Tiong Bahru Pau & Snacks

August 21, 2006 at 11:15 p08 (Darn Good Food, Singapore)


Tiong Bahru Pau & Snacks… the only dimsum joint at coffee shop location selling at restaurant prices. It is located at the busy junction of Tiong Bahru Road (5 minutes from Keong Saik Road by car) and the narrow side road. The shop has no sitting arrangement, is not near any residential areas and only accessible by vehicular means unless you happen to live upstair of the shop. To get to this shop by car, you have to double park in front of the shop.

The dimsum are hand made at the back of the shop. Due to the roaring business at the shop, the dimsum are usually very fresh and steaming hot. Its pau by far is its most famous offering. It tastes so heavenly, buying Tiong Bahru Pau is the only occasion wifey allow me to commit a traffic offence without kicking up a fuss.


Tiong Bahru Pau allure knows no boundary. Even the rich and famous like this Porsche owner can’t resist the charm of Tiong Bahru Pau. Given its secluded location, impossible access and premium pricing, TBP success is a worthy case study for success in the F&B industry.

If you are in Singapore, why not give Tiong Bahru Pau a try. Any taxi driver will be able to bring you there and if you are adventurous enough you can talk a stroll, about 15 minutes, from the Outram MRT Station.



  1. LM said,

    double park? I can’t even do parallel parking leh. how

    4f: driving so koyak (bad), can take MRT… 😉

  2. carcar said,

    ok, jom mari pergi tiong bahru pau & snacks!

    is this the restaurant name? will check it out 🙂 are they operate on sunday as well? can go yum cha, hehe…

    4f: guess there is no dining in. only take away. TB Pau & Snacks is the shop name. dont think they open on Sunday and pub hols.

    there is one restaurant inside chinatown point selling good dim sum too.

    4f: ah… you are talking about the “MOUTH” restaurant!! actually around tiong bahru & chinatown there is a few good places for dimsum like yan palace, red star, mouth, crown hotels, yum char…

  3. angel said,

    Okay… but where’s the picture of the pao???

    4f: the paus look ordinary… next time when i go again will take a pic lah!!

  4. wuching said,

    u chia me lah next time i’m in singapore!

    4f: *with open arms* when?

  5. Mickell said,

    Actually u can park legally about 5 to 10 minutes’ walk away. But i guess it’s just too troublesome sometimes for people who drive. Try doing your bit to save the earth by driving less a bit. Ha, ha, ha…! 😀

    4f: the parking lots are a tad too far for the inpatient locals!!

  6. zara's mama said,

    How come no pix of the food? Aiyo.. how to convince tourist like me to go and try out?

    4f: my pix wouldnt do justice to the paus… 🙂

  7. Eileen said,

    I’m confused, i thought Tiong Bahru Pau is the one at Tiong Bahru market? No? 😉

    4f: no, Eileen… this one is just a shop next to the AYE flyover

  8. Robin said,

    Always no place to park..

    I gave up on this place.. The new Tiong Bahru market quite good wor.. and can park wor..

    4f: take-away only, why need to park? the new Tiong Bahru market? heard they havent solve the heat problem & stuffiness there

  9. Robin said,

    Do u want a cat? or do u know anyone who wants a cat,

    (except HS Cocka, who see cats as diet food.)

    4f: cant keep a cat in my apt. will do a post to publicise your cats’ plight. Let me know the shelter address so i can send some cat food over

  10. Leonard said,

    wah liew, now here recommend food also.

    4f: hahaha… seefei one-man makan sutra

    fyi, that small road is my fav route for a turn to Outram Road!!!

    no need illegal park there lar, although many still did it thus blocking my view when i doing a U-turn, Damn.

    can always buy freshly made tiong bahru pau at new Tiong Bahru Hawker Centre or even Jurong East St21 market, lots of parking there.

    4f: tis place the most convenient, next to a busy main road

    more and more readers here…envy!

    4f: ya… b4 long i will put up banner ad here!!

  11. Simple American said,

    I loves dim sum. Had some this weekend. Betting yours is better. Though I’m good with mine. 🙂

    4f: dim sum all good same same, u know? me will happy one if american dim sum got picture shows!!

  12. fantastflier said,

    that one your porsche say so lah..no need to beat around the bush 😛

    4f: nothing escapes you hawk’s eyes! 4D inspiration for the weekend?

  13. mother superior said,

    I’m no number freak, but the car number struck me. SP 1234. Hmmm… no wonder you said 4D inspiration. Count me out.

    4f: oklah… one big one small this week. strike give you 10%, ok?

    I’m in love with TB paus. The more char siew, the better.

    4f: i love paus also, the bigger the better… i mean the char siew! 🙂

  14. LM said,

    munched on a char siew pow. pat pat stomach. eh, got any massage studio nearby or not? make it one-stop shop.

    4f: got… 5 min by car at great world city

  15. may said,

    hmmm… can you courier some over by any chance? DHL?

    4f: cheaper for me to buy an air ticket here. let me call airasia 🙂

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