Jalan2 at Bishan Park

October 2, 2006 at 11:15 p10 (Hobby, Jalan jalan)

Bishan Park… a green lung situated between Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1, Upper Thomson Road,  Kallang River and Marymount Road. Bishan Park is popular with dog lovers and it is common to find dog shows there during the weekends. Was there last weekend for a walk and some photo session with my Canon S3 new toy.

Bishan Park has many mature trees that produce a very cooling and soothing canopy for city kangaroos in this part of little dot…

Besides dog shows, the park is also a popular haunt for youngsters and cyclists. There was no dog show on during my visit, only people running around with their dogs. Lucky one proud owner ( a sweet young girl with flowing long hair) allowed me to take this pic of her lovely dog. I find that it is not difficult to strike up a conversation with dog owners, especially if you offer to take a pic of their pets.

Human beings are not the only one who love this little oasis…

meet mr monty python… a two-foot python with a full tummy resting at the road side. It probably had had a very heavy lunch and i had arosed it from its afternoon siesta.

There was a colony of monkey in the park and they were running from tree to tree. After much effort, i got this shot of mother monkey calling out for its kid. Cocka advised me during our last meet to show some skin in my blog if i want higher traffic, but so far no live model willing to pose for me. No fish, prawn also can lah! Hope the above help! 🙂

The lily pond… a tranquil and peaceful corner of the park. I am sure the many shelters like the one in the background provide the perfect place for a quiet moment for couples in the evening. In fact, i saw a couple doing a PDA (public display of affection) but they saw me first so no tabloid pic here… maybe next time

Boat ride but only for the maintenance guy

Lotus flower in full bloom

Lotus seed



  1. may said,

    this is cool, it’s like a tour around Singapore without really having to be there, heheh!! I should start digging at your older posts for more ‘scenic routes’. excellent photos.

    4f: tenkiu for your compliment. no need to dig out my archive lah. when in little dot, just give a tinker to your friendly guide here 🙂

    this photo session was inspired by your pangkor island photographs. mood wise still not there.

  2. angel said,

    very park-y! love all the pictures except the hisssss! OMG! python in the park?! how can?!
    4f: hahahaha…scare of python issit? then dont get lost in bishan park. we dont want to hear about a missing angel and find a python with a real big fat tummy hor…. 😉

  3. wuching said,

    never been there, should go next time!

    4f: will put this in your jan iti!

  4. helen said,

    Nice pictures. They allow dogs in the park meh??

    4f: yup but must be on leash!

  5. Kenny Ng said,

    great pictures! wow… they let the snake so freedom on the road somemore?

    4f: guess the snake was stuck there after a full lunch…

  6. HB said,

    Are u sure Bishan park look like that now?? Man.. Seems like i gotta visit it soon…

    4f: well, the photos are real! be careful of snake though….

  7. LM said,

    aiyah.. sure there got python? me used to jog there at night wan u know! but from the pic, the python looks quite skinny leh… poor thing; did it end up in the polis station after your shoot?

    4f: the python looked like having a siesta when i took the photo. it is not skinny, it is a juvenile.

  8. me said,

    great photos. like that, clumsy photos like mine don’t dare to make it to the blog loh.

    4f: compo important… i like your rainbow photo. so, dont give up hor!

  9. ian said,

    Need I echo the rest? Ah well, I like the pics!!!

    4f: tenkiu!

  10. misti said,

    nice pics! oh, the rest said that already.
    scary though the hisss. i echo Angeliu.

    4f: tenkiu! echo…..

    you not scared he awake and look at you meh?
    see! see! his eyes looking at you already.

    4f: i used a zoom to take the pic. actually i was quite faraway… 🙂

  11. archiearchive said,

    Great pics. You must be very happy with your new camera.

    4f: you bet! but still long for a true slr.

    As for getting the traffic – you should have headlined the monkey photo and called the blog entry “nekkid mother!”

    4f: good idea, maybe my next post, mate!

    The python is great – a lot friendlier than my snakes!

    4f: you keep snakes?

  12. happysurfer said,

    Nice…except for that full-tummy thingy. eww…..

    4f: hahaha… you scare of snake har?

  13. LM said,

    Methinks the nekkid mom’s kid was the python’s breakfast. Look at the shocked face!

    4f: great idea man! well, fyi that was the original story line for this post

  14. Mick said,

    When you see a python, you’re supposed to report it to the police instead of letting it roam around freely in Bishan Park to terrorise other park-goers 🙂

    4f: said who? but mr monty python looked very friendly wo…

  15. Mick said,

    i don’t think any serpent deserves to live considering the fact it’s responsible for the fall of man. i’d look for a stick, preferably an iron rod, to whack it dead. A piece of rock or some bricks would be nice too 😀

    4f: i thank the serpent hor… without it, u & i wont be here 😉

  16. Mick said,

    i know i’m twisted but seeing a flat snake fills me with joy. The only good snake is a dead one.

    4f: no, you are not. when i was in HK, i went to shamsuipo to look for seh kang (snake soup) which is supposed to be aphrodisiac!

  17. Mick said,

    i wish i have $899 to spare so i can buy a Canon Powershot S2 IS 😦

    4f: why dont you consider a Canon S3, higher spec & cheaper by 20%?

  18. zeroimpact said,

    Very nice pics…
    So when you taking us all for a trip there

    4f: anytime bro, just give me a tinker when in lil dot!

  19. velverse said,

    wah.. such a huge park.. got snake summore.. sounds very dangerous wor!

    4f: it is a veri long park indeed but not huge like hutan belantara lah

    not to mention the lotus seeds looks scary! Reminds me of a gross forwaded email. But then… It’s a fun park!

    4f: hahaha… i remember. it is that one photo where the seeds are photoshopped with eyes, right?

  20. ylchong said,

    in order not to create unrest among fellow Malaysians, can you “black mark” out the nipples in that pic showing some “skin”. I believe most of your ER like Helen are below that age of Cuntsent! ~~ (A-male modesty blast)

    4f: Desi, i do not share your concern here. it is not the age of cuntsent but more the availability of cowsense which i believe the ER here has abundance. LOL

  21. nyonyapenang said,

    you take great pics. 😉

    4f: tenkiu! 🙂

  22. Simple American said,

    So is the snake going to be there when I show up? I dun like snake, but people keep pythons for pet sometimes. Don’t they? Not poisonous, just hypnotist like Kaa. Hope it did not eat a doggie, or the monkey’s kid.

    4f: hahah… snakophobia issit? if you show up here and wanna see some snakes i know where to bring you. For the record, Mr Monty did eat something but something of lesser size.

    But the place is very relaxing. I think the snake is showing everyone else what to do?

    4f: acute obs….

  23. fantastflier said,

    did the snake eat my squirrel? hhhrrrmmph

    4f: nope it ate an elephant!

  24. Immomsdaughter said,

    I love your pix but the python gives me the creeps. Aiyo, my bulu roma still standing up lah 😛

    4f: only a small python! dont you love its bright eyes?

  25. Hijackqueen said,

    Wow! Those are lovely pics.

    4f: tenkiu!

  26. Leonard said,

    ermm…. *dash to grab a tissue paper to wipe away the organism of my eyes!*

    the pictures are so prefect and high resolution, S3 damn good lei… no $$ to buy!!

    thanks for sharing, btw, u use the 12x zoom or take macro of the snake?

    4f: i used the giant 12x zoom and “vivid” function mostly on all the shots. actually wanted to use the super macro to take the snake head but didnt due to concern on personal safety

  27. Mick said,

    I agree with Leonard. The picture quality is truly awesome and impressive 😀

    4f: tenkiu! it is camera technology only not much photographic skill….

  28. velverse said,

    erm… but isn’t it dangerous to just let the snake moves around.. who knows the next thing it’s chewing is my leg 😐

    4f: sorry hor, snake dont chew. it telan bulat2 wan…

    ermmm as for the gross email part.. yeah one is the eyes and one is actually the nipple.. ewwwwwwww *goosebumps*

    4f: now you mention it, i felt it too…. eeeeeech!

  29. Cocka Doodle said,

    Great shots. waa…so many days didnt dropby here suddenly got 2 posts to catch up.

    4f:  tenkiu, must be busy managing your harem lah!

  30. carcar said,

    hey nice place.. i must go one of these days then.
    can play roller blade there?

    4f: i think you can RB here but no rental kiosk or dedicated RB track hor, just to let you know. for RB, coastal parks on the East or West side are better and bigger.

  31. zara's mama said,

    Wow.. this is nice! I want to go there next time! You bring ok? By then, if Ah-Loong up above had heard you, then we can push prams and a stroll together..

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