Photography, Anyone?

September 8, 2006 at 11:15 p09 (Hobby)

A Hole in Nature, originally uploaded by jeffclow.

“Back in April this incredible barking tree frog appeared magically in our canna gardens and I took over 300 shots of him during a one hour shoot.”

I am just thinking aloud whether anyone out there is interested in Photography and would like to meet like-minded people. With blogging, photography is the complementary skill that will enhance your blog entry. And a good picture(s) would definitely save the day when blog block hits! So, what not start a club and have fun at the same time. It can be in the form of an informal grouping with just each other contact and one or two coordinators.

I had text Leonard yesterday on this idea of forming a Photography Club and we can have shoot outing and then blog about it. He is for it and thinking of roping in Mike Chua, another photo buff, to join this club. Beside sharing idea about the latest camera technology, good shooting place, software and photography techniques we can also have interesting tag like the most interesting pic of your town, office, friends etc where we can showcase our photoessay skill and interesting pic in your archive.

As i said this is just an informal grouping of photography hobbyist, let us know if you are interested so we can inform you of any activities that maybe of interest to you. I would like to invite comments to this new idea. Flood my comment box with your views and i am sure i will get back to you.



  1. wuching said,

    i love to join but my skills r limited & my camera is not serious kick-ass dslr like u ppl! 😦 & i’m so far from u so cannot go for for outing! *boo hoo*

    4f: ok, we just got the coordinator for the ozzie chapter! i dont have dslr lah only soh gua kei idiot camera. we see wat we can do with you in Jan ’07 😉

  2. velverse said,

    woo.. photography. I always didn’ have the photographer’s touch. Hemmm… so I give up and do digital touch ups of my bad pictures. 😀

    4f: Actually nowadays photography is not only about taking photograph. for example, i really like your way of montaging your pix in your blog. thats is really hip and cool! maybe you can share with readers on how to do montage in your blog!

  3. velverse said,

    ermmmm how to montage in my blog… haha.. i dunno where to start 🙂

    4f: tenkiu for coming back! well, maybe you can point us to the right software to this funz stuff!

  4. may said,

    I’m always a fan of photography, love the photos other bloggers take. used to tinker around with my friend’s Pentax SLR, those were the days! hmmm, maybe I’ll get one of those big DSLR babies in a couple of years’ time. now it’s just me and my compact digicam, good enough to do the job… 😉

    4f: what camera are u using? maybe can extract more from it by mean of the operating software

  5. archiearchive said,

    I love that frog. I also use a lot of photographs on my blog and you may be interested in seeing parts of Western Australia. I look for other blogs with strong photographic content, which is why I link with yours.

    4f: tenkiu for dropping by and leaving a comment. beside the photographs, hope you mingle with other visitors here as well. i will be haunting your blog and those beautiful w.australia photographs 🙂

  6. fantastflier said,

    wah and the club do wat wan ah?

    4f: how about some good architecture shots and good makan places, FF? i am still waiting for your makansutra from kensington!!

  7. mistipurple said,

    club sandwich. ok ok wrong topic. 😛

    4f: 🙂 not really out of point, just have to change your point of view!

  8. HB said,

    I love all ur photos man…

    4f: can you model for us? we are looking for some hot bod…

  9. angel said,

    errrmmm… i also wanna take nice pics but i’m lazy to learn photography… how like that?

  10. spinnee said,

    *use n70 to snap photos*

    i’m a photographer!!!


    4f: no camera ha? then you can become our model!!! LOL

  11. mistipurple said,

    hahaha, eh… what lobang you looking for ah? lol! ?

    4f: you terror lah… ask me in front of so many ppl! I hope we are not talking about the same lobang hehehehe…

  12. Leonard said,

    i’m still stuck with canon A95 lei, but good enuff provided that my skills improved!!

    4f: currently using Canon A80. got a lot of blurry pic when doing macro and zoom. that is why i upgraded to the Canon S3 IS. Hopefully will do better. with software, pic taking is only part of it. i like the holiday story you done with spellbound using pic & photoshop. it is fun and very creative. i am looking forward to learn from you how to do such “magic”! 🙂

    can count me in loh. shooting ppl ah, need skills lei, esp like HB, must show bit and pieces nia…

    4f: the shot of HB’s shoulder is unforgetable issit? did you win the invitation?

    shld be no problem.. HB “on” boh? hahahhahhaha..

    4f: can try to ask lah. can do over sunset at shore restaurant or at the spitting lion. should have some great photo opportunity.

    the photography club response quite bad hor!! hehe

    4f: not bad lah. at least we know who are interested. surprise mike didnt come in.

  13. Mickell said,

    Oh man. I would really love to be able to dabble in one of my favorite hobbies of photography again. Took tons of photos when i was a teenager. Spent lots of money to buy the gear and to develop the photographs. But for now, i’m in a financial position unsuitable to do just that :p Not unless you guys don’t mind lending me a spare camera. Ha, ha, ha…! 😀 I would have to find the time too to meet up with you guys in capturing some lovely shots 🙂

    4f: i got a spare Canon A80 if you dont mind. How about a trip to the revamped Botanical Garden on one of this beautiful Sunday?

  14. titoki said,

    Someone looking for model? 😉

    4f: yayaya!! i will bring my barang2 to KL to shoot you next week? pls leave a contact, OK?

  15. Simple American said,

    That sounds like a lot of phone. Cannot wait to see the pictures. 🙂

    4f: phone?

  16. Simple American said,

    Oops. Fun. What was I thinking?

  17. sPellB0und said,

    Hey, is there any minimum age for the photography club? Maybe my brother will be interested. He is into photography now. Check out his photoblog…

    4f: tenkiu for dropping by! there is no age, gender or race requirement. all needed is a interest in photography!

    i wish i can join the club too coz i just bought my ixus80s but i am too far away to join the activities. Nevertheless, i will take some nice pics of South Africa on my side to share.

    4f: we look forward to your beautiful pic of SA!

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