About last night

September 5, 2006 at 11:15 p09 (Married Life)

Had a hectic day yesterday and knocked off early at 11 pm. Just when I thought I was going to have eight hours of uninterrupted beauty sleep, Mother Nature decreed otherwise.

The storm last night was amazing. I haven’t heard such loud explosive thunder or seen such bright bolts of lightning in a very long time. I wouldn’t have woken up though, had my wife not called me to close the room window. For a moment there, I thought she was in the “mood” for love.

It is abnormal for my wife to wake me up in the middle of the night. Had I been asked to perform my conjugal duty there and then, I would not have actually minded. But I was too tired and sleepy to initiate it.

It was frustrating because I couldn’t get back to sleep till 2 am, and then as expected, I woke up feeling lousy and unrelaxed… On hindsight, sex in the middle of a thunder storm is not a bad idea. At least I know I will have a good night sleep after that.



  1. nyonyapenang said,

    so tired and susah to say, “may i?” meh?

    4f: it was a hindsight idea…

  2. zara's mama said,

    Aisay.. missed the opportunity to make Junior already woh. Which so much energy, you may strike twins. 😛

    4f: can get twin hah? didnt tell me earlier! guess i already miss the April delivery dateline!

  3. may said,

    hmmmm… hhhhrrrrmmmmm… need to practice saying those magic words leh, like what nonyapenang commented… teehee!

    and I love thunderstorms…

    4f: i always practice but with Ms Chow from dreamland muahahahaha…. i love t-storm too – good for sleeping! 🙂

  4. Leonard said,

    i was like a pig, although cannot hear the thunder but can hear the rain, but too weak to wake up to close the windows, only the strength to open eyes to check the time on the clock!

    4f: lucky you!

    sad to hear about the close window instead of you-know-what!! next time!!

    4f: from the feedback i will be more prepared come the next t-storm!!

  5. angel said,

    i thot just give “the look” or nudge/carress a bit and then… err… dive in? no?
    but i can’t believe it when u said that u were too tired and sleepy to initiate it???

    4f: u r right, i was not sleepy and tired but i was in a spa with ms chow somewhere else…

    i’m still experiencing jet-lag…zzzzz… and it’s only 5pm!

    4f: hang out at a british tavern with a couple of beer and in the company of a few ang moh kia, i am sure the last thing on your mind is zzzzzzzzz….. muahahhaa!

  6. Robin said,

    which is why you must: Be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle today.

    4f: lei kong mutt ye? there are too many tormented souls out there. better be kind & defensive… the world will be a safer place!

  7. LM said,

    what thunderstorm? oh ya, aircon still on.

    yah, thunderstorm good for fun in bed! in kiasuland where the walls are paper thin, booming thunder will hide your moans from the neighbours within.

    4f: u also know that! u must be those that like shouting and doing it LOUDLY. LOL

  8. me said,

    haiyah! your wife hinted to you also you don’t get it ah? she could have got up and close the windows herself mah. but she took the effort to wake you up with the excuse of closing the window also you liak boh kiu (catch no ball). lol!

    4f: actually hor… if you wanna to drop hint, singing karaoke is better. 100% will works!

  9. Eileen said,

    Never mind, there’s bound to be another thunderstorm night…hiak hiak hiak… 😛

  10. wuching said,

    eh, u try tonight see can score anot! ;P

  11. winn said,

    since thunderstorm oredi dont think ur wife can hear ur ‘may i’.

    u shld jus do it like nike.

  12. Simple American said,

    Dude. I ain’t never been tired or sleepy to get things going. Though it probably would have been better passed on. But you never know.

  13. titoki said,

    Oh gawd!!! You have missed another chance at that jackpot!!! LOL

    4f: 🙂 never mind no Jackpot, still got 4D, toto….

  14. Mickell said,

    i hate noisy thunderstorms between midnite and 6am. Can’t sleep as i’m a light-sleeper. Yes. Also got to wake up too to shut the windows. Then the rooms get stuffy. Too sleepy and tired for sex. Andropause is the male version of menopause where men experience lower sex drive. The thought of sex can be such a put-off when one is dead tired and just wants to sleep.

     4f: were you affected that night?

    Orgasm is a nice destination but the journey there can be so wearisome sometimes ;p

    4f: i like the way you put it. but sometime the journey can be equally enjoyable when both of you are responding to each other

  15. me said,

    call me dum-dum, but how does karaoke link with wanting to have sex? see someone shouting in the mike turns you on ah? weird.

    4f: dum dum! i like dat! if someone put a “mike” to your mouth, you are sure that someone wanted you to sing, right?

  16. Immomsdaughter said,

    U must be kidding! Since when are man too tired to have sex???

    4f: dear, i was just after the rapid eyes movement stage of my sleep…. adoh!

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