I am BACK!

September 24, 2006 at 11:15 p09 (Travel)

Hei I am back!

I survived Petaling Jaya, affectionately know as PJ!  

I was a MICE in PJ for 5 days and got a few stories to tell… I can’t say my experience is typical of a MICE (meeting, incentive tour, convention and exhibition) tourist but there are a few surprises that I like to share here. Some regrets though but then too few to mention. Was in this part of Bolehland for 5 days last week chasing a certificate in infrared photography. There were 2 Nigerians, 2 HK, 3 Thais, 2 Eastern Malaysians, 4 Western Malaysians, 1 Pakistanis and moi in this class of 15. Trainer was a Swedish angmoh based in Thailand. Paper chase… little dot favourite pastime and survival need in this competitive jungle we called city garden. A little “bomb” waited for the class at the end of the course as we had to sit for an exam to get our certificate. Boys! I was totally stressed throughout the week juggling study and a list of bloggers people to meet. Surprise no: 1, didn’t expect to see such a diversified nationality in this course. 

I stayed with a friend who lives in Kota Kemuning. This area on the outskirt of PJ is like a little oasis and the layout is so well planned out, it is near to impossible to get lost here. The landscape is resort-like with lake and tree-lined boulevard and just the perfect welcome for a tired soul driving back at the end of the day. For the lack of a better word, the place setting & layout is not unlike a country club. But the familiarity stops here as people here are really close and friendly. My friend’s house has a public park in front of it and people come out from their houses in the evening and hang out in the park…. The ambience is very much like in the olden days in the kampong! It has this kampong (village) feel of neighbourliness and familiarity. People can’t be friendlier than this. Can you imagine this? My friend’s neighbour kids will go to his house to borrow his badminton rackets to play badminton in the park. Don’t see this type of behaviour in city living anymore. Everyday when I was there, I would do some horsing around with my friend’s and his neighbours’ kid in the park before dinner. My friend will be there too, everyday, playing with his 4-year old kid. This scenario breaks my stereotype of city living where people seldom stay outdoor and generally, both parents hardly see their kids before sunset… Surprise no: 2. 

I am pleasantly surprised by the traffic and the lesser known PJ food but this will be in another entry. I also have to register my gratitude to bloggers who had in one way or another provided a welcome break to my stressful stay here. It will be insincere to just do a cursory mention of them here so I will also hold my horse back on this one for a later post.



  1. carcar said,

    hey you faster make your baby i will promise to lend you a badminton rackets…as we are neighbour too mah 😛

    4f: lend me your bedminton racket? good we can play mixed double!

    glad that kl (or pj) gave you surprise, and pls drop by more often k?

    4f: drop by kl? what for? you are just two blocks away. i will get to play more bedminton with you here than in kl or pj LOL!

  2. angel said,

    u stressed out arr? didn’t look like it also… 😛
    welcome home! 😉

    4f: tenkiu to you lor! your mat to lo melt away the stress mah!

  3. Simple American said,

    Infrared photography? That sounds interesting.

    4f: it is a non-destructive method used in maintenance of plant and equipment.

    Glad you had a relaxing time outside of class. Cannot wait to hear and see more.

    4f: more is coming!!

  4. ian said,

    Wah!!! SeeFei you’re finally back!

    4f: tenkiu for your support ! 🙂

    And I saw you in titoki’s post! Hehehe!

    4f: why didnt you tell me earlier? i would have directed you to my first three posts!

  5. wuching said,

    no pictures? why no pictures?

    4f: later, can?

  6. LM said,

    welcome back!

    4f: tenkiu!! got welcome party or not?

  7. zeroimpact said,

    You into photography also
    Can trade secret next time k
    Got classes let me know too
    4f: sure no prob. you should have come earlier and meet ah tak. this guy is really good!
    But I only use prosumer…
    4f: with full manual control and different metering, prosumer products are not that bad. ah tak took a few good shots with titoki’s so gua camera that day and i was impressed. user’s skill & composition count too!

  8. me said,

    wah, ian so excited at seeing your face. he must have missed you very much.

    4f: hahaha…. i am flattered

    you are telling me more about kota kemuning that i know. and i am from bolehland somemore. so shame dunno where to hang my head.

    4f: no need to be ashamed. KL is so big, it is not surprising that we dont know every nook and corner of it!

    anyway, great that you have such a good time. must come back again next time.

    4f: one regret… didnt get to see you!!

    part 2 of your infrared photography course…waitaminit, you’ve graduated. so, can’t use that excuse again for visa application. hehe.

    4f: there is really a part 2 to this course. but most probably will take it in SG. 🙂

  9. mother superior said,

    Welcome back, friend. Infrared photography? Hobby or career in future?

    4f: IR photography certification is a professional requirement for thermography work that i am doing currently.

    See lah, must have bloggers’ meet soon to hear all your tales from bolehland.

    4f: will have one after the first week of OCT, ok? but you must come with dinner-karaoke visa, ok?

    How come everybody there so excited to see you, huh?

    4f: must be something that cocka said!

  10. Kenny Ng said,

    yah… u r right, we rarely see kids borrow rackets from neighbour anymore, but i did borrow to someone before.

    it is just amazing to see neighbours come out to mingle in the evening and their kids playing together. Kids dont have neighbourhood friends anymore nowadays!

    I can see u r so good in photography too, too bad I quit for many years.

    4f: why give up? post yr portfolio on your blog, CAN?

  11. velverse said,

    Ah…. you just came back from KL. Oh… that is bad. I did email you my contact ar. You din get it?
    But anyway… seems like you enjoy yourself in KL. That is great!

    4f: aiyah, you should come for the meet! quick2 email me your contact!

  12. mick said,

    PJ also stands for Pa Jiao (shoot bird in Hokkien) 🙂

  13. zeroimpact said,

    You are right… so next time we exchange some techniques k
    4f: sure! just bought a canon S3 for its giant zoom of 12x. love its super macro feature too! will take some pic for this blog later.

  14. Leonard said,

    wah liew, u left ur S3 at home ah… ang jua bo pictures one!!!

    4f: scare kena robbed-lah!

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