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September 25, 2006 at 11:15 p09 (Travel)

 Watch out for the jam in the morning. You better leave latest by 7 am.”  my good friend advised on the first day I arrived. Mentally I was bracing for a 1 to 1.5 hour jam from Kota Kemuning to Sheraton Subang. But it turned out my friend was pulling my leg and on the first day, I had a loooong breakfast with enough time to read “The New Straits Times” twice over and still be on time for class at 9 am. Long time never had such luxury in the morning and I liked it so much I kept it for the rest of the week.  

Surprise no: 3 waking up one hour early every day can be fun and fatal at the same time. I read about this lady who used to wake up early every day to beat the traffic and napped in her car in the company carpark before going to work. She died last week when her car rolled down and crashed to the bottom of a 25 m retaining wall.  

KL also has its daily free newspaper called “The Sun”. “The Sun” was hot and usually it would be gone before I am done with my breakfast.  Breakfast was roti canai washed down with teh tarik. Further to that, I was like having curry every alternate day at my friend’s house. For these 5 days I think I had had my quota of heaty food for the whole month of October.  Thank goodness no sore throat which bring me to Surprise no: 4 Heaty food does not cause heatiness in the throat but ignite the fire in the heart. How I wish wifey was around to do some heat transfer activities!  

The above was basically my routine for the week… Detox-Eat-Class-Eat-Class-Eat-Study-Detox-Sleep. If not for the two dinners with blogger angel and desi, I will die aitelyu! 

Well, weekend was a totally different story. Cocka organized blogger meeting was pure fun and absolutely crazy! Early bird catches the worm and coming early I got to spend a private moment with titoki, the notorious blogger everyone love to pijak who was there after me and before everyone else. That will be my surprise no: 5, and will leave it for the next post…. 

Stay tuned!



  1. angel said,

    OMG! Who’s the lady who died?? Memang mati katak… kesian…
    Hmmm… u didn’t mention about the fire in your heart also…

    4f: the poor lady is a VP from CIMB. She is survived by her husband and two kids.

    fire in the heart got extinguished by the mat to lo liao heheheh…

  2. Simple American said,

    Cannot wait for the next post. Hope you saved some fire for the missus. Maybe you should buy some curry. 😉

    4f: pls come back… the battery had been charged and the fire will burn for sometime…

  3. msme said,

    hahaha. if fei mentioned about the fire in his heart to you, angel, you can help him ah? you won’t misinterpret as sexual harrassment ah? kakaka.

    4f: aiyoyo… msme, nothing lidat lah!

    so many words, no photos keh? how many more surprises do you have up your sleeves?

    4f: didnt take much this trip…:-(

  4. may said,

    where’s my surprise? *grin*
    will try my best to be at the next bloggers’ meet if you’re up here in KL again!

    4f: coming….

  5. ylchong said,

    Glad for the “din” meet — learning much about Sin-land and chinoserie land2. Thanks matey — just sorry we miss’d Jln Alor’s fragrance and prawn me’ and ikan y’u?

    4f: prawn me & ikan yu will have to wait for another time, Teh-C!

    Maybe philosopher Mave SM’s presencw woud have spiced the hot dnner up to “fiery” temp — sext time in Singapoooor then? — Chow~~ Desi

    4f: i guess so. visited SM blog and had “favor” it. give me a tinker when you are in little dot.

  6. Mick said,

    Guess a bloggers’ meet in Malaysia is much more fun and interesting than one in Singapore, heh? 😀

    4f: hahaha… you have to find out for yourself, mate!

  7. angel said,

    *LOL* msme, feikor so hamsap wan mehh?? -_-” if he had mentioned of his fire, i’d hv just taken him to a Chinese chao lao and order some thong for him to ha for… oh dear, does anyone understand what i saying?? 😀

    4f: you didnt see the fire meh? maybe no chemistry between the two of us… 😦

    feikor, another thing, i’ve also read a few comments ‘comparing’ bloggers’ meet in MY & SG whereby the former is fun-ner than the latter? 😉

    4f: actually hor if you read the blogs comments you will “feel” the difference. but both has its appeal and it depends on what you are looking for.

  8. wuching said,

    eh, what u done to ur blog?

    4f: u lah complain no pic. so pick a blog theme with pic lor 🙂

  9. misti said,

    i thought i came wrong place, seefei.
    Angeliu, i think bloggers from different countries different personalities. even tho bolehland and kiasuland so near.

    4f: misti, can we organise one meet and do crazy thing, OK?

  10. Kenny Ng said,

    yah… it’s true, i have to leave by 7am every morning to beat the traffic jam. Everyday when I pass the guard house will get The Sun free newspaper too… hehehe

    4f: wah 7 am is very early! but i like it and i am keeping this routine now. our bilingual free sheet “MY PAPER” delivered to home’s of Straight Times subscriber.

  11. Simple American said,

    Looks nice. Easy on the eyes.

    glad you like it!

  12. may said,

    oh heyyyyy… new template!! I like this one better than the old grey blue. much much easier to read the comments too. is this surprise #56?

    4f: you read my mind, dear!

    I wake up early and get to work before peak traffic as well. hate sitting in the car for too long, and not moving… unless waiting for someone, or errr… you know lah… *wink*

    4f: sorry hor… i really dont know. who ah?

  13. Kenny Ng said,

    regarding to ur last post replied comment , here is my photography art work I took many years ago…

    4f: thanks kenny. will go and to have a look!

  14. LM said,

    wah, nice simple interface. White and pure and clean. I like.

    4f: tenkiu!

  15. me said,

    banyak susahlah, your new template. had to come in as msme. don’t even know how that happened. sigh!
    angel: his fire ah, liong char also cannot put out one. see titoki only, saliva already drooling. kekeke. better get out of here before he hantam me.

    4f: aiyah, you know me so well, it is one of my regrets of this trip not to meet the great ME leng lui!! 🙂

  16. zeroimpact said,

    Glad you had a great time here in this part of the world
    *waits for more updates*

    4f: hei! too bad didnt get to kara with you & the gang. tenkiu for the hospitality!!

  17. misti said,

    can can, that would be fun! see what we can arrange! i got type my email when typing this comment. can you see it on your end? if not, i will email you later!

    4f: ok good! we got another organiser on this side of the causeway! must give early notice as some of us need special party visa hor!

  18. Immomsdaughter said,

    Waiseh, new template. Alignment a bit out via IE view though.

    4f: tenkiu on the behalf of the designer of the template and wordpress 🙂

  19. helen said,

    Wah, heavy programme ler…. lol
    Glad you’re tackling KL with a hearty stomach.
    Pssst, You got to meet my idol and the lovely angel ar?? Lucky dog!!! (idol = the poet, u know I know who lar..)
    Looking forward to more posts on your ‘adventure’. lol

    4f: no blogger prog in land of taugeh har? must organise cos someone want to go up and berpuisi pantun …

  20. winn said,

    hi see feiiiiiiiii…….haha…..:0)

    4f: aiyoh u r more beautiful than i imagineD! too bad you were sitting too far away for me to ogle 😉

  21. sPellB0und said,

    finally back huh…got put on weight or not???

    4f: got! in the luggage… from wifey shopping LOL

  22. zara's mama said,

    Wifey went back earlier? KL is a good place to do heat transfer.. err.. but to do it in your friend’s plc?? Aigh.. not shy ah?

    4f: NO-lah. she came on friday at the end of my course. NO heat transfer lah cos cannot find good motel in PJ vicinity LOL

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