My 6 random facts

September 2, 2006 at 11:15 p09 (Tag)

Il Lago di Tovel, originally uploaded by joepomata.

1. i like photography and was a member of my school photography club. still saving up to buy that digital SLR camera…
2. i like cats and i am going to support Robin tomorrow (SUNDAY) at Singapore Expo Hall 1b.
3. i like to procrastinate and i will finish the other half of the tag by tomorrow 🙂
4. KIV
5. KIV
6. KIV

i am back!                                                                                                                4. i believe in fate… two out of three major predictions so far had come through, namely i would marry in my 40s and earned my living in a foreign land.

5. i am a movie buff, hold a personal best record of 52 movies watched in a year when i was in my teen. here are some of my 2 cents worth on some of the movies i had watched this year…mi3, fd3, xm3. i sincerely think the new James Bond of the yet to be shown “Casino Royale” SUCKS and why Stephen Chow should be the saviour for this old and tired formula.  why?

6. I am a bookworm and currently a member of the National Library and Singapore Institue of Management library. Read about my girl gazing days in Ipoh Tun Razak Librabry here. Spencer Johnson, MD (Who Moved My Chinese?), Anthony Robbins (Power of Goal Setting) and Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad, Poor Dad) are three authors that i drew a lot for my daily and business motivation needs. Want to know about my mission statement? enter here.

Hei! i am not done yet. Here  is the final installment 🙂


Angel liu liu… thank you for tagging me! This tag is good & the benefits are…

1. after doing this tag, i know a little bit more about myself., or rather a renew perspective of myself. eg Helen comment was spot on, i really dont have time for readings nowadays. that’s why stop reading novel and stick to self-enrichment & management which i dont have to read from cover to cover.

2. i get to know more about Pipit’s guests and visitors. eg. nonyapenang is a fellow bookworm, spinnee & serendipity are into photography, velverse is also a movie buff and gonna be my movie buddy when i am in KL etc

3. allow me an opportunity to recycle some previous posts to Pipit’s new guests and visitors. for those who have read them before, please bear with me hor!

My Tag List….

These are all kakis from my “Satay Meehoon” folder. My other folder is the “Rojak Gang” whose members had been tagged left and right and probably still reeling from an overdose of “6 random facts” hahaha… Except Spinnee, whom i had been followiing silently for some times, the rest are the regular receivers of  my 2 cents worth. Guys, over to you! Mickell, Leonard, Mother Superior, Spinnee, Las Montanas

…with this i declare this meme “CLOSE”!!





  1. angel said,

    oi! aparrah?? like dis oso can??? *LOL*

    nice pic!
    ohhh… u like pussies… 😛

    bila di kayelle, jangan lupa contact saya
    kita keluar makan minum bersukaria
    bersama pembelog lain di malaysia
    termasuk pembelog hamsap, abang cocka 😉

    4f: must come back! dont forget to read 4, 5 and 6!

    bila diKL, saya mesti sedaya upaya

    mencari dinda makan papaya

    dengan cocka bersama-sama

    seandai saudari gembira sahaja!!

  2. Simple American said,

    No fair. Leaving your readers hanging. What other random thoughts could you have? 😉

    4f: tenkiu for your patience. come back tomorrow and i promise will give you a big GONG (pincer) when we do chilli crab with mother superior, ok?

  3. mistipurple said,

    lol! you got style man! next time i oso do like this. and then procrastinate until all neber finis.

    4f: liddat also got style meh? tenkiu for your compliment and dont forget to come back tomorrow hor!! promise to write more and in more stylo manner.

  4. may said,

    eh, random facts where can KIV wan?!! aiseh, laidet then I shall put all of my 6 facts as TBA!! wakakakakaka!

    4f: tenkiu for your patience, pls come back tmrw!

  5. HB said,

    What does Burung Pipit means? What language is that?

    4f: it is sparrow in malay. you owe me one kopi-ping for that malay lesson 🙂

  6. Leonard said,

    simi big project by robin??

    4f: Hei! it is the Hill’s Cats Championship Show 2006 at Singapore Expo Hall 1b

    anyway, will wait for u to finish the tag

    4f: tenkiu for your patience

  7. wuching said,

    apa ini? no finish meme wei!

    4f: tenkiu for your patience! come back tmrw ok?

  8. titoki said,

    This shit fly so gan one. Can KIV one meh?! Now I feel short-changed. Stoopid me-me.

    4f: i learned from a double degree $6 million Prof Titoki 🙂

  9. nyonyapenang said,

    don’t read much. This one new from Spencer Jonhson MD – Who Moved my CHINESE?

    4f: sharp observation! i found another book worm!

  10. LM said,

    ah good… i came late, and I have the procrastinated (and completed) work.

    4f: you still miss the last installment!! and i tagged you for the same post

  11. ian said,

    eheheheheh.. you’ve made mission statements too…

    4f: guiding principle is more like it. mission stmt is juz biz term for it!! how do u like mine?

  12. carcar said,

    girl gazing in the library ah? come come come! come to SIM and i will be there most of the time. haaaa….

    4f: saw u many times there but dare not disturb you cos you are always surrounded by guys

    aiyoh if i know u and robin were in expo i shall go down to kay poh kay poh…

    4f: give me your number. will text you when got other equally kay poh activities in the pipeline

  13. fantastflier said,

    I had my doubts but I like the new Bond, very much like the one in the original books, go read them if you can, bookworm 😀

    4f: bookworm in pupa stage… digesting knowledge learned in the last 10 years. yet to read a bond book, much prefer the movies! 🙂

  14. Mickell said,

    Yeah. Daniel Craig stinks compared to Stephen Chow. Stephen Chow rocks! 😀

    4f: u dont like DC too hah? too bad SC only do comedies….

  15. Mickell said,

    Ay? I thought u already bought a DSLR for Mr Cocka. How come you yourself don’t have one? You waiting for him to reciprocate your kindness and generosity? 🙂

    4f: Actually i am looking at a Panasonic Lumix FZ30 fixed len camera. i like it 12x zoom, high res 8 megapix and image stabilser. it was selling at S$799 with 2 pieces of 1 Gb memory card. Didnt have my colour (black) so didnt buy.

  16. spinnee said,

    I like photography too, but i never got to sit down and really do something about it.

    too busy with improving my music skills instead. =|

    4f: i like your focus and dedication to your hobby.. SO, when your band performing? Please let us know so we can support and blog about IT!

  17. velverse said,

    oooo.. 52 movies. that is so the cool man.. I wonder how many movies I watch a year. I think I gotta start counting.

    4f: deh… those days NO msn, yahoo, email lah! movies or tv (imagine no cable, only rtm 1 & 2) only way to relax

    I am a movie maniac myself. Hehe… I think we both think alike.. I think the new James Bond movie will disappoint me! 😦 Hope I am wrong tho.

    4f: GOOD! got myself a guide to show me the best cinema experience when i visit KL muahaha… ditto when you are in lil dot, ok?

  18. serendipity said,

    i like your blog!!!

    can you advise me on what canon digicam is cheap and good?

    4f: aiyoh with such compliment die2 must find out for you…. let me google “best canon digicam in price & performance” 🙂

  19. helen said,

    You still find time to read amidst all these bloggings?? (& blog readings cum commenting?)

    I miss my read. I don’t have time to do serious read nowadays.. tabloid maybe lar!! lol

    4f: actually hor… havent read a book from cover to cover for a long time. hence, i only stick mgt & self-enrichment books which i can juz zoom in onto chapter that i am interested in 

  20. angel said,

    yoohoo! hullo! i’m back to read 4, 5, 6 😀
    thanks for doing the tag!

    4f: aiyoh, surprise to see you. tenkiu for dropping by hor. i like this tag and the pleasure is all mine!! 🙂

  21. me said,

    why no one else ask keh? what is the third major prediction?

    4f: i would die by drowning before my 21st birthday

  22. zara's mama said,

    DLSR need to saved up to buy meh? Aisay.. so cheap if you convert into S$.

    Didn’t know you like to read.. see.. now we know better. 😛

    4f: dSLR come with body and lense. body about $1400, and with the lense, a dSLR will easily set me back by $2000. et tu Zara’s mama? Welcome to the book worm club!!

  23. velverse said,

    hehehe… I understand. For me.. until now I still have no cable TV. SO yeah.. still stick to rtm 1 & 2, TV3, 8tv

    4f: aiyoh, how come? will get the astro marketing dept to give you a call. give me your mobile please! 🙂

    Hehe… sure sure… movies movies movies.. yeay.. I love movies.

    4f: have a little assignment for you. what is good and showing in KL in two weeks time?

  24. spinnee said,

    dang, i’m tagged. now i hv to think what to write. kekeke

    4f: my service as a ghost writer is available for a small fee LOL

  25. Eileen said,

    I don’t like to watch movies. From our ‘pak tor’ days till now (close to 10 years), hubs and i only watch a total of like..3 or 4 movies… 😉

  26. Robin said,

    Not bad, 5 kittens adopted.

    145 more to go.. any takers?

  27. Leonard said,

    wah rao, i was tagged too… wait when i crack my brains first what to write!!

    btw, i like photography too… whereas i eyeing the canon S3 which i mention in my latest post. its 12x optical zoom plus black by default!!! it’s so much chio-er than the pana Z50 but i like the Z50 manual focusing!

    didnt buy in the end, cos not spare $$, dun wan be in the red and also already hv a95 which can tahan jus lack of features of S3 which i drool!!! damn!

  28. Simple American said,

    Finally. I been on pins and needles. hehe

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