Eye Balls Everywhere

August 30, 2006 at 11:15 p08 (General Chatter)

sunset over the brandenburg gate 😉, originally uploaded by mivella.

Blogger block….

Nothing worthy to blog
Counter running like clock
Thank you frens for your support
Blogger block is Pipit’s prob

Bolehland bloggers….Happy National Day 31 August 2006!

Merdeka mengjara di hari Khamis (National day is falling on Thursday)
Hati duka kerana tak ada cuti (Feel sad cos there’s no holiday here)
Harap kawan di Semenanjung ni (Hope my frens from the peninsular)
Lepas cuti sila datang lagi! (After holiday please visit again)



  1. LM said,

    seems like you were/are from bolehland too.

    4f: boleh boleh…

  2. velverse said,

    Hehe… MERDEKA!!! MERDEKA!!! MERDEKA!!!!!!


    Orang merdeka gua duka

    makan minum tak ada selera

    Harap hari cuti cepat berlalu

    Supaya blogger di samping ku selalu!

  3. angel said,

    oi! wat u mean blogger’s block? i baru gave u an assignment wat… apalah… faster do… i’ll be cumming to check soon… even on Merdeka’s Day… so dun think u can run away! 😛

    4f: it is a simple tag but being a cheung hei, lor sor and chap cheok low, it is tougher than you think 🙂

    can u believe that i’m still at work now??? stupid area here blackout from 12pm till 7pm! f**k TNB i tell u… *cursing*

    4f: power outage not ur fault wat… pack up and go lah… still got friday

  4. plink said,

    Happy Merdeka!

    4f: sama sama 🙂

  5. Robin said,

    word of mouse?

    4f: MEOW coming up!!

  6. Mickell said,

    You can certainly write a poem that rhymes! 😀 Keep up the good work 🙂

    4f: tenkiu2…

  7. spinnee said,

    that contact lens is nice. but i dun like green eyes.

    i prefer violet 😛

    4f: tenkiu for dropping by and leaving a comment. it is a pity we didnt get to meet up on leonard’s last outing.

  8. ian said,

    Ahahaha… SF, I accompany you no holiday lah… I still visit you as usual… kekekeke!

    4f: tenkiu2… very moh tak ting!! no more story on the chinese girl ha?

  9. wuching said,

    happy merdekaing! i can see contact lens in that eyeball!

    4f: you can see another figure in the eyeball if you look carefully. it is quite eerie!!

  10. Leonard said,

    was over boleh land last sat and see so many flags, wonder when the actual national day, so its today!!

    i think boleh ppl love their country more, judging from the flag on the vehicles driving around unlike here all are taxis which are no choice to put.

    however dun see too much flags on flats, at least they have a choice, just like me!!!

    Happy Merdeka!

    4f: i dont know about boleh ppl love for their country but i am very surprise by the outpouring of emotion and malay poems over the last few days running up to merdeka. dont see that over li’l dot except the write up by M. Superior on NDP visit and your visit to see firework!

  11. nyonyapenang said,

    **pump, pump, pump** (put down the plmber’s cup)
    Ok, kau tim, no more block ledi. 🙂

    4f: wah! so good hah! u r the supporter of the month for august 2006!!

    Selamat Hari Kebangsaan!!

  12. may said,

    blogger’s block? oooh… I get that quite often these days. my post pauses are getting longer and longer… hope you get your groove back! happy merdeka to you!

    4f:  get nonyapenang to fix u up! she is quite good at clearing block! hahaha…

     actually it is not the lack of stuff to write but more the time factor 🙂

  13. me said,

    die die lor. i got comment block. how?

    4f: no need to comment. i will settle for a flying kiss *wink wink*

  14. MLNS said,

    Hmmm…sounds familiar. Sometimes wanna bs oso no quality hor? Hope the holidays will get you back on your feet 🙂

    4f: tenkiu for your well wishes.

  15. fantastflier said,

    I no feel for the holiday here *shrugs*

    4f: blog surf like this also can bring out the mood mah!!

  16. zara's mama said,

    Wah.. whose eye is that? Can see the contact lense so clearly..

    How come got bloggers’ block?

    4f: the eye is from flickr. fantastic photography isn’t it? got block cos got no cute & smart KID to blog about mah!!

  17. titoki said,

    Bloggers block?!

    Go visit Dr Cocka, he got lotsa porns there and they might give you ‘inspiration’!!! ;p

    4f: are you serious? Cocka is using porn to cover up his HUGE blogger block. didnt know you are inspired by him. You must be his student…

  18. happysurfer said,

    SF, not bad lei – blogger block evolving to blog-rap.

    4f: tenkiu… i like your perspective!

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