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October 15, 2006 at 11:15 p10 (Random Observations)

nice living 2, originally uploaded by *helmen.

have a feeling someone is stalking me from my neighbouring block. i was trying out the giant zoom of my new canon S3 over the weekend when i saw this huge telescope in one of my neighbour’s window. you know, the type used by people who star gaze.

i was wondering when that telescope was put up? it was at a higher level and has a clear line of sight into my bedroom. as i like my romp between the sheet with a little breeze on my back with the window open, i wonder whether my neighbour had been a having a little entertainment at my expense?

havent told wifey yet about this little discovery as i worry it will freak her out. well, i guess from this point onward, “free and open” sex will be a thing of the past from my own bedroom… so much for apartment living *sigh*



  1. angel said,


    U naughty Sexhibitionist! 😉

    4f: i am the victim here hor…

  2. may said,

    oooh, free show, free show!! *brings out popcorn*
    oh, don’t dim the lights please, can see better when brighter…

    4f: when can i scratch your back, we are short of one kaki for a threesome? muahhhahahaha

  3. Kenny Ng said,

    that mean u gave him/her free show all the while?

    4f: yu r right, if he/she has infra-red eyes!

  4. misti said,

    make him pay lah. side income mah.

    4f: do u want a tiket? pls.,.. i need the money hahah…

  5. me said,

    woohoooooo! free show! must go and check out the lastest collection of porno dvds, see if got burung pipit inside. *running out of the door*

    4f: will be in deep shit if that happen! since you are checking out the porno dvd, pls look out for “deep throat” the original version for me hor! 🙂

  6. Immomsdaughter said,

    Where? where? *Takes out telescope*

    4f: no more show liao…. too late. i advise you try cocka site LOL

  7. mumsgather said,

    Alamak! I wonder which your wifey will freak out more from. Your neighbour’s telescope or the comments from this post. Hahaha.

    4f: sshh…. dont tell anyone hor!

  8. titoki said,

    Woooop~ Peep-a-tom!!! ;p

    When you are spying on someone, someone is spying back on you too.

    4f: i take a spy like you to spot one, too!

  9. happysurfer said,

    Wow! Some people have all the luck.

    4f: sorry, i think i lost you here 🙂

  10. sengkor said,

    oh, those pics i received in my mailbox is u.. no wonder the ‘star’ looks so familiar..

    4f: glad you like it! drop by more often, will upload the original here!

  11. zara's mama said,

    Walau.. open your Window and have romping sessions? We always draw the curtains and close the windows..

    4f: your room got sound proof or not?

    Maybe one day we’ll see your photos e.where on the internet 18sx site.

    4f: try youtube under wildife/birds&bee section! LOL

  12. Mick said,

    Living in an apartment also means one can’t groan too loud either or else the neighbors can hear.

    4f: not to worry when your room is sound proof…

  13. wuching said,

    aiyo! even got dvd of ur sex-o-rama selling at uncle ho liao!

    4f: better buy some when you come over. will autograph it for you!

  14. zeroimpact said,

    There must be lots of stars in your bedroom
    Night and day

    4f: what do you think… my room is pau fong (big gun room) issit? figuratively when the action is too hot, can see stars aitelyu!!

  15. Leonard said,

    did you spot a high pixel video camera too?

    4f: lucky no, only a telescope!

    when will the movie be released?

    4f: hahaha… watch this space!

  16. fantastflier said,

    how come no DVD version wan?

    4f: you mean battle of britain? know you the type who like to see other people ta fei kei! LOL

  17. helen said,

    I second flyboy. I’ll let you know if your DVD hit the shore. lol

    4f: you can catch me in youtube. will upload after i go to heaven don’t care anymore!

    Seorang Malaysian yang Terlampau….

    4f: got such category meh in the “The Great Malaysian” book of records? 😉

  18. maggielurva said,

    being watched while doing it adds kicks to the whole act….. didn’t know you are so kinky…..

    4f: how come you dont know, we always sleep together when you visit…

  19. seefei said,

    cocka, i think you mean microscope and not telescope. to see tiny things like lu punya you need microscope not telescope.

    sorry, you comment kena spam filter again!

  20. Mick said,

    A sound-proof room is primarily meant for installing a state-of-the-art home theater entertainment system. If not enough money left to sound-proof master bedroom after getting home theater system and sound-proofing the room for it, can bring king-sized mattress into this room for some loud and boisterous love-making. Love-making is primarily for enjoyment and loving intimacy between a married couple. Making babies is not the intended primary purpose for love-making between a married couple.

    4f: how to do that in my little apartment? home theater is for those living in landed properties like our malaysian frens here. will do with just diam2 DO lah!

  21. Simple American said,

    That was you on the film! Cool.

    Uh, I mean. Thats crap. He should be looking at the stars and not you reaching them.

    4f: i like the way you put it. maybe should hawk the space on my back on ebay!

  22. ian said,

    Oh, so that’s Singapore’s answer to Paris Hilton! Go SF! GO!!!

    4f: well, if you consider hairy legs and beer belly as sexy, then i am all Hilton from Paris to London, man!

  23. Chen said,

    wooo.. someone out there is enjoying free show all these while 😛

    4f: …. and get inferiority complex looking at the big equipment in use hahahah….

  24. Diana said,

    mentally challenged peeping tom conducts perverted, little, paranoid peeping activites. As he makes false reports on people from a walkie talkie and visually stalks all the ladies in the park while standing in full view in his window, wiht a walkie talkie in his hands, nobody has the heart to stop him. Oh, poor boy, we all have to put up with it in the complex just because he doesn’t know better.

    4f: nice description but not the one!

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