The story of Ah Pek, Handsome & Robin

September 2, 2006 at 11:15 p09 (News & Comments, Singapore)

This is the story of two cats, Ah Pek (not the blogger) and Handsome that lives at the ground floor of my apartment…and the heroic act of cat lover Robin “Hood” Chan and his gang of happy volunteers.

Ah Pek being the older of the two is the grey fella on the right and Handsome, like most youngsters, he likes his hair blonde & highlighted….

                                                                             Ah Pek & Handsome relaxing with some babes from the neighbourhood…

Ah Pek & Handsome are two lovely cuties… They brought much joy to me with their meowing in the morning when i leave for work and in the evening when i finish my day. These two fellas always greet me at the lift lobby even though i have no food to offer them. Patting their fur after a hard day work has this feel “GOOD” feeling that is both therapeutic and relaxing. On many occasions these two fellas hide below my car in the public carpark in the morning. Maybe it is the warm of the engine from the night before that give them comfort from the cold night. It has become a habit to look under the car on mornings when when i dont see them at the lift lobby… just in case.

Ah Pek & Handsome are our community cats. What is community cats, you may ask?

These are cats that roam freely in the neighbourhood but they are not stray. Like Ah Pek & Handsome, their home is the empty space called void deck below our apartment where we live. As 80% of people on this little dot live in public flats that prohibit cat keeping, cat lovers among this majority of the population only option is to keep them at the void deck.

                                                                             As a community cat, Ah Pek’s left ear was clipped too

Community cats can be recognised by their clipped ears. The community cats are usually neutered. I dont know how this come about but i suspect this is a compromise that some cat lovers societies had with the power to be for leaving the community cats alone.

Ah Pek is old and blind in one eye. He was taken away twice by the town council people for mercy killing because of his physical condition. On both occasions, Ah Pek was rescued from the executioner jab by his care taker. However, the recent news of Yio Chu Kang town council of culling ALL the community cats in their neighbourhoods is very unsettling for cat lovers of this little island. This is an act that is both mindless and cruel. There was a petition online to stop this barbaric act and i hope people out there will lend your support to these harmless “voiceless” creatures. Will activate the petition link HERE when i find it.

This is bad news for Ah Pek & Handsome people. What kind of hideous crime that the like of Ah Pek & Handsome had committed that they must be wiped out totally and entirely? Their only “crime” if you can call it one, is that they are mistaken by some goondus for the SARS bearing civets (which are from the RAT family, according to Robin). During the peak of the SARS period, the Ah Peks & Handsomes of these islands were killed at a rate of 200 per day and thanks to Robin group of volunteers, some lucky one were rescued. 150 of them to be exact. You can “adopt” one by dropping by Robin’s blog.

Come and join us at the MEOW (MEOW Encourage Owners Workgroup)….here. If cat patting is not your cup of tea, at least drop by to say ‘hello’ to the like of Cocka, Mother Superior , Leonard and other beautiful people here.

Latest update 2 Sept: According to Robin, the petition is a success and the culling had been called off.



  1. angel said,

    i dun mind petting pussies.
    the petition, will it really help?
    Poor ah pek…

    4f: i also dont mind petting pussies hehehe… the petition was a success. sorry for my misinfo. Ah Pek is safe for the moment.

  2. plink said,

    AhPek looks like the old wira perang that tells schoolchildren stories about this-or-that-war….

    Oh, and H E L L O !

    4f: You r rite! Ah Pek is a fav with the school kids and most of all, a survivor with some war scar if you look carefully at his photo!!

  3. may said,

    hello, ahpekkitty! *rubrub* *purrrrrrrr*
    I hope he lives right till the end of his days and not cut short so suddenly. good luck in your petition!

    4f: tenkiu2 on the behalf of Ah Pek. paiseh… petition kau tim liao – no more culling!!

  4. titoki said,

    OMG, how come you guys have all turned ‘pussycats’ in just one day time. LOL

    4f: you must have been to cocka. have you tried robin? Zen Pussy, anyone?

  5. misti said,

    so kind heart. next time in pussy heaven, all the pussies will recognise you and be so grateful.
    ever heard of a story on how a man was saved from going to hell, because a cat he was kind to, pleaded with the heavens to let him have a second chance because he was kind to the cat when he was alive!

    4f: dont know about after-life. i alridi got my instant gratification the moment i see my Ah Pek & Handsome.

  6. wuching said,


    4f: Thank you for your donation of S$50 to MEOW. Will collect when i see u in 2007!

  7. Cocka Doodle said,

    Don’t worry…that Ah pek got 9 lives!! he won’t be culled.
    By the way, I still like my pussies better. *wink*
    I’m sure you’ll agree too.

    4f: i am sure Ah Pek is safe for the moment. I concur, other ppl pussies are always better muahahaha….. Yours ha? got meh?

  8. angel said,

    that’s great news! about ah pek & the petition. is this what they call thin yao ngan? 🙂


    4f: old sky grand father got eyes!!

    Sayonara is temporary

    So, dont feel sorry

    tell me your story

    on your next visit!

  9. Leonard said,

    hmm…how come my kopi post always been relate to cats ah!!

    hahaha..nice to hear tat the petition works!

    now i’ll try to do a cat post!

    4f: ALRIGHT, pussy lovers unite!!!!

  10. Robin said,

    haha.. luckily, I am not called Ah Pek nor Handsome.

    Yes, their ear are clipped so that once there are caught, the catchers should know that they are sterilized and so not be killed. In fact, the feeder at your block are always on a look out for them every night.

    Community cats are part of the community. They are there for a reason.

  11. Robin said,

    This is my post on the petition, which has since closed because because the AMK-YCK is willing to consider our request to stop the culling.

    4f: tenkiu Robin!

  12. ian said,

    The cats I love most are the Pussycat Dolls. Okay, they are not cats. But I love them… muahahahaha!

  13. Mickell said,

    Thank God the culling had been called off 🙂

    4f: Dont forget to thank Robin “Hood” Chan too 🙂

  14. zara's mama said,

    I didn’t know there’s such thing as ‘commnunity cat’.. but that’s good.. so that these cats are not wiped out for no reason.

    Every body should think like Zara.. she always says, “I love Cat cat!” when she sees one.

    4f: see… Zara & seefei have so much in common!!

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