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October 14, 2006 at 11:15 p10 (Whining/Bitching/Ranting)

Long time havent use my yahoo messenger liao. I stopped after i married another yahoo-er whom i wooed over the net using Yahoo Messenger. For obvious reason, isn’t it? It is not like i am going to woo another stranger over the net and bed her any time soon.

But the dramatic experience of actually manage to strike up a relationship over the net lingers on… Call me silly, but i actually felt infidel using the YM now. However, I am starting to use the YM again. I don’t know why but maybe the itch is getting to me.

 So fast itchy already? It is not like what you think. I am happily hitched now and working on my project-B. I think i just missed the medium and the virtual social circle of my YM.

Do you yahoo? 🙂



  1. Winn said,

    CHupa chup chup!!

    yeah i do! the big big screen yahoo messenger remember? does ur wife stil yahoo or both of u quit YM together gether?

    4f: wah so early so fast ;-). I read that post – must be a huge orgasmic experience for you, LUCkY kokokai!

  2. mumsgather said,

    I don’t Yahoo. but I MSN. Loved to flirt with the hubby on MSN but now he no longer has MSN. Sob. Sob.

    4f: you can still sms-flirt him mah!

  3. may said,

    we even use YM at work to talk to one another… very good for gossip, LOL!! instant messaging is great. but only if we use it wisely and not get addicted.

    4f: addiction… that is the word.  *searching for LMM in YM* 🙂 

  4. fantastflier said,

    why you no yahoo me? *pout*

    4f: i did… in my dream but you are always busy working… 😦

  5. angel said,

    ya ya, i yahoo too 😉
    and skype too but i still prefer yahoo.

    4f: must be with lengjai lah cos never see you ard… 🙂

    no more vivocity this wkend? 🙂

    4f: did some shopping yesterday liao. no vivo this week, need to recuperate….

  6. Chen said,

    I yahoo too 🙂

    4f: ya i know. you were goggling “how to remove a stucked appendicitis” from your op theatre, right? LOL

  7. angel said,

    u lah not around wan.. last nite when i logged on, i see u ngam-ngam tutup pintu liao 😦

    4f: beauty sleep time mah…

  8. wuching said,

    i dun yahoo..i msn..

    4f: aren’t they the same? 🙂

  9. Kenny Ng said,

    yes… i do Yahoo n MSN n Skype… i do skype coz my office line can’t access MSN…

    4f: who do you skpe with? got any saucy tale to share or not? 🙂

  10. carcar said,

    ye s yes yes! i do Yahoo i do Skype and i do Men MSN! yes yes yes!

    4f: interesting sharing…

  11. carcar said,

    wat lah.. not i do Men ok, the slash feature cannot come out here, damn pai say now.. i do MSN ok?!

    4f: hope you dont like them like record, after the front you do the back muahahaha…..

  12. misti said,

    lol at carcar! i was wondering earlier! hahaha
    first time yahoo chat/msn very exciting. now getting older, i oso everything feel jaded oredy.

    4f: hahah hope it is not a case of the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak… 🙂

  13. Immomsdaughter said,

    Itchy itchy huh? Lucky you said “It is not like what you think”. Else, I kick your butt oledi.

    4f: you are the fidel & righteous one… only you reacted to that !

  14. zara's mama said,

    I yahoo too.. so what’s your id?

    I started ‘flirting’ with hubby using some Unix msger long long time ago.. then we left the co.. but never got on any other messanger to talk now.. sigh.

    4f: me, come flirt with me baby yeah!! LOL

  15. zeroimpact said,

    No luck yet so far
    Got tips!!!

    4f: just be yourself dude… you already got a good start with that cool blog of yours 🙂

  16. Leonard said,

    Never Yahoooooo…only MSN….

  17. Immomsdaughter said,

    Tenkiu for the compliment. Now, go tell my hubs 🙂

    4f: sure, give me your hub email/mobile number 🙂

  18. ian said,

    You married for seven years already? If not, then the itch is a little prematured. Haahah!

    4f: now where got seven years with all the piao meis running ard. even you bump into them on the bus in oz muahahah…

    Now that we have MSN Live Messenger, MSN users can chat with YM users too.. Add me lah SF sir!

    4f: issit? searching for ianliew on yahoo…

  19. marrisa said,

    heyy i cant belive dan likes me omg i never though he would like me tht is soo awesme i love him soo much i wish he would ask me out th would be soo awesome lol well omg katie

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