Thank You for the Company!

August 8, 2006 at 11:15 p08 (Bloggers Meeting, Singapore)

As you age, your circle of friends go the opposite direction of your girth size… that is as your girth size grows, your circle of friends become less. However, after the bloggers meeting last Thursday, this law of nature can no longer holds true. Although bloggers are friends with no history but hei! who said friendship should be conditional? Bloggers who turned up are Leonard, Mother Superior, Spellbound, Michael & Grace, Robin & 2 frens and our good fren Cocka.

Thank you guys for a wonderful evening and the good company!

For those who did not turn up, hope you can make it for the next round…

Hei Leonard! thank you for the many choices of venue, including one Restoran Todak in JB and your tiredless efforts in rounding up the few of us for this meet… and the photographs taking. I guess you must be hungry cos it turned out you only took all the photographs of the food!!

Spellbound, it was nice knowing you and the wonderful voluntary work you are doing in South Africa. Guess all of us here will miss you when you go back to SA but hope you will keep us all updated on your blog.

Michael & wife, Grace… finally get to meet you guys in person. Mike, you look younger that your blog photo. Maybe it has to do with your blond hair or the beauty sitting next to you…

Robin, our philokopi dog lover… Robin asked, “Glass full or half empty?” Robin, didn’t get your friends name. Can you update us on your blog?

I was very thrilled by Robin’s profound knowledge on dogs. For example, dogs with three layers of hair should and must only be kept in an air-conditioned room all the time and hence not suitable for our climate. The pic in his blog is one such dog and one of the four registered in Singapore!! BTW, siberian husky has only one layer of hair…

Mother Superior, lover of chilli crabs and all things seafood… this pincer is for you!! Hei, next time must extend your visa so we can continue our party in Zouk hor!!

Last but not least, Cocka… the hamsup ONE from JB. We went for happy hours and after a few beers later, i found that his reputation had preceded him. For one that is famous for being hamsup, i find it surprising that his lady blogger frens have no qualm picking up his call in the middle of the night. That is quite unlikely and maybe Lin Peh chastity lock has something to do with it. Courtesy of Cocka, i get to talk to May and Angel on the phone that nite. Although the conversation was short but it was a pleasurable few minutes. I look forward to meet both of you in this coming September in KL!!



  1. angel said,

    Eeek! Can’t see the pics in office…

    Yes yes! We’ll be waiting for you! We go P & P (porgy and party)? Set! 😉

    4f: ya after P&P we can do P4P… picit for Pipit hahaha…

  2. angel said,

    Oh, ’twas nice talking to you too! So laam & ‘man’ your voice… *LOL*

    4f: i am glad the pleasure is mutual. if you had told me so that nite, i will laam you all the way until you got home…

  3. wuching said,

    didn’t invite me again! 😦

    4f: come2 and dont forget to bring a few bottles of those special world cup olive oil from OZ land hor hahaha….

  4. may said,

    oooooh, joining us for our next porgy? angel’s been wanting to go joget-ting lately… we take you go joget too! hehe!

    4f: tenkiu2 for the invitation!! orgy with a “p” issit? i am delighted and can do with some “picit-picit” first hehehhe…. joget, ronggeng, dondang sayang all can… will bring my sarong when visiting Boleh Land!!

  5. Simple American said,

    Cannot see pics either. Love reading of blog meets and imagining I am there. 🙂

    4f: how we wish u were really here 2!

  6. Leonard said,

    wah liew, all the artistic description and photos posted here..

    read already so relaxing and smoothing….i kowtow to you. mine lose out BIG TIME! 🙂

    4f: hei! leonard, no need to compare entry lah, to each his own. i like your pic of the jumbo restaurant, river scenes and of me shooting cocka-the dialogue was witty. i am sure all the gals will go to your blog now to have a glimpse of Dr Cocka for JB ahahaha…

  7. mother superior said,

    As you know, my opportunities for eating seafood is very little cos Hubs is a no seafood person. Thanks for the pincers. You didn’t see it, but I licked everything up. Haha…

    Btw, Vernice Loy and her father are featured in today’s My Singapore supplement. Pg 24

  8. fantastflier said,

    Quick, go and invent a teleportation device so I can be there in a flash….!!!!!!

  9. zara's mama said,

    Can’t see the pix here as well.. hmm.. are those chastity lock photos that’s why they are censorred? (after you have been ‘corrupted’ by Cocka, anything is possible).

    Must be a swell time.

  10. happysurfer said,

    Can’t view pictures too. 😦

  11. titoki said,

    I seriously cannot see anything else besides Cocka’s kkc pic. LOL.

  12. helen said,

    *kicks seefei* Stop gaping at the lady seated next to Michael lar!! 😛

    Glad you met up with these bloggers. It’s always such a thrill to find out that through a mere blog, you get to make so many new friends! LOL

    I looked through your Voyager blog and lo and behold, there’s one lady I know!! HAHAHAHAHA Ipoh is sooooo small!!

  13. winn said,

    i wonder why i cant load the pix..
    hamsap pix is it?

    looks like i’m not alone…

  14. angel said,

    *nudges feikor*
    Wot happen to the pikchers??

    *LOLOL* @ P4P!! How u know my sao sai very liuliu good wan??
    Encik mana mau picit har? 😛

  15. me said,

    conspiracy. fei doesn’t have any photos to share, so he has posted empty links. complain, complain. everybody cannot see the photos 😦

  16. fantastflier said,

    Thats because he went Happy Hour with Cocka lah, so must censor pics if not go home will kena kneel on bottlecaps…..:P

  17. Eileen said,

    Can’t see the pictures as well…

    But i bet you must have enjoyed yourself with the company of so many ‘leng lui’ right? 😛

  18. Robin said,

    bluff people one.. where got pics..

    just a box with a red cross..

  19. Robin said,

    and the red is in the wrong direction some more?

  20. seefei said,

    So sorry hor… to those that cant see the photo i will email the whole entry to you!! tenkiu for pung cheong!! Seefei blog gelenti no censorship one!!

  21. Leonard said,

    you like the jumbo pictures ah, want me to send you the “jumbo” version?

    i could see the pictures initially, now kena censor liao!! see, ask u dun post CCK picture!! *yawnz, Flickr is always there for you*

    my pictures has cocka in there meh…bo lar… *cocka, me trying my best to keep u annoymous!!*

    4f: send the jumbo over pls! will flickr next time!!

  22. Mickell said,

    Kum Fei, you’re the man 😀

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