Light Please!

October 11, 2006 at 11:15 p10 (General Chatter)

tunnel of trees, originally uploaded by richietown.

I dont know why i am writing this entry… but the picture above evoke memory of an old saying… the light at the end of the tunnel maybe that of a coming train. So what, when you reach the end, it is the END. period.

Life as we know it will cease when you reach the end. To some, Heaven, Nirvana, Syurga or Tien Tong maybe beckoning, depending on your religious inclination. “What is at the end of the tunnel” … that will be the last thing on my mind.

To me, it is the grind to the end of the tunnel that is zapping the daylight out of me everyday. How nice if like “Monopoly” where we can draw a card and go direct to the end of the tunnel bypassing all the misery and suffering of the journey?

Nay, that will deprive me of my bragging right of being there done that. You may say i am a confused fella in mid life crisis. I may not like that tag but then, who like to hear the truth?

When you are in a tunnel with no end in sight and too far away to start all over again, every flicker of light that come your way counts! It makes life more tolerable and most of all, give a sense of excitement to our mundance existence!

Dear readers/visitors, your presence and comments are like the light that lit my tunnel of life. At last , i found a reason to this post.  It is my “Thank You” post to you guys/gals for your support!



  1. angel said,

    *brings a torchlight to help shine*
    If not bright enuff, I can go find a bigger wan, okay?

    4f: tenkiu my guardian angel! 🙂

  2. LM said,

    i do a supernova! much brighter light.

    4f: wah so bright hah? are you the light at the end of the tunnel?

  3. Immomsdaughter said,

    Why so deep today? Working too hard on your project ah?

    4f: so insightful! never imagine this project is so tough. tenkiu for the calendar very muchie!

  4. happysurfer said,

    Such a melancholic post. No matter, may you always have sunlight in your tunnel of life.

    4f: u r right. we have to appreciate what we have

  5. seefei said,

    Cocka, soory buddy! your comment got stuck at the spam filter. in my haste to unstuck you, i accidentally flushed you out:-)

    anyway, you said the pic reminded you of dire straits’s “tunnel of love”. didnt know you are a fan of dire DS.

    i like DS not so much for their music but for their never say die struggle and attitude to achieve the fame that they rightfully deserved. They are not called DS for no reason!

  6. may said,

    you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours shine that torch for me and I’ll keep the light on for you. *grin*

    4f: lu apa cakap?

  7. may said,

    ack… that didn’t come out right, hahahaha! all in one sentence pulak.

    “you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours”

    “shine that torch for me and I’ll keep the light on for you”

    ah, that’s better…

    4f: when can i come and scratch your back? will also bring some lomantic candle…. LOL

  8. wuching said,

    no need to thank me but i’ll let u buy me dinner when i’m in singapore! hehehehe

    4f: can, will bring you to try the singapore famous mee pok mai hiam!

  9. serendipity said,

    when i first saw the pic it reminded me of some weird photos tt ppl send through emails tt suddenly have like a scary face popping out of nowhere.

    dunno why i feel this way also. i think it’s the colours. haha

    4f: well, hope it didnt scare you away for good. the pic striked me as weird too initially and that’s way i took the effort to put words to it.

  10. sengkor said,

    i think what lies at the other end of the tunnel is not that important.. important is, there is a light and the journey to reach there. shit, am i crappin’ again..? *walk away sheepishly*

    4f: welcome sengkor! this blog can take in another crapper. welcome to the company of birds like pipit and kokokai!

  11. zara's mama said,

    *scrach head and leave*
    too deep

    4f: hold my hand! let me get you out of the deep end 😉

  12. winn said,

    i always sleep with my lights on. i dont want the light to cease …i ll blind fold myself if i think it becomes too bright…..but no i dowanna switch off the light!

    4f: does that have anything to do with a deeper fear of the dark?

  13. Kenny Ng said,

    Tunnel of light? Sounds like Tunnel of Love by Dire Straits… one of my favorite song. Ok… I’ve been inside a tunnel before, it’s really scary without light, once I see some light, I really felt so relief.

    4f: another DS fan here!

  14. ian said,

    Every damn step makes the journey, not one less, only more…

    4f: all big journey starts with a simple step …. 🙂

  15. spinnee said,

    wei…. melancholy is my trait mark… y u take from me? 🙂

    4f: welcome to da club!

    in any case… in the path of life, sometimes u’ll feel good/bad/lost. it’s ok. it’s just part of life. enjoy every moment, good or bad. that makes your journey more interesting isn’t it. ^_~

    4f:  i have no prob enjoying the ups but it is the downs time that i have to learn to manage. but then life is a package deal and it is the ups and downs that define life and who we are… wah liao so chimze i sound crappy man.

    anyway tenkiu for coming and look forward to see more of you here !

  16. Mick said,

    So what if the light at the end of the tunnel is that of an incoming train? Can jump off the tracks and let the train whizz by you 😀

    4f: when you have reached the end, why bother?

  17. Immomsdaughter said,

    U r most welcome 🙂

    4f: you forgot to attach the karma sutra manual 🙂

  18. velverse said,

    Hahaha.. what is the point of knowing what is at the end of the tunnel… when we don’t even know what is at the next step. *sigh*

    4f: no need to sigh, can consult fortune teller to show the way wat LOL

  19. king's wife said,

    so deep one?
    anyway, u are most welcome.

    4f: where got deep, you understood what!

  20. LM said,

    I tell myself.. its only a job. Its not a big deal that we give our all. oops

    4f: well said. every times we give our best, we just hope the boss recognises our effort and reward us accordingly!

  21. Leonard said,

    no worries, you have many “lights” it would not be lights out!! cheers!

    4f: but sometime there are things that you cant enLIGHTened everyone 😉

  22. archiearchive said,

    When I have moods like that, I read The Rubiayat by Omah Kayyam. Very good at encouraging you to go forwards even though we all end in the same place.

     4f: 1001 nights… read that eons ago. maybe it is time to recap those wonderful tales. thanks buddy archie!

     It is how you play the game, not whether you win or lose. And no one wins the game of life! But you can have a lot of laughs along the way!

    4f: you are describing my weekly squash game where we are happy just to work out a sweat. life is not unlike that!

  23. misti said,

    got light got hope.
    thank you also, for being part of my journey.

    4f: you r welcome the mistirious one!

  24. ylchong said,

    as can be seen at blogsworld, most of us are trying hard to bring candles or even torchlight. But the trouble with NegaraKu we have some packs of wolves lurking in Da Darrk.

    4f: Bigger trouble when sheeps take in DA Big Black Wolf as one of these.

    No worries, we will travel and share whatever light we can find, even that from firflies, Yes!:)

    4f: hahaha… tenkiu2

  25. zeroimpact said,

    The journey is what we should long for
    Not the end of the journey

    4f: tenkiu for dropping by! concur wity y0u 100%!

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