Friday Blue

August 11, 2006 at 11:15 p08 (Life and its pleasures)

Friday…feeling at the bottom of the valley again after the highs from the events over the past week. After so much fun at the last bloggers meet and the good food over the weekend in Ipoh and Taiping, the me on cloud nine is coming back to reality, with a thud.

Work and more work is staring me in the face. Back to the daily grind of office coffee, meetings, datelines and gossip from the canteen auntie with the latter the only welcome blip in my office existence.

Life is like a roller coaster ride, with its highs and lows. The view at the valley may not be good but it comes with attendance benefits. In this moment of my life journey I feel less distracted, more focused and a bit less siao (crazy). In short, I am more reflective and calm. Not that I have a lot of planning to do, but most of my planning is usually done at this stage of my life.

I have my ups and downs but I tend to work my downs harder, not to get out of it per se. I tend to see my downs as a platform for me to build up my energy, determination, resolve etc so when the waves of excitement comes, I would enjoy it more knowing jolly well I have done the needful during the less exciting and quieter moments of my life.

enjoy their highs but it is how we deal with the lows that characterize who we are!

Do you have any low point in your life and how do you deal with it?



  1. LM said,

    wahlao! so c-re-us post man! low point? sure have. wanted to pack up and move from this suffocating place man. How to deal with it? still no solutions. 😦

    4f: where to move to? with globalisation, every way is competitive and dog-eat-dog world. unless you are so loaded$$ the real world is beyond you….

  2. zara's mama said,

    But but… it’s Friday! That would kill any low energy!
    Me, at low point?? Shop my self silly.. 😛

    4f: this friday is very expeciali manyak teruk. after today should be ok… shopping? hahahah… better be careful with 2nd bb on the way 😉

  3. happysurfer said,

    SF, interesting mood on a Friday. I think you need some chocolates and go back early for a good wifey hug. hehe… Did you know that chocolates and hugs lift spirits. Blogging too – that is if you tell your readers your deep dark secrets. hahahahah……….

    Have a wonderful, wonderful weekend.

    4f: got buddy birthday party bash & fren from KL coming tmrw (Sat). Die2 got to finish all work by today. tenkiu for the advice hor… got wife & chocolate at home but blog about dark secret? let sleeping dog lies….:-)

  4. Mickell said,

    You’re right pal. We need to go thru deep dark valleys in life in order to appreciate and be thankful for the mountain-top experiences 🙂

    4f: great men think alike ha?

  5. nyonyapenang said,

    how i deal with low points?
    easy, gimme my comfort food, nyonya kueh! perut kenyang, suka hati. LOL

    4f: hei i like penang food too… like its laksa and prawn mee!!

  6. Simple American said,

    Eat eat eat. That is all I know. Besides shout shout shout. Not recommended near the missus.

    4f: ok… must remind myself NOT to go within earshot of you when you are down… Any news on the travellig plan to the l’il red dot?

  7. fantastflier said,

    hmmmm my low and how I dealt with it,
    – I moved here 😛

    4f: that was drastic but i salute U for your gut.

  8. Grace said,

    Hi there.. btw, thanx for leaving that very flattering comment in my blog, ya? 😛

    4f: U  r welcome!

    I understand how you feel.. sometimes life is not jus a bed of roses though how much we wish it wld be..

    We all go thru’ ups & downs in life & it’s really not ez to go thru’ the downs most of the time..

    But jus remember this.. it’s only thru’ the downs we can really appreciate & enjoy the ups, ya?

    Life too short to waste wallowing in our downs but try to concentrate more on all the blessings we have in our lives, no matter how small they may b, ya?.. 🙂

    4f: well said… without the low, the high will be flat rite?

  9. helen said,

    Hey, nothing uplifts like a good plate of melt-in-your mouth sushi…. and the intensity of a good dolllup of wasabi. Orgasmic!! LOL

    4f: Ok now i noe what you like, i have the perfect sure fire plan to get you to come out next time when i am in ipoh. Sure you will come one!! Must find a good shashimi place and dinner after 7 and with laam song playing in the background…

  10. Cocka Doodle said,

    How to deal with one’s low point in life?
    Yes! Go karaoke and sing to your heart’s contend. oops! You already did that on saturday, hor? Any Pakku accompanying you ah?

    4f: ya… karaoke is a sure good way to blast those dull air. How you like my song dedication to you last nite? i had videotape my singing & will post on U-tube to enjoy. Toh toh pong cheong hor!! Wat pakku?… only visa officer by my side lah!!

  11. carcar said,

    helloo seefei.

    enjoy their highs but it is how we deal with the lows that characterize who we are!


    nothing is forever.

    kah yao!

    4f: tenkiu for the compliment. one coffee on me when the next time you visit McCafe West Coast!!

  12. angel said,

    DYK that your last nite’s ‘dedications’ made me dreamt about u??? Yeah! I had a pretty looong dream abt you! hahhahaha! I couldn’t believe it when I woke up just now! Then I thot, ohhhh, must be your dedications lar, make me laam *LOL*

    4f: little angel… great General at your service here!!

    OK, serious a bit…
    Low points in life? Well, nowadays I choose to ignore it. Last time, I used to mope on it, now, no more… Oh, and usually the low ‘period’ will be over soon… so, don’t hv to “work on it so hard”, hor?

    4f: there are the quick low and the long low, the quickie can ignore but the long drawn one that is pain in the ass.

    *hug hug*
    Oops… here can hug wan arr? Sked kena saman… 😛

     4f: tenkiu2 for the huggies… feeling shiok alridi… dont worry i will pay for the saman if there is one!! hahahaha….

  13. mother superior said,

    This may sound strange, but I hum a tune most times when I am low. It comes instantaneously, and that’s how I cope best. Like they say, a song in your heart can work like medicine.

    4f: MS, can share wat tune you hum in your low time? I am sure the two crown jewels in your palace lighten you up whenever you step into your palace 🙂

  14. Leonard said,

    now worries lar, what you’ve said is prefectly normal, you will always be dragged back to normal after all the enjoyments and relaxation.

    what’s the point of being brought to the down side of life, it’s to make u stronger!!

    4f: u r rite… i already feel better after kara on sat with some buddies.

    congrats on mastering flickr, sigh no chance to become a shifu! 4f: dont worry always got next time!!

  15. helen said,

    Hahaha yes, the lure of salmon is so hard to resist……. lol

    4f: got that too!!

  16. titoki said,

    Not too high and not too low. The middle is about right. Oh yes BABY!!!


    4f: Well said. Simple yet profound…. or did i miss something here? Titoki is being noti again!!

  17. me said,

    i sulk, i pout and i hide under my imaginary blanket until it blows over. so, what character does that make me? 🙂 do the mountains make the valley appear lower than it seems?

    4f: Hmmm….. YOU need a lot of TLC (tender loving care)… and should have no prob since you are married and have so many good blogger frens here in blogsphere!!

    do the mountains make the valley appear lower than it seems?” YES, there is a chinese saying “lok gig sang bay” which means pleasure at its extreme will generate sorrow. the middle way is balance and that is a life long pursuit cos we, mortal will never know where is the middle ground.

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