Other stuff to look out for when buying a house

August 16, 2006 at 11:15 p08 (Life and its pleasures)

Today i took half day off on company time to catch up on some networking and long overdue break from family & work. I registered for a half day seminar on the launch on the new “Code of Practice for the Design of Roof Drainage”. The talk was pretty dry and only merit a mention here because there are some tips on house buying that maybe of interest to fortunate people (outside this li’l island) & high net worth individuals here.

There was a huge outbreak of dengue fever last year and the major cause was traced to mosquitoes breeding in poorly maintained roof gutter. I don’t know how the govt agencies arrived at this cause but the statistic is quite worrying. The dengue fever cases last year was at an all time high of 14,200 as compare to 9,450 in 2004. So much so, Singapore had banned roof gutter with effect from 1 Nov 2005 and this rule applies to all new development.

So, the next time you buy a house, remember to look at the roof. If possible, choose one without roof gutter. It will save on maintenance and mozzies pesty problems.

On issues of maintenance, the advice which seems so logical & common sense, was to avoid planting tall trees or if you must, too near to your house. Otherwise it is prudent to maintain your roof gutter on a regular basis.

A lot of house owner would like their roof gutter to be hidden for aesthetic reason. Avoid at all cost this type of gutter design! Otherwise, when the gutter leaks, you will be slapped with a huge repair bill, not to mention the difficulty of maintaining such gutter on a regular basis.

Well, hope the above helps in your next house hunting trip!

Wuching, our self-proclaimed international kaypo, now you will have one more item to observe when peeping into your neighbour’s roof work 🙂



  1. zara's mama said,

    aigh.. don’t think I’ll move for another 10years.

    4f: then better look harder at your own roof. if you see a gutter there, ask hubby to take a ladder and climb up there to take a look whether got water ponding or not. if hubby not free, can ask tuyam hor!!

  2. angel said,

    Uik! New template! Nice! 🙂

    Errrmmm… u wanna be my Sugar Daddy and buy house for me?
    *blink blink blink*
    *picit-picit pipit*

    4f: ngo yau mutt yeh cheok soh sin (anything for me?) :-). btw, where you get that idea har? noti noti noti…

  3. Simple American said,

    I am thinking of some gutters. Hmmmm.

    And it was a dry lecture? Very funny. 😉

    4f: Glad you see the humour

  4. ian said,

    Yeah Nice template!

    I missed all the news in Msia. What caused the number of Dengue fever cases to skyrocket within the past two years?

    4f: i tenkiu on behalf of wordpress & the template designer 🙂

    On the outbreak of the Aedes fever, the was no official announcement as far as i am concerned. i was actually quite amused the way the National Environmental Agency here pinpoint the cause to mosquitoes breeding in roof gutter.

  5. wuching said,

    we have the same problem with blocked gutters here in australia as well but its worse here coz lots of trees shed their leaves & clog the gutters! i live in a 2 storey house so when my gutters r clogged i’m be in deep shit coz i’ll have to climb real high up!

    4f: can you do without the gutter?

  6. LM said,

    roof gutter? what is that? asked a pigeon hole dweller. 😛

    4f: one bowl of prawn noodle at keong saik road & i will tell you hahaha…

  7. me said,

    from kiu kai, he jumps to roof gutters. this guy is very well-versed and diversified leh. granted, they are both related to pipings…but today one so serious. i live in condo, the roof gutters none of my business, then how to comment ler? btw, i had to jump into a pool yesterday to avoid your heat seeking missile.

    4f: dont know how to comment? i see you are doing well with the above and by the way, the fat hot spot at the bottom of the pool were your bums? muakakakaka…

  8. angel said,

    Yat teng yao cheok sou gehhh…
    I got the idea from you 😉

    4f: yee sun seong hui or a session of deep massage? 😉

  9. Mick said,

    That’s right. Away with all these roof-gutters that trap water breed mosquitoes. When all these roof-gutters are totally banned and done away with in Singapore, the number of Dengue cases here will certainly go down 🙂

    4f: dengue fever cases has gone already gone down this year. this year there was only 2000 reported cases so far.

  10. may said,

    hmmm, something to think about! my mom taught me how to pick a home by looking at the layout — square / rectangle is best, no weird corners, looks bigger and easier to arrange furniture!

    4f: you mum is right! here are a few more tips …proximity to amenity, traffic condition, orientation of the main door, layout of the kitchen if you are a cooking person…

  11. Leonard said,

    well, i do hear about this new law being reported in the news.

    well, someone always need to be the scape-goat and a new rule always has to be passed!!!

    so you didn’t pick up any new knowledge??

    4f: good question! i good the lastest code of practice on roof drainage & met a few friends that i haven’t seen for a long time.

  12. helen said,

    Dang, too bad I do not know you 6 yrs ago. Now too late liao. The blardy tree is really getting damn tall..;-( Don’t know how to cut it down liao… I really don’t want to cut down my trees but my father is pestering me. I’m not giving in, I’ll just find ways to get rid of the fallen leaves on the roof. lol

    4f:  i know a friend whose nebor sued him for the leaves that dropped onto his nebor’s house. so, be careful of that tree.

    call the local landscape guy, they may know a tree cutter or two. this piece of advice will cost you a plate of kai lup fan at sin hup kee at leong sin nam street!!

    I just noticed your blog template. I love this one. THumbs up.

    4f: tenkiu… on the behalf of wordpress and the template designer.

  13. mother superior said,

    I like your new template. Can show how to do it. 101 lesson the next time, ok?

    4f: just use the template function provided by blogger/wordpress dashboard. email me if you have prob

  14. wuching said,


    4f: well, too bad. got to play roof climber from time to time!!

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