My high-maintenance PDA

August 27, 2006 at 11:15 p08 (General Chatter)

What kind of elephant that can fit into a drawer and cost S$500 in 2003?

 a white elephant muahahahah…sob sob sob…

that’s my ACER PDA N10 that i blew S$500 on and now residing in my office drawer…Not totally a lost investment though, as i occasionally take it out and use it as a paper weight.


Well, the excitement of owning one of these high tech gizmos worn off the moment i opened the box. The feeling is not unlike the moment i got my pet hamster… there was so much work to do to maintain the animal the initial enjoyment quickly turned into the much familiar feeling of responsibility and commitment.

I needed to constantly keep the PDA charged up, even when it was not in use so that the memory could retain its content. Maybe this problem had been solved, i am really not sure. To get organised i needed to input all my schedules into the PDA. To do that i, either got to learn to “write” using the stylus or tapping on the tiny keyboard on the screen. I have patience for neither… and all this for what? So i can answer my mobile, turn on my PDA and let my golf kaki know when i am available for golf next week while at the same time trying to overtake that road hogger in front of me? No thank you!

Well, it is not that i am not an organised person but nowadays, i like to do my organisation on my office desktop Microsoft Outlook. I can sync it with my email, calendar, contact and tasks all at once. I am not an extremely busy person, so i dont need to carry my organiser around in a PDA. If need to, my cell phone software can take care of that. The PDA was an impulse buy with the justification of convenience and i suspect a bit of herd instinct as everyone was carrying one in those days.

With wi-fi, PDA cell phone and more frequent travelling, maybe it is time i re-look that PDA again. Hopefully, one that runs on Microsoft, doubles as phone & music player and lower my golf handicap… before i forget, remembers birthdays too!!

This post is inspired by Angel latest quest for a PDA



  1. wuching said,

    gimme lah if u birday koming soon!

    4f: your office dont have paper weight meh?

  2. LM said,

    heng i never got those highend phone cum pda cum dunno wat. just a simple low end palm Z22. not the best thing too, cos my pockets look very weighed down by pda, carkeys, tissue, coin pouch, and wallet at the backpocket!

    luckily me no gizmos chaser! I can still be very happy writing down appointments in a traditional organiser!

    4f: aiyah! no wonder sim wong hoo never make it to the top of the singapore forbes list. you never support creative tech muahahaha…

  3. mistipurple said,

    sim lim got sell decoder or not? 😛

    4f: tenkiu for dropping by and leave a comment. must quick2 give me the code, otherwise i am lost in your private diaries. u know sim lim also ah? must be stranded on li’l dot like crusoe here!!

  4. angel said,

    feikor, pssst pssst… i dun mind the white elephant, u know… 😀

    ei, your elephant looks quite nice and stylo wor…

    4f: ok will check whether de gajah can still power up or not.  i thought gajah all looks the same, NO?

  5. may said,

    I have a PDA too, not that I use it very very often but just to keep some basic data and appointments. not used to its full capacity for sure. hmmm, sometimes I wonder if I needed one at all!

    4f: May, liddat we can form a club of PDA owners! Can rent out our PDA for ppl to try2 see whether they like to own it permanently or not! Angel, Wuching & FF can be our first batch of customers! LOL

  6. fantastflier said,

    psssttt ..over here..if u no use I can use ..

    4f: FF, get in the Q :-p

  7. wuching said,

    got! but ur paperweigh looks so much nicer! byw, u gonna be in singapore between 10th jan till 16th jan? here’s ur chance to chia me chilli crabs!

    4f: wat a surprise! wuching is coming to li’l dot! i will be in baring any unforeseen circumstances. can tar pau some walrus balls when you come over? 🙂

  8. me said,

    ya, agree. i got meself one of those pda cum phone and it hangs so often, it’s just not worth the hassle. then there was that stupid organiser thingy that i have to hook on to the power 24hrs cos i can’t afford to lose the data. stuuuuupid. yah, yah, can back up the data but it’s such a hassle to reload. the thing just suddenly became so immobile, could have used the computer instead. gadgets!

    4f: hahaha i can see your PDA is a like a solution chasing a problem. anyway there is a ready second-hand market here if you are thinking of offloading it!!

  9. ian said,

    more often than not, we invest poorly on gadgets of sophisication and aesthetic at the expense of efficiency and simplicity. I am sticking to a leather bound organiser right now and it is even not making my life any more convenient! I guess I’ll have to hire a secretary/ personal assistant next time… Hahaha…

    4f: you are a gentleman and die hard traditionalist. would love to see your leather black book… psst, got juicy secret or not?

  10. helen said,

    Hey, wanna sell it as part charity to poor Ipoh C9?? lol

    4f: et tu Helen?

  11. Mickell said,

    Perhaps you need a PDA that comes with a QWERTY keyboard. Ha, ha, ha…! 😀 Such palmtops and laptop notebooks are good for showing off to others when you’re traveling either on the bus or on the train. But since you drive, there are no such avenues for you show off your hi-tech gizmo(s) to 🙂

    4f: mike, right on the nail! the only gizmo i want with together with the car is a dvd player

  12. Cocka Doodle said,

    Your eyes ‘old flower’ ledi can see those small writings meh?

    4f: where got low fah… at least i can see through your humsupness

  13. zara's mama said,

    Aaah.. the passion has fizzled huh?
    I never owned one of these.. oh well, I did once.. won a palmtop from lucky draw, and really, I’d nvr used it.. too troublesome to be maintaining so many DB.. prefer to use pen and paper.

  14. nyonyapenang said,

    ‘old flower’ eyes here. oso no patience to poke and poke and always poke wrong key summore!
    pen and paper, anytime!

  15. Leonard said,

    thats the problem of entering the organiser, very tedious, synch with pc’s outlook also lazy..

    sigh, anyway, i wanted the multimedia feature of a PDA phone, thats why i bought one, but so far hardly really ultilise the full feature..

    at least its always in my pocket and not use as paper weight~!

    4f: that is a smart choice… at least you can make call with it hahaha…

    btw, does your hp software hang…often? i tot of getting ONE myself too!

  16. happysurfer said,

    An upmarket paper-weight.

    4f: more high-tech than upmarket LOL

  17. fantastflier said,

    *jumps queque*

    4f: noti boy…*spanking FF backside*  get back into Q…

  18. Mickell said,

    Perhaps you need a PDA that comes with a QWERTY keyboard. Ha, ha, ha…! 😀 Such palmtops and laptop notebooks are good for showing off to others when you’re traveling either on the bus or on the train. But since you drive, there are no such avenues for you show off your hi-tech gizmo(s) 🙂

    4f: Mike, right on the nail! The only gizmo i want together with the car is a DVD player.

    How to watch DVDs and drive at the same time? You mean you have chameleon eyes that are capable of moving independently of each other? Left eye on the LCD screen and right eye on the roads? Ha, ha, ha…! 😀 Just kidding 🙂

    4f: not watch DVD lah… KARAOKE!! Actually the dvd is more for the back seaters…

  19. Robin said,

    aiyo, I also have one.

    Mine is HP..

    4f: tell me about it….

  20. mistipurple said,

    am stranded/baked/steamed on li’l dot. heh.

    4f: kesian…. 😦

  21. angel said,

    Dear feikor,…
    Do cum to my blog
    But dun get a shock
    Becos you’ve been tagged
    To do a Random 6 Facts.

    4f: ngo toh yau fun har?!!

    *quickly run to over to heaven to hear angel talk!*

  22. Immomsdaughter said,

    I hate PDA, don’t understand why it’s linked to d words “Tech & Convenience”. Prefer desktop to laptop too.

    4f: tenkiu for dropping by!

    “Tech & Conv”? more like tagline used by marketing ppl 🙂

  23. Simple American said,

    I’m liking my PDA. But it is a pain in the butt to enter anything. I need to learn how to write in the stylus lingo.

    4f: read your entry on the PDA. it is really a useful tool if you can get over the data input part and have a certain busy life that need to be organised 🙂

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