Happy Bird-Day, Cocka!!

August 22, 2006 at 11:15 p08 (Red & White Matters)


My friend, Cocka is celebrating his 60s birthday soon and i had a problem thinking of the right present for him. After raiding his blog archive, i found that he has serious problem with his focus and framing skill with his current camera. Just take a look at the “feetless and headless” shots above taken by the man. It is time i get him an idiot-proof infrared camera that can “see” in the dark.

After combing Chinatown last weekend i found the right camera that suits his incompetency needs and my modest budget. It is a Sony and hope you like it!

The Sony camera is supposed to be idiot-proof and I took a sample photograph with my eyes closed just for a try out. Hei! the end product i would  say, is quite excellent. See for yourself at the end of this post

… for good measure a guide is also included for him.

Happy Birthday, COCKA!


The reasons for the lack of sharpness in your digital photos can be attributed to one or more of the following reasons:

  • Camera movement.
  • Lack of proper focus.
  • Using a “soft” camera setting

Camera movement (or camera shake) usually comes from hand-holding your camera while using a slow shutter speed. To minimize camera movement while using slow shutter speeds of 1/25th of a second or lower you should use a tripod. If you don’t have a tripod with you, try placing the camera on a flat surface and using the camera’s self timer (obviously, this works best when there is not much movement in the scene). Sometimes, if the lighting conditions are marginal where your shutter speed is right at 1/25th of a second, if you have a very steady hand, you can try holding your breath briefly as you snap the shutter. You can also try manually increasing the shutter speed at the expense of using a wider aperture (lower f-stop). Generally, a higher shutter speed decreases the effect of camera movement, but the lower f-stop decreases the depth of field and requires more careful focusing.

Lack of proper focus is another cause for lack of sharp photographs. Fortunately, most digital cameras today comes with autofocus capabilities. In a few fixed lens cameras and in almost any digital SLR, the autofocus can be disabled allowing you to focus the lens manually. Greater care must be exercised to make sure the object that you wish to be the center of attention in the photo is sharply focused.In more inexpensive cameras, the only focus adjustment may be a normal and macro mode. The normal mode is usually represented by a mountain icon and the macro mode is usually represented by a flower icon. If your camera only supports these two modes, make sure it is in the proper mode before you snap the shutter to achieve the sharpest photos.

Poor lighting conditions may cause your photos to lack definition and contrast. You may notice that even when you use a tripod and with your camera handling the autofocus, your photographs may not appear as sharp as you might wish. This is especially true for available light photographs where you do not wish to use a flash. The fault for this lies not with your camera but with the scene itself. In cases like this, try increasing the available light shining directly on the subject. This can improve the photograph by allowing the edges to be more sharply defined against the background.

In camera sharpening can also affect the sharpness of an image. Some higher end cameras offer a sharpness adjustment that usually ranges from +2 or +3 to -2 or -3 with zero in the center. Increasing the sharpness can give you crisper looking images, and decreasing it will give a more “soft focus” effect. Some photographers like to use a soft-focus effect when taking potraits, especially of women, because it tends to smooth out the appearance of the skin. Increasing the sharpness will not compensate for camera shake or lack of proper focus. Many photographers choose to leave the sharpness setting at zero and perform any sharpening in the post-processing stage.

Hope you will take many pictures of the girls when you party & post it in your blog for our enjoyment!

Many happy return of the day!!



  1. angel said,

    waa! so fast wan u! so kancheong neh…
    *sends early burpday flying kisses to JayBee*

  2. angel said,

    u mean yr camera can take pictures like the green karer wan???
    *makes mental note to remember to cover own ahem-ahem when feikor takes pictures* 😛

  3. wuching said,

    cocka 60! most happiest birday to him indeed!

  4. zara's mama said,

    60th meh? I thought 70th? His moustache turning gray, and his hands are shaking woh.. when holding on to the camera.

    Happy 70th Birthday to Cocka!

  5. carcar said,

    when is unker cocka birthday ah?

    anyway, wish him an advance birthday wish lah, many happy returns of the day, many leng lui returns of the day too! wakakakaka!

    hey thanks for the tips, will browse again later, hehe, too long…

  6. may said,

    *rubs eyes*… cocka… 60? hmm, pretty good age to become a sugar daddy… LOL!

  7. Chen said,

    happy birthday, unker coca cola 😛
    (so woh to change your name cocka to coca..)

    4f: Coca without the K…ukujiao… Doc, you had literally castrated him muahahaha

  8. Simple American said,

    Happy Birthday to Cocka. Hey get that camera. If it takes pics like that it is wonderful device. Though Winn and Poison may Jap slap you.

    4f: Winn & Poison Jap slap cocka… ? hei Cocka! there is a S&M session waiting for you man!!

  9. Robin said,

    Wah… My birthday next month…

    u want cats? Does Cocka wants cats?

    Does anyone wants cats? No I am not desparate..

    4f: i want pussies…

  10. Robin said,

    Happy Bird-Day Cocka…

    (Oops, I almost forgot)

    4f: tenkiu2… on Cocka behalf. psstt… any present?

  11. Mickell said,

    Wah! Looks like an expensive camera. How much did you pay for it? S$2,000? 😀

    4f: less than that without the lens. depend on the type of lens it will be more than $2,000.

  12. Robin said,

    I have linked this post to my blog..

    hope you dun mind.

    4f: got cheok soh or not? (anything for me?)

  13. titoki said,

    He’s going to be a very happy man indeed!!! Muahahahaha. ;p

    Happy Birthday Uncle Cock!!!

    4f: provided you dont become the model of his photograph… heard he is not a fan of lychee LOL

  14. fantastflier said,

    Its not the camera, its the man shaking with excitement at seeing the girls thats why so many pics kena chop….:P

    4f: i think it is more the girls jumping up & down, too excited ooogling at cocka’s birdie…

  15. Leonard said,

    wah, very knowledge of photo-taking ya, will learn a few tips from you.

    i just set it once and used the same setting forever since, lazy to change and explore.

    where u buy the camera for 60’s cocka, can lend me a day to play in my workplace, sure a fruitful day for me…

    wish happi birdae to cocka for me!!

    4f: hei your workplace got no chiobu lah. got to go to the next block hehehe…. take some of the biaomeis & the local sarong party girls hor 😉

  16. nyonyapenang said,

    never met Cocka but seen some of his misai pics only. got 60 yrs old meh? Anyway, here’s wishing Cocka, selamat hari jadi.

  17. Cocka Doodle said,

    Niasing Shit Fly! (See fei in cantonese) I got so 9 old meh?
    I’m only 25 yrs in my heart leh.
    Thanks for the infrared camera. I’m sure gonna have loads of fun with it.

    And thanks you all for the greetings too. Please don’t send money or presents. Donate them to Robin for the upkeep of those cats, yeah!


  18. plink said,


    Happy Bird-Day to Unker Cocka!

    Aiyak, Chen so fast, I was going to ask Unker whether got Cocka Ckola at his birthday party or not…. 😛

  19. helen said,

    See fei you broke my heart because you broken the myth liao! I always thot hamsap cocka is 35???? Niamah, told u should’ve gotten him the strip of Viagra!

  20. Mickell said,

    Ha, ha, ha…! 😀 I also thot Dr Cocka looked like late 40s or early 50s at the most :p

  21. Cocka Doodle said,

    Oi! It’s 2 scores and 4 lah! What late 40s 50s huh??

    Ok ok applications are open to eligible piaomeis to be my god daughters. (After receiving the strip of Viagra from Helen)

  22. Winn said,

    wah liuuuuuu…………..
    wa punya pix sana sini,
    macam mana aku face dunia ini,
    Haiz,poor thing aku ini,
    tak apala so long cocka happie..

    4f: don’t worry, guarantee u will make playboy centrefold with cocka new infra red camera!!

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