A walk down Keong Saik Road

August 15, 2006 at 11:15 p08 (Gathering, Life and its pleasures)

Keong Said Road… from Cantonment direction

I paid Keong Saik Road a visit last Saturday. Keong Saik Road was one of the famous red light districts in Singapore. Much of the brothel business had changed hand and the current Keong Said Road is a pale shadow of its former glory days. The present Keong Saik Road still has the odd brothels nestling between boutique hotels, retail outlets, pubs, chinese associations and kopi tiams. These brothels can be identified by the signature light box and big unit number of the property. In the past, beside giu kar (patronising a prostitute) there is really nothing much else to do at Keong Saik Road. Now you can see tourists, families with children in tow and the odd customers brushing shoulders with the ladies of the evening. I don’t know whether it is a good thing or not but the sleaze factor had gone down and replaced with the hip factor.

Brothel No: 28… with the red lantern, you wouldn’t miss it, would you?


Yoga & other lifestyles shop… If yoga session with a lot of biao meis is your cup of tea, check this out!!

Talk cock sing song… notice the woman in red at the walkway? could be your gf for the evening for a right price. she made me an offer that i could not accept so she sulked and refused to pose for this shot!

Fei Loh, my good friend and former organising committee chairman of my wedding celebrated his birthday last Saturday and the wife picked one of the kopi tiams at Keong Saik Road to throw a dinner for him. Like Geylang, the other famous red light district, Keong Saik is famous for its local Chinese food. This kopi tiam we went to is famous for its Prawn Noodle soup served in traditional chinese soup bowl size serving. Sorry, forgot to take a shot of the dish as it came out in between dishes and i was too busy eating by then.

Beside celebrating FL (centre) birthday, we were also welcoming our visiting friend from KL, Leslie (left). Leslie is a fan of Sheila Majid and was here to attend her concert at the durian. The concert was a success and you can read about it in Leslie’s blog.

A nite out is never complete without some talk cock sing song. We continue the celebration with a karaoke session at the Laguna club. Knowing Angel was out there last weekend battling mozzies and shooting rapid in the wilderness, i dedicated this song “Are you lonesome tonite?” to her. The same song went to cocka too cos… after so much partying over the last two weekends i know Cocka was grounded by the visa master last Saturday. What are friends for…thinking of you guys even when i am having fun!! LOL



  1. wuching said,

    hey, i want to see the kai leh! blog on the kai!

    4f: another hum sup bak fu want to giu kai…. sigh!!

  2. Chen said,

    What a name for the pub –> Talk Cock Sing Song… LOL

    4f: that is a common phrase for merepek or fat low sou in kiasuland

  3. fantastflier said,

    hard to imagine that just one street away used to be all the old hospices and funeral homes aka Sey Yan Kai…..
    wahhhh now u oso know Cocka kena grounded terror u…

    4f: i didnt know about the next street. aiyah cocka & i r thoong toh choong yan mah!!

  4. angel said,

    waaa! yeah! cocka grounded u oso tau?? really hou heng dai! *LOL*

    4f: ya & he will tell you his lack of activity was due to his computer crashing  🙂

    this Keong Saik Rd reminds me of Penang… hor, Dr. Chen? Neh… the roads near the jetty wan… sei… dun remember the name jor…

    4f: wah! u & dr chen went to giu kai in penang hah?

    whatever.com.sg looks interesting!

    4f: some yoga for u too?

    Uik, u din go for the Sheila Majid’s concert?

    4f: nope, got hauled by brudders to the karaoke session

    And yes, thank q for the dedications! How kind of u to think of us when u were having FUN! 😛

    4f: i wish the thought count since i could not serenade you guys on site…. and hope the songs dedication enhance the night for you guys!!

  5. ian said,

    Haha… ‘TALK COCK SING SONG’ very catchy indeed!

    4f: hei when r u coming back to ipoh… we can talk cock sing song at stress relief near excelsior!!

  6. Cocka Doodle said,

    Next Time I come down to Kiasuland, I want you to take me to TALK COCK SING SONG. Let’s rope in MS also. hehehe

    4f: no prob and the authentic Kolo Mee that you have been craving. there is one nearby in Chinatown.

    Ian….the so-called stress relief near Excelsior is next to Sam Tet school is it??

    4f: can i answer that? it is near Sam Tet but not exactly walking distance.
    Are you referring to Robin hotel ah?? LOL

    4f: Robin Hotel is Ipoh one-hotel red light district. That, my fren, is behind Sam Tet. Stress Relief is the joint name but not related to Robin Hotel.

  7. Simple American said,

    It is really a pretty looking street. Of course everything is clean in Singapore so what else should I expect.

    4f: that is what some of my friends remarks when i bring them on a tour of Geylang, “so clean and brightly lit”. Well, when you are in town, i will bring you to see other sites of “Uniquely Singapore”, our current tourism promotion tagline!

    I never been to a red light district before. *rolls eyes* *dodges lightning*


    4f: On… next time when you are in town, we go happy hour at “Talk Cock Sing Song“, ok?

  8. ian said,

    See Fei & Cocka,

    JOM let’s go when I go back end of this year! Hahaha! Near Excelsor ah? I dunno where these places are hidden in. But I heard ppl going on and on about ‘Ocean Belakang’ when I was in high school.

    Robin Hotel is near Sam Tet school, my old school, that is. Bring back memories everytime I walk to the bus stop in Kamdar from school. I didn’t see any hookers back then, or maybe I didn’t know how they were. Haha!

    4f: we have a date har, end of this year? cocka, r u coming?

  9. may said,

    I actually like the look of that Brother No. 28. not ‘cos it’s a brother lah, but the red lanterns give it character!

    4f: ya… all kai chung also got character… strange observation but a refreshing one!! 🙂

  10. LM said,

    aiyoh! I don’t even dare to be seen near these places! but have no qualms visiting King’s Cross in Sydney. 🙂

    4f: let seefei buy you dinner in keong saik next time when cocka come visiting again.

  11. Robin said,

    Sat? I was there too at abt 9.30 for late dinner.

    Same zi cha, did u eat their special Har Lok… giant prawns that everyone else like (hehe, I also like to smell)

    4f: 9.30? left already. we didnt order Har Lok but will try next time since you recommend it

  12. me said,

    for a moment there, i thought you were bringing us along in your kiu kai expeditions. strange fellow, blogging about his whoring experience. but then you quickly came up with a good excuse by telling us and concentrated solely on what you did after the kiu kai experience. good try misleading us. so, the lady in red was sulking because you didn’t tip her huh? *quickly runs away, looking back for any flying things* btw, your hits are going to go up again with key words like kiu kai, red light, brothel. kakaka.

    4f: niamah! *one heat seeking flying slipper flying toward kaypo lenglui* TENKIU for adding to the keyword count hahaha…

  13. carcar said,

    talk cock sing song… PLAY MAHJONG! is the complete one! hahaa..

    hey keong saik near my work place. walking distance! but not in the red light district ok, is near police cantonment ok! hahahaha…

    4f: when next time i go happy hour at talk cock sing song with cocka will ask you along

    hey very nice photo u have here!

    4f: tenkiu2

    must check out the prawn noodle shop then 🙂

    4f: better ask me to tag along in case customer mistake lenglui like you for kai LOL

  14. zara's mama said,

    You go to these places more ler.. after your Visa also suspended.

    4f: i brought the visa master along. we actually saw a street walker and she said “lidat also can work as street walker?”. my reply “one man kai is another man kfc mah“.
    The “Whatever” sounds interesting.. like you can go there for whatever ‘preferences’ and ‘styles’ you want..

    4f: ya… can try the 69 pose 😉

    Waaaah.. song kar liao liao ah!

  15. Mick said,

    Much of Singapore’s sleaze can be found at Geylang.

    4f: you seems to know the red light district here well! actually, the real sleazy one, bugis street, is long gone.

  16. nyonyapenang said,

    so spick and span compared to our Jalan Alor in KL.

    4f: the giu kai business here is regulated, hence cant be too bad. got to take care of the squeky clean image ma…

  17. winn said,

    wow tok cock sing song and ‘watever’? HA! so cute!!

    maybe we can open up a ‘ lepak’ or ‘Tak tau.com.my’ or …wat else?

    4f: Winn, better get the lepak & tak tau registered as trade mark. Come & visit lah, will bring you to these cute places

  18. happysurfer said,

    SF, nice picture, the first one – reminds me of Imbi Road here in KL.

    4f: tenkiu2… must bring me to Imbi Road next time when i am in KL to look see look see.

    You know, your “brothels can be identified by the signature light box and big unit number of the property”probably only applies to the Sgp K culture. K = kai, lah.

    4f: yarloh…maybe govt regulation to ensure non-customers wont accidentally saunter into the kai-tau 🙂

    Anyway, I understand that in those days “kai-tau” used to light up a red light or a red lantern to denote that they are in the business. I suppose the ‘red light district’ must have come from this concept.

    4f: you are right… according to wikipedia!

    The “Whatever” shop is interesting – probably covers the KK (kiu kai) business. hehe..

    4f: 😉

  19. Mick said,

    Ha, ha, ha…! 😀 No lah. Everybody knows Geylang is Singapore’s Gomorrah. Singapore’s Sodom is in Changi Point, Changi Village :p

    4f: actually changi village is an interesting place. see whether can do a post on that

  20. Leonard said,

    oh, i never knew brothel exist in keong saik road!!

    thanks for sharing the info!

    4f: hahaha… you obviously never visit sammyboy the website 🙂

    nice photographs posted here!

    4f: tenkiu tenkiu…

  21. LM said,

    can i collect royalties? you photographed my car in the pictures.

    4f: nah 50 cents for royalties and another $1000 for accidentally scratching your car paint with my camera tripod hehehe…

  22. helen said,

    Nice place!! I love those old buildings. TOo bad the Ipoh authorities do not know how to take care of these heritage buildings. Sigh, I think it’s cool staying in these shop houses hor?

    4f: i got a lawyer friend who owns one of these buildings. He paid a cool S$4 million for it at the peak of the property boom.

    BTW, didn’t know Cocka got open Karaoke in S’pore?? ;-(

    4f: there are a lot of things a lot of ppl here dont know about cocka. buy him a beer and get the know the man lah… cocka has a very unique point of view about life and not many in our age bracket are in his league. It is really a pleasure to have him as a friend… that’s all i can say!!

  23. carcar said,

    so bad lah u, i have decent look, ppl will not mistaken me as … wat lah..


    4f: k** also got decent look one… hehehe…

  24. Kevin said,

    Really beautiful photos! It’s better than being there man!

  25. SirMarjalot said,

    Lovely report of singapore and geylang was there mongering a few years back

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