Jalan2 at Vivocity

October 9, 2006 at 11:15 p10 (Jalan jalan, Life and its pleasures, Singapore)

From VivoCity website….

With over 1 million square feet of lettable floor space attracting a diverse mix of over 300 retailers (Takashimaya only has 150 retailers big and small), large event spaces, including an outdoor amphitheatre, a 20,000sf open plaza and a 300m harbour front boardwalk, VivoCityis set to become Singapore’s largest and most diverse retail and lifestyle destination when it opens to the public in October 2006.  Designed by world-renowned architect Toyo Ito, VivoCity will be the centre-piece of Singapore’s newest lifestyle hub at the HarbourFront, which also includes Sentosa, Mt Faber, the Singapore Cruise Centre and the St James Power Station.”… and only 15 min by poot2 car from burung pipit’s nest!

A new record for me…. i spent 7 hours yesterday at this humongous shopping complex touted as the lastest lifestyle destination in lil dot!

My verdict…

  1. i love the linear layout that spans over 3 storeys. easy to find and recce for such a huge building
  2. breathtaking view…  sentosa island and the sea greet you at the rear elevation of the building
  3. good makan choice for a romantic dinner! most of the restaurants are sea facing
  4. wide passageway, good for the ladies as less chance of sexual harrassment…
  5. near to St James Power Station, the lastest & largest minum place in town
  6. light rail (not in operation yet) linking it to Sentosa Island. Can’t imagine how happening when the integrated resort open later
  7. good photography location with the sea, sentosa island and bright lights of Vivocity & St James Power Station

Went there after lunch yesterday and this should list as one of the most satisfying shopping trip i had had with Yang Berhormat. Consider that 50% of the shops are not opened yet, the variety that greeted us was not bad at all.

those few that opened yesterday – wardrobe, ybsi (new chain), espirit, charles & keith, pull and bear…..

YB was happy that she manage to find a few items that she really like and within our budget. The fashion shops are mostly mid range and in the popular brand range. To her delight, NAF2, which was not in lil dot, has an outlet here (unfortunately it was not opened during our visit).

Most of the makan places were not opened yet and Sushi Tei had a 1.5 hours queue. We had our tea and dinner at Food Junction at Harbour Front (nearby building) which is connected to Vivocity at the 2nd storey. 

Personally i like what i saw at “Pull and Bear”. The sub-culture tees from russia will let you see the country like you never see it before… hip & chic. The denim casual pants are both comfy and appealing… both must have for this Xmas.

We would have wrapped up our evening with a show at the 15-hall cineplex if not for the yet-to-be watched rented video at home that we must return by today. Well, that experience got to wait…

Post note:

Vivocity will be fully open on 1 Dec 2006 (according to papers) and it is linked directly to the 2nd link by the Ayer Rajah Expressway. It is at the end of Ayer Rajah Expressway and about half hour drive from 2nd link without traffic jam. MRT link: Harbour Front MRT



  1. angel said,

    so so, are u taking moi there for the lomantik dinner?? ^.^

    4f: ya good idea. we can take the star cruise from port klang and singgah sebentar for lomantic dinner below the starry sky and jalan2 at sentosa beach thereafter. after that can take the cruise to nowhere and drop you off at klang before coming back to lil dot! suka?

    and where’s da’ pictures??? i hv bad imagination 😛

    4f: no pic… wife threw camera into the sea liao! just joking…. didnt bring camera 😦

  2. angel said,

    aisay… i meant, where ARE da’ pictures… liuliu grammar 😛

    4f: piak piak *slap angel on the liuliu wrist for the bad grammar* 🙂

    oh, and vivo city, reminds me of this place called VivoPizza @ The Curve 🙂

    4f: is it the one at 2nd storey?

  3. Kenny Ng said,

    nice info… anyway, I never been Sinngapore yet… shame la me.

    4f: now you got so many blogger kaki here, there is no reason not to visit sometime, right?

  4. Immomsdaughter said,

    *Note down on paper* Next shopping destination. When’s the shopping centre gonna fully open?

    4f: in December according to the papers

    Must be pretty good since YB had fun there eventhough 50% open oni.

    4f: thats my yardstick for a mall, YB happy = Mall good muahahah….

  5. may said,

    let me loose in there and you won’t see me for the next 8 hours!! LOLOL!!

    4f: do u need me to provide a no-limit supp card?

    but lately I seem to dislike malls that are too big. gets tiring, no?

    4f: well, i dont know. guess my mall love affair only started after i got married. still too early to say… 🙂

     will still go for that romantic dinner. you’re giving me a treat, yes?

    4f: can, will throw in a walk on the the palawan beach in sentosa 2. but please renew your passport first, OK? LOL

  6. happysurfer said,

    SF, thanks for the review. A must-visit when I next go to lil dot as you put it.

    4f: u r welcome! when in town give me a tinker

  7. Leonard said,

    woah, dripping with saliva upon hearing ur description, but might gave it a miss first until most of the shops are open, of course that means more crowd..hehe

    4f: wah u also a shopcoholic!

  8. spinnee said,

    not many shops have started there… waste of time man.


     4f: well… depend on your time value lady! 🙂

  9. Mick said,

    Looks like VivoCity has won over a new fan in See Fei just like that even though half of the shops inside are not open yet 🙂 No money to buy all the nice stuff there, window-shopping can make one happy too 🙂 The biggest draw now is the 15-screen Golden Village cineplex 😀

    4f: give it a try, mick! there is something for everyone in the family.

  10. velverse said,

    largest minum place? Wa… Why no pic to see geh?

    4f: next time, ok?

    Sea facing restaurants.. okay… given up hope on that… must shopping… minum place.. muahahahaha….

    4f: you dont like sea facing restaurants?

  11. helen said,

    hmmm, another place to burn money eh? 🙂 But, I’m immune… If the prices are Takashimaya standard, window shopping is all I can afford!! lol

    4f: the retail mix here is more of the popular brands… imagine esprit, zara, mng, naf2. Taka got more branded boutique shop – i am not in that league also, helen!

    As for the view, it must really be breathtaking!!

    4f: the view is beautiful but too bad no pic to show for it!:-(

  12. zara's mama said,

    walau eh.. die la.. next time I go to SGP? Another 1milion sqf to scale!

    4f: no need to die lah, i provide a wheelchair and pusher for you, OK?

  13. LM said,

    wah, you spend 7 hours ka! i spend 1/2 hour oledi wan to scoot. So blardee crowded man.


    It is near my office. So next time can go there lunch lunch. 🙂

    4f: i read your post on that! but sun (2nd day) wasnt that crowded, comparable to taka or any other shops in orchard.

  14. me said,

    oh, talk of the town. is there anybody in kiasuland that is not in vivocity? if you want to look up some friends but have lost their number, just hang around there for a couple of days. chances are you’ll find them there :-p

    4f: think of it, you are right. i did meet a few fren there that i dont contact often.

  15. nyonyapenang said,

    ok, ok, must remember to use good walking shoes when going there.

    4f: make sure your shoes can tahan walking for 1,000,000 sq feet! 🙂

  16. king's wife said,

    wah, wah…must put it down on my list. Sounds like heaven. hahaa….

    4f: tenkiu for visiting …. again. Heaven? not really but about there. Presume you will be visiting in the not too distance future, eg Xmas? 🙂

  17. Robin said,

    are u an architect?

    4f: nope

  18. carcar said,

    hey thanks for the precise description, so you can make up for me for a good dinner there! wahahahha!!
    remember the camera also ok!~

    4f: no prob! will bring the camera if you agree not to throw it into the sea… 🙂

  19. VivoCity Is A Good Reason To Pay Singapore A Visit « nuvolo’s world said,

    […] feedback from someone who was there for all of 7 hours! […]

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