Celestial Debt

October 5, 2006 at 11:15 p10 (General Chatter)

looking away, originally uploaded by Arriving at the horizon.

an old chinese saying… kids are our undischarged debt from a previous life. debt from the past? i like to ponder that…

if kids are really my liability eons ago, i want to discharge it in this life time. otherwise i will be stuck in my karma.

but getting into celestial debt is not easy. i tried and am still trying. mr ah long (debt collector) from heaven, if you hear my prayer, please send me my statement.

i will repay it, even if it takes a life time. but be quick hor, my remaining life time may not be enough for a full repayment… if possible can i discharge those with kkc first?



  1. Simple American said,

    Hope you can repay it soon. Hope you dun regret it either. But some how I think you will be just fine.

    4f: well, no pain no gain. come what may!

  2. ian said,

    Hahaha… How many were you hoping for?

    4f: two will be just nice

  3. may said,

    hmmm… I guess I’ve not got my bill for celestial debt yet. maybe I don’t have any? aiyo, better not say so soon… 😛

    4f: aiyoh! the longer you ignore it, the more interest it will show!

  4. me said,

    are you playing smart or hard? don’t waste those little swimming thingy for nothing hor. bukan tembak tembak sudah boleh punya lah ini. right time, right place, right position if you want kkc. cari expert lah, you are not getting younger.

    4f: tenkiu for advice! can i borrow your karma sutra?

  5. wuching said,

    i thot kids r blessings from above! which explains why i dun have any!

    4f: the longer you ignore your debt, the more interest it will shows!

  6. Mick said,

    Kids are gifts from heaven even though there are times they make you so angry you feel like strangling them. All the best in your baby-making 😀

    4f: tenkiu for your wishes & i hope my entry shed some light on that subject matter of parenting…

  7. Kenny Ng said,

    LOL… y must KKC 1st?

    4f: because kkc debt have more interest

  8. titoki said,

    Kenny: Seefei is sexist.

    4f: tenkiu for the compliment. my mum, wife, aunties, fav bloggers like titoki are all women, what you mean i am a sexist. can’t a man have just one indulgence?

    He prefer a son than a daughter. LOL. But what he doesn’t know is that, when his daughter gets married next time, he’ll gain half a son. But if he has a son & when he gets married, he will lose half a son to the in-laws and gain a daughter. *wink wink* Seefei’s math sux. ;p

    4f: on the surface you maybe right, but your assumption is flawed because you assumed a son can marry only one wife. there is an old chinese that say a man is entitled to 3 wives and 4 concubines and under syariah law you can actually marry 4 is you can afford it.

     SO, how can you say i am a mathematically challenged sexist where i have not taken advantage of my ethnic right or chosen a faith that give me that right legally?

    Sexist is not a label that you should use on me liberally even in jest. Sexist = women hater which i am not. I love women and people feel that in me too. The fact that you felt “love” when we met for the first time showed that.

    Before esteemed reader to this blog start having funny idea, i must clarify that it was only love of the fatherly kind, as you had admitted in your blog. Personally, i would admit prefer love of the brotherly kind.

     But my analysis on your blog of what you said about me reveal something intesting.

    This guy also managed to make me stormed into the LKF café majiam a madwoman looking for her infidel husband.” This was from your post on the blogger meet. The striked out words are noise that clouded your actual message.

    Why did you say that? i am like your infidel husband… what kind of analogy is that? i can’t help but feel that this is a genuine freudian slip. it is not unlike dreaming where your wildest fantasy come alive. You wont be fantasing on someone being husband material if you think he is a sexist, right?

    I would not explore further possibility on this analysis, but suffice to say i am not a sexist and the thing that you said about me prove it!

    I hope i had made myself clear.  Notwithstanding my long winded response, i like you direct and in the face type of comment. Keep them coming!

  9. velverse said,

    awwwww.. you make them look so cute…

    4f: tenkiu but nothing compare to yours. 🙂

    But no.. I rather be stuck with my karma. Child labour thing… hemm… still scares me. If I have a baby.. I’ll want a girl.. yeay.. can play with her hair, go facial, shopping together, make ups…. la la la la la~

    4f: ya i want a kkc cos already got one baby girl like dat at home, my Yang Berhormat muahahahah…..

  10. fantastflier said,

    I havent a clue here….

    4f: you are back! you are a bean counter, how come you dont know? but i like your answer, typical of a smart $$ guy!

  11. Leonard said,

    ..if possible can i discharge those with kkc first?
    you needed help from kkc for a celestial debt for u meh?? you may get more discharge from u know where!
    maybe u comes with an unlimited credit, ah long no chance to find you, choy…. all the best lar… work hard, maybe can seek advice frm doc!

    4f: wah you very noti! tenkiu for the wishes

  12. Immomsdaughter said,

    Yeah, SeeFei is a sexist 😛 Use the Chinese ancient calendar calculation methodlah.

    4f: ya i am a sexist, refer to my reply to titoki. do you have a copy of the calculation, pls email to me!

  13. angel said,

    Dear ah long, please send MY statement to feikor, that is if I had one. Amitabha.
    now, did i say it wrongly? will it cause gossips??? and then u dun blog me anymore?? will it? will it?
    Keep trying… HARDER… 😛

    4f: send your account to me? didnt know we had a joint account in previous life? no wonder we so ngam…LOL

  14. Cocka Doodle said,

    “Itu pokok tableh bayar tak apah…itu bunga mau kasi.”………favorite chettiar quote


    pokok mesti kasi

    bunga just mesti kasi

    tapi statement taklak mali

    apa majiam, tiap2 hari menanti

  15. nyonyapenang said,

    you must have quite a sizeable celestial debt because mr long is still hitting the sempua trying to total it up.
    proly you can negotiate with him to send you a sub-total statement first.

    4f: yar loh, am asking for the kkc account first 🙂

  16. mother superior said,

    Ai yah, as I’ve said before, blog less, spend your night time with YB, then probability goes up higher lor! No need to check Chinese almanac, go check her bio-rhythm can already. Make sure when it is her right time, don’t go Bloggers’ Meet!

    4f: hahah… tenkiu for the advice! blogger meet must still go, no matter what!

  17. misti said,

    *i am your previous life*
    *send me… a…. blank …. cheque.. signed of cos!*

    4f: already in the post…:-)

  18. may said,

    Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to you and your family, seefei!!

    4f: tenkiu very much, same to you and your family!

  19. Mick said,

    Hurry up 🙂 Or else you will be old enough to be your son’s grandfather by the time he becomes a teenager 😀

    4f: 2 in 1, not a bad deal though!

  20. HB said,

    Gosh.. I know why my parents hate me.

    4f: if you show them some “interest”, they may love you more 🙂

  21. sPellB0und said,

    wah. bias .

    girls are more warming lor…

    anyway, eat more bananas la..maybe it helps.

    hmm, but do not go vegetarian hor.

    no meat = no strength

    lalala 😛

    4f: me no bias lah. kids are blessing…

     how did you spend your mid-autumn festival in SA?

  22. titoki said,

    OMG, you are such a narcissist!!! LOL.

    4f: aduh, not another -ist! i dont be so self centre lah, i love you also can?

    Please don’t word-play/twist my sentences around to fulfil your OWN fantasy. ;p

    4f: in NZ, you never read Sigmund Freud meh?


    4f: u r welcome

  23. zeroimpact said,

     I’m totally speechless…

    4f: ……..me 2 🙂

  24. ylchong said,

    maybe I’m not sufficeintly clued or screwed in

    what’s KKC? I heard of kfc and teh-c, kkc needs some eLABOURation so I don’t get sidetracked. or con-fused.

     4f: KKC is something like kfc is you look at it in a skewed angle

     I got conned too may times o’lady (like you, I have more fe-mail than mail readers, I wonder a to z. (IF there’s too msuh DDC here, don’t bother to respond: my main aim is to say~~HI!:)

    4f: tenkiu for dropping by! must send me the desi decoder next x!

  25. Immomsdaughter said,

    Aiya, I search my old mails, cannot find the calendar thingy to send you. Prob oledi deleted.

     4f: let me raid your archive to check it out one more x

    Nvm, I try to ask around for ya.

     4f: tenkiu2 🙂

    Can advertise in paper SeeFei looking for Chinese Ancient Calendar for making baby?

    4f: are you sure you are not pulling my leg here?

  26. zara's mama said,

    Still want to ask for KKJ first? aisay..

    Me happy not to have any kkj.. b’cos kkjs are harder to take care off.. 😛

    Anyway, hope you can start repaying your debt real soon.

  27. Immomsdaughter said,

    I found it. Pls give me your email add.

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