Calling Steven

September 12, 2006 at 11:15 p09 (General Chatter)

…saw this while i was shopping somewhere in Bolehland last weekend. Looks like somebody is in deep shit, man!  Better give this notice your undivided attention, my fren!

For those of you who know Steven, tell him his wife is looking for him. I personally know someone with that name, will check on him later…..



  1. zara's mama said,

    You sure this is from Bolehland?? The building at the back looks like some angmoh city.

    4f: any land that have the “can-do” spirit is the land of the “boleh“!! do you know any steven?

  2. angel said,

    yalah, dun tipu la you… CBS in Bolehland?
    *goes check on “Steven”*

    4f: CBS in Bolehland? why not?…. that is Khairy latest war cry…. C**a Balik Sin***ore!!!

  3. may said,

    steven? who dat?
    … oh, you mean steven!!

    4f: you know this particular fella? hope you counsel him…

  4. Chen said,

    Hahha, u saw this in Penang? 😛
    err.. I guess most of us here know someone by the name “Steven”, right? The ever popular & famous “Steven” 😛

    4f: let me put on my thinking hat… u r a lady. u noe this steven. u try to tell us he is popular amongst the ladies.

    my deduction… there is more than one “3rd party here”. you are also one of them and you try to cover up with the remark that this steven is famous and it is ok to have some fun along the side…. am i right? 😉

  5. Leonard said,

    maybe that steven is in hk’s disneyland????

    4f: he must have caught the mouse flu and hiding in some rat holes now….

    i’ve another steven in my workplace, damn irritating guy!
    his fav phrase is to object ppl’s suggestion by saying: “no,my brother said…”

    4f: Ya print this billboard out and put in the office notice board.make sure you photoshop “emily” with his wife name…  LOL

  6. mistipurple said,

    see lah! you get steven into trouble. he standing in for you right? then you move in for the real action! 😛

    4f: how do you know?

    hahaha…. u must be THAT emily!

  7. titoki said,

    Are you referring to Professor Steven from Institute Lin Cocka Wingz?! Hahaha. ;p *wink wink*

    4f: how do you know?

    OH, my gawd! you are the 3rd party hah!!!

  8. nyonyapenang said,

    3 claps for emily!

    4f: WOMEN POWER! YA!

  9. Simple American said,

    I’m not Steven. Thank goodness for that. Pretty embarraskin. But if you play around you have got to pay the piper.

    4f: Ya, we know you go by a Chinese name when doing your monkey business in Asia hehehe….. dont think we dont know!!

  10. wuching said,

    all the stevens in the city are panicking now!

    4f: are you the one?

  11. Robin said,

    I know Steven… a rooster or a monkey.. or someone else..


    4f: your fren must be monkeying with the like of rooster… 🙂

  12. me said,

    looks photoshopped lah, friend. so unfortunate…..that she had to pay for half of that billboard. slicing up his branded clothes would have been better for her purse string.

    4f: wah liao… i tot for a moment you are going to say “bobbit” him!!

  13. fantastflier said,

    OMG! better not to marry and have joint accounts

    4f: i am sure you broke a few hearts with this comment of yours!! 🙂

  14. Mick said,

    You’ve got to give it to EMILY, which stands for
    You, for her outstanding creativity. Creative Technologies’ chairman Sim Wong Hoo said if he ever gets married, he would not have a joint account with his wife. A man’s got to do what a man’s got to do. So does a woman. It’s better not to get married if one has difficulties staying faithful to one’s spouse.

  15. Phantom said,

    *Comment deleted* 

    Burung Pipit apologises to Phantom for not being able to publish your comment as the real identity of a blogger was revealed. Anyway, we thank you for dropping by and hope you do not see our action that you are not welcome. Please continue to visit burung pipit…

  16. mother superior said,

    Oh my, looking for kok kok kai… Where are you Prof Steven??? You are so popular now…

    “Creative Technologies’ Chairman Sim Wong hoo said if he ever gets married, he would not have a joint account with his wife.”

    No wonder he can’t get married. Holding on to his possessions so tightly, maybe an Emily would be good for him. I’m not saying that women will marry for money, but it is about sharing, right? His money,her money. Her money, (haha) not always his money.

  17. spinnee said,

    if i’m the wife, i would even publish his passport details & email address ^__~

  18. Mick said,

    So much for part of the wedding vows which goes, “With this ring I wed thee and pledge all my worldly goods to thee.”

    The woman says to her husband, “Your money is my money. My money is still my money.”

    Ha, ha, ha…! 😀

  19. helen said,

    Fatal attraction written all over it!~ lol

    In a way, this is a refreshing change. Instead of seeing the usual jilted miserable wife, this lady is taking charge. Kudos to her!

  20. winn said,

    HAHAH THIS IS FUNNY!!!!! is this real or jus an ad gimmick?

  21. ylchong said,

    ‘stephen’ was actually my miiddle name. maybe emily is like Desi, not a good sperrer. seefei ~~ pls take that billboard down — selangor MB says no permit was granted so why your company put up in most advanced state? Are you sin-gaporean ah?

  22. Simple American said,

    Oh Gosh. The secrets out. 0.0

  23. velverse said,

    Haha…. never under estimate what a woman can do. Haha…. Should put full name with attached pictures 😀 You can run but you can’t hide!

  24. Immomsdaughter said,

    If I were Emily, I wud published his measurement, before & after I “bobbit” him. Muar ha ha

  25. zara's mama said,

    Steven.. hmmm.. the misai fella we both know is called Steven.. I think his wife sends him this message..

    4f: No wonder he said he want to get away for a while lately….

  26. Maverick SM said,

    It’s amusing advert! Who in the world would pay to put up such a signboard? Puzzled?????

    4f: tenkiu fr dropping by!! this could be a prank

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