said,

    haih…..I’m gonna miss those night mail trains that ply Sin-KL.
    Used to take those 1st class sleepers back to KL when I was still working in Kiasuland. Try doing it on a train…damn shiok wan!
    Just put it in and let the gentle rocking motion take care of the rest. LOL

    4f: hei! i tot i am the only one to enjoy those night sleeper train. i used to do that when i was in china in 2002. i stayed in Suzhou and travelled quite frequently to Shanghai. The only drawback was the journey only took an hour…

  9. nyonyapenang said,

    sounds good hor. hope everything goes according to plans..

    4f: thanks for dropping by. we shall see in 5 years time!

  10. mother superior said,

    I am quite sure he is gonna take more than 2 years for approval. Singapore can be so sticky about such things. If so easy, Singapore would have thought about it loooong ago.

    But then again, Singapore may grant approval straightaway, provided every traveller is a gambler on the way to the IR. Hahaha…

    4f: dont worry… i am sure both parties can come out with a Uniquely Boleh solution. There will be more cross border investment with the high speed train link which is a win-win situation.

  11. LM said,

    Wow, I like! With this service, 1/4 of the population in that island down south will pack the trains every weekend. Wonder how customs and immigration gona cope? maybe no passports needed then.

    4f: as both countries are so inter-connected, the flow will be two ways. well, that is a happy problem for both sides! i am sure there will be a solution when we come to that.

  12. Leonard said,

    Tan Sri Francis Yeoh must really bold those reason that singapore will stand to gain and the percentage of profit margin given to them…

    surely it’s a profit earning deal, will approve one! 🙂

    4f: well said… and rakyat benefit too!!

  13. happysurfer said,

    Aisehman! Planning five years ahead already! Good, good, practising talk 3 talk 4 even now. LOL!

    4f: talk3 talk 4 need practice meh?

  14. zara's mama said,

    And for us Malaysians out here.. We can do Singapore sales in a day!!

    Pst, by then, 4Fei juniors will be born, you still can go here go there so freely ah? Remember, every trip means you have to carry a dozen diaper, a tin of milk powder, few sterilized bottles (unless Mrs 4Fei goes 100% breastfeed), few strollers (depending how productive you have been).. aaaaah… life will be very different in 5years time!

    4f: thanks for the reality check!

  15. angel said,

    RM1.99 still applies during x’mas period mehh??
    *LOL* @ cocka… i oso wanna try doing it on the train leh.. 😛

    4f: aiyah can check with airasia online lah!! a romantic journey with cocka on the train? be careful of his naughty snap shot hor!!

  16. angel said,

    btw, how come your time all a bit liuliu wan?? like as if i’m in europe like dat…

    4f: u dont noe har? i blog from europe muahhahaha….

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