TODAY! – Chilli Crab at Riverwalk Jumbo

August 2, 2006 at 11:15 p08 (Bloggers Meeting, Singapore)

Hei! must chap cheng dit (dress up) today! Big meet with fellow bloggers at romantic riverside restaurant “jumbo” at 7.30 pm. This is the 2nd time we are doing this with Mother Superior and Leonard. Too bad flyboy (who was at the 1st meet) is away in Calgary earning bee kim (US$) & can’t join us. Never mind, can read the reports later. We are glad there are more bloggers coming today, especially our special guest, Professor of Yamade, DR COCKA from JB.

 Las Montanas… can you join us?

Here is the Who is Who…

father.jpgmike… can type 60 words per minute shanghailady.jpghoppily happy (flyboy’s fren)… helen long lost sistershagdollblack.jpgfireburn… the angry onehg17281.jpg  spinnee… the dark vampire

71069856_3b43ee21a7_o.jpgrobin… dog lovercocka.jpgcocka – professor of yamade from jb 198120690_5104bbd6bc_m.jpgleonard. our GREAT organisercap_145.jpgspellbound.mysterious lady from South Africa210720062601.jpgmother superior (extreme left)



  1. angel said,

    waaaa… riverside restaurant… so loman wannn… and chili crabs summore! *slurp*
    *awaits for the liuliu report*
    Have fun fun fun! 😉

    4f: dont worry… we got good photographer & writer in the meeting. me?…. i just enjoy the chilli crab

  2. Wuching said,

    why u no invite me? 😦

    4f: oi? I thought you will only come to SG in 5 year time hehehe… we will be starved to death by then lor!!!

  3. Eileen said,

    Wow..i bet you guys had a great evenings last night…:)

    Got fight over the ‘gongs’ or not?? 😛

    4f: aiyoh… it is tonight. still can make it. will reserve a space for you ok?

  4. me said,

    ok, i will stay tuned at this site for the low-down on the blogger’s meet. sounds very promising, esp with mr cocka, the harm chung (kekkeke) there. remember to rate his likeliness to tom selleck. one more thing, can ta pau some chilli crabs for me ah? *drooling*

    4f: tah pau? hai hock (shell crab) got lah ahahaha… how can i rate cocka since we are thong tow choong yan?

  5. zara's mama said,

    Wow.. take loads of photos huh? Such a big group.. sure you can tell who from who?

    4f: kind of difficult to do pix since we are finger licking cili ketam tonite!! but trylah ok? any special request?

  6. Eileen said,

    Alamak…tonight cannot lah…next time arrange weekend can?? 😛 hahaha…never mind, there’s always a next time..:)

    BUT…please help me eat more ‘gongs’ okie?? And take nice nice pictures (must show all the faces one)…thank q huh… 😛

    4f: lu manyak susah-lah! talak datang request manyak manyak!!  translate: u r welcome, will try my best 🙂

  7. fantastflier said,


    4f: 🙂

  8. titoki said,

    Where is the group picture?!?!?!?!?!

    4f: akan datang…. watch this space

  9. Robin said,

    yes yes, me kuming too

    haha.. just to kay po kay po..

    must chap cheng cheng ha?? aiyo, I wearing short and t-shirt.. can?

    4f: can as long as you dont forget to bring your wallet hahaha…

  10. Robin said,

    The Riverwalk
    20 Upper Circular Road #B1-48
    The Riverwalk Singapore 058416
    Tel: 6534-3435
    Fax: 6536-3836

    4f: thanks for posting the address here!!

  11. helen said,

    Must post many many many photos har…. Enjoy yourself!! No need to jap jeang di… you’re hamsen enuff alreadi! But of course the most important thing is… YOU’RE MARRIED liao!! BOK MEH AR??

    4f: … i am married lah but not impotent 🙂 BOK recruited into professorship at Dr Cocka University of Yamade mah…

  12. Leonard said,

    hey, i didn’t know there was another advertisment here!!

    nevertheless, it was quite a successful meetup….i’ve pass, who wanna catch the baton?

    4f: dont worry cocka will organise the next one!!

    tok abt pass, can pass me the pictures so can update, you need pictures frm me, i only have pics of food..stupid me now need to take pics frm u and cocka! duh!

    4f: no prob… both the censored and uncensored one!!

    thanks everyone for attending, although not all mentioned here! 😉

    4f: the work is only half done… still got reports to file… aiyah!! *scratching my head*

  13. Ricket said,

    Yah… Mike told me about it, but I can’t go. Next time sure will be there.

    4f: i got elephant memory ok? we will try harder to get you down next time….

  14. mother superior said,

    Nice to have caught up with you. Cheers!

    4f: tenkiu… next time must extend visa so can go lansing lansing!!

  15. happysurfer said,

    No update still meh?

    4f: done alridi. thought you would come. where were you?  :-p

  16. Hoppily Happy said,

    Allo, me paiseh din make it to the dinner-meeting. Was informed abt it but i was unwell, but next time i will TRY to be there! :o) Meanwhile, pics pls…

    4f: i presumed you would come and i took the liberty of ordering your fav vege dish of dou miao and kai lan. look out for your share of the bill in your mailbox.

  17. angel said,

    i oso waiting for the report leh…

    *refresh refresh refresh*

    aiyoh… when u r in town nxt mth, i oso hv to chap leng leng, hor? 😀

    4f: sorry hor… no need to chap leng leng… for ladies the less the better muahahahaha

  18. Robin said,

    hehe.. this is weird in the bloggers world.

    Go for SG bloggers meeting and no one blog abt it???


    I better write something.. but I have no pics leh!

    Sei Fei, u know what to do right>?

    4f: got2 put up alridi.

  19. Cocka Doodle said,

    Sorry for the late reply everyone! Been partying too much lately….taken too many pics of lengluis until puter hardisk crashed second time. *sigh*

    Thanks for the wonderful evening and its was great meeting up with all of you!
    I’ll be sending the pics out to you ppl soon.

    4f: quick2… cobweb growing under chin liao!!

  20. winn said,


    eh wat’s university of yamade?

    never heard before. you graduate from there? hahahaha..oh is cocka a pimp? i see him like here there everywhere! ;p lol

    4f: interested? you can get entry form from Dr COCKA!! Dr Cocka is no pimp lah. He is just busy running around recruiting students for his university of Yamade hahaha….

  21. may said,

    moshi moshi! so it was you whom I spoke to that night… a great pleasure! coming up to visit us soon? we’ll throw a blogger’s party KL style!

    4f: they way you guys pig out and party, i better start puasa now and build up my physical stamina!!

  22. Simple American said,

    Rats. I missed FF too and I wuz in Calgary.

    So any pics of the meet?

    4f: no prob. make sure you dont forget us when you touch down in the li’l red dot!!

  23. me said,

    what happened? fei has mysteriously disappeared after the meeting. okay, ‘fess up guys, what did you do to him? melted him in the crabs gravy?

    4f: miss me issit? huggies for lenglui!!

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