My attempt as a tabloid reporter

August 14, 2006 at 11:15 p08 (Random Observations)

While idling away at Senai Airport, i spotted a TVB artist who hailed from BolehLand. She is none other than the famous Choo Mee Mee. Ms Choo is famous for her role as the loud-mouth mean mother-in-law or the kaypo neighbourhood auntie in Hong Kong TVB series and some Kiasuland TV productions.

My sister-in-law approached and asked her for a photograph to be taken together, very courtesely and in an equally polite manner, Ms Choo declined her. Reason: Ms Choo didn’t have her make-up on…. and trust me, without make-up she doesn’t look anything like her image on TV. As one who would not take “NO” for an answer, i told my sister i would get a photo of her together with Ms Choo.

The photo above is my master piece. Notice the lady in black in the background between the two beautiful ladies from the left, there you go… Ms Choo sipping her cup of coffee. BTW, my SIL is on the extreme right and the two ladies are her friends.


A close up of Ms Choo and her coffee. There was an unknown young male companion beside her. From the laam glances they threw at each other from time to time, the young man could be Ms Choo lastest toy boy.

Not bad for a virginal attempt as a tabloid reporter, right? Can’t see her face? I didnt get close enough lah, otherwise i would have got her or hot coffee on my face…

How is my first tabloid report? like it…. loathe it? Shall i give up my day job to do this full time? LOL



  1. LM said,

    not bad attempt…

    4f: tenkiu2…

    shall get some expert comments from SPH.. hehehe

    4f: will get my fren from sph to comment

    no lah, not enough sensational words..and eye catching subject title.! (but becareful of libel hor!) and even if photos are needed, they should be taken of the subject’s front view, not back.

    4f: ok ok ok i think i better keep my day job 😦

  2. angel said,

    agreed with LM, not sensational enuff! must be more scandalous!
    and how does a laam glance look like? *blinkblink*

     4f: laam glance issit? when i look at you and you feel there is nothing more beautiful than the sight in front of me staring at you, then it is laam lah… *want to vomit*

    ps: I mimpi again last nite! *LMAO*

    4f: ahmm… let me guess… you met a lengchai who swept you off your feet and fly to a li’l paradise in the south of Boleh Land and live happily after.

  3. helen said,

    Agree with angel. Very good attemp but not scandolous enuff!! lol

    4f: can teach didi some trick here?

    You should have add salt and vinegar about Mee Mee and boy. I cannot get a good look at her face, but, she is rather ordinary looking without makeup hor?

    You’ve watched any of her movies?

    4f: ok… will ka yim ka chor the next time.

    yup, i watch a lot of tvb series when i go back to taiping and a lot of these series have mee2. she looks very ordinary with any trace of glam in senai. Unlike deborah… i saw deborah (patrick tze ex-wife) a few times in sg and she looked gorgeous. She got the look and style lah!!

  4. titoki said,

    Look at me better laa!!! I sooo leng liddat can die!!! LOL. *wink wink*

    4f: ergh….LOL

  5. me said,

    haha. nice attempt but cannot make up stories hor. be tabloid reporter also must have ethics, ok? you should have gone up to her to verify is that man was her toy boy and if she said yes, then you can print in b&w. if she slap you, then at least you can write physical abuse by ms choo mee mee :-p why your sil pretending to read newspaper? her friends seem to be posing happily.

    4f: two things from here…

    1. u & i cant be tabloid reporter lah. too uptight and righteous hahaha…

    2. u cant diff between left & right. My SIL is on the right lah & no the one reading newspaper.

  6. zara's mama said,

    Aiyo.. I really don’t know who this ChuMimi is.. But hor your attempt is quite good woh.. can zoom in like that hor.

    4f: tenkiu tenkiu… so u r saying the camera is good but the author sucks hahahaha….

    Your sister so pretty, you are not worried after all the gatal men flock your blog b’cos of her?

    4f: Not really… she is still looking for that Mr Right out there, so are all her friends… Of course all interested party must pass this BIL test first 🙂

  7. nyonyapenang said,

    you one of the ‘papalatsi’? LOL

    4f: 🙂

  8. Chen said,

    Hehe, not bad, but u should take the photo from the front 😛

    4f: …and scare all of you away hahahha…

  9. mother superior said,

    Yep, not juicy enough. But hey, good effort in trying to be sensational reporter. Better still, go get a super zoom lens, so that we can see Chu Mimi’s complexion. (ZMM is good in hanyu pinyin!)

    4f: will try to get a canggih camera next time… can do a before & after (make up) comparison. good point!!

  10. king's wife said,

    good attempt for 1st try. So good I can tell who she is. (if I didn’t get it wrong)

    4f: good har? does that mean i will get invited to your party so i can get some expose on that hum sup COCKA?

  11. Leonard said,

    no horse run, from her side view i recognise her as zhu mi mi!!!

    u very bad lei, reject to take photo than u made up stories..

    no bad lar..u not tabloid reporter, u a paparazzi lei!

    4f: hehehe… like my story issit?

  12. may said,

    not too bad for a tabloid reporter, but maybe you might wanna consider joining the paparazzi photographers instead 😉

    4f: dont lidat lah… promise to polish my writing!! Any liu in KL for me to pau or not?

  13. Cocka Doodle said,

    Peen kor lei kah??
    **cocka surfing the net to see if any of chu mee mee nude photos on the internet** LOL

    4f: Niamah… dont act blur. the young man is you with a wit lah!!! Coz of covering up for you ppl said i am a lousy writer!

  14. Simple American said,

    Its not bad papa-seefei-ratti. Though quite honestly. I think your SIL and her friends looked much sweeter than Miss Choo.

    4f: tenkiu…. will let her know but i dont know whether she will take it as a compliment or not muahahaha….

  15. Wuching said,

    wuah! i am so proud of u! u r a kaypo just like me! weeeee….

    4f: ya… u & me international professional kaypo

  16. me said,

    karkarkar. damn. i can differentiate left from right but unfortunately, my eyes probably need examining. sighhhh! old age lah. small prints become just a blur. kakakaka.

    4f: I knew your mind was not at its normal level due to PMS yesterday… perennial monday sickness, rite? LOL

  17. Robin said,


    trust u to pretend pretend to take your girlfriend pics, but actually aiming at Choo Mee Mee..

    She is a Singaporean.. working in HK and not Malaysia..

    and u are such a gossip.. BTW, her companion cute or not one?

  18. ian said,

    Whoa… Well done! You’ve just taken a very scandalous photo of a celebrity sipping coffee with her toyboy! Hahaha!

  19. angel said,

    *nudges Robin*
    I think Mimi Che hailed from Ipoh lar… used to be ‘based’ in HK but now settled down in Sg, kan?

    Oh, and me thinks your writing is ok lar… just need clearer pics 😀

    Ei, laam laam can vomit wan arr? Then I hv to bring along some assam then… *LOL*

    ps: No more mimpi last nite! Phewwwwww!! *LOL*

  20. fantastflier said,

    u new name paparazzi-ed see fei eh….
    at least u coulda ask for her autograph mah..

    4f: dont keep autograph wor…

  21. MLNS said,

    Her name doesn’t ring any bell but your pix of her back view does. Lol. Good catch!

    4f: thats strange, you know her but not her name. but then most of us, TVB followers never know the name of the 2nd tier and lower artists, right? next time will put the face to the name. thanks for dropping by and leave a comment 🙂

  22. happysurfer said,

    I didn’t know she’s from Bolehland. I think you have sikit sikit potential lah – at least you got your readers confused on the facts, which is the norm of gossip tabloids.

    4f: tenkiu… first bouquet from my reader! maybe i didnt confuse them enuf.. maybe next time!

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