October 19, 2006 at 11:15 p10 (Life and its pleasures)


Tea Harvest, originally uploaded by Yaatra.

How nice if we can harvest our job?

When we are near the end of our career we retire. The employer will continue based on company’s assets like capital, track record and expertise. These assets, both tangible and intangible are built up based on the collective good work of the workforce. We left these assets to the employer when we leave the company. Unless we are given equity share we will relinguish all ownership to these assets when we leave, which is a pity consider how much sweat and blood we had poured into the company.

So, the question that beg to ask is, can we take ownership of our job? When we retire can we exchange our job for monetary gain just like an asset?

I ask this question because i really felt that my ex-company had benefitted from my effort but did not recognise my contribution. They had penetrated markets that they have never gone before based on my vision, network and marketing effort. The sad thing is i would leave all this legacy (market & brand name) behind when i am no longer an employee.

Hence, i left the company because i think i have something precious that i dont want to leave behind anymore for a mere salary. I still have my old job and work routine. My fortune is still tied to the economic tide and business forces. But instead of my name on the punch card, now my name appears on the letter head.

With this current job, i have a few more options when i retire… pass down, sell, keep or close shop for good.



  1. oxygendeprivation said,

    Not many people have the courage to proceed on your path, to be their own boss, and of cos, it takes some $$$ too to reach that point. All the best to you, glad that you have made it.

    4f: O2, tenkiu for dropping by and leaving a comment! It was a tough decision initially but with the support of family and friends i made the plunge.

    Not there yet but working for yourself is definitely more satisfying!

  2. may said,

    hmmm… I’m not quite there yet to think about closing shop! still sowing the seeds. harvevst is a long way yet.

    4f: glad you are sowing seed now. have a dream and pursue it.

    good that you have more options open to you.

    4f: well, not yet still got to work hard.

  3. fantastflier said,

    Yes, thats why these days, the biggeer companies offer share options so you still own some of what you did.

    4f: that is one way of doing it, giving share option. will adopt this strategy will my company reach critical mass and new blood is needed to penetrate new market

  4. winn said,

    good choice see fei! 🙂

    4f: tenkiu! you can do it too by looking at your core competency

  5. Leonard said,

    aya, what pass is pass, i’m sure that the see fei company can prosper one…betta day by day..then when u tot of passing, pass to me..thank u

    4f: when are you free, come up and have a discussion lah! bring your NRIC and a lot of determination

  6. zeroimpact said,

    You have done what you think is best
    Why look back… 

    4f: the past is revisited just to provide a background to the post. anyway, i am still having a biz relationship with my ex-co. my departure is amicable.

     There’s so much in the future, but then take things day by day
    It’s just so much fun that way

    4f: you are right! the future is exciting!

  7. angel said,

    You can also pass to me. Rest assured, I’ll take care of her like my own baby. 😉

    4f: you also want to do biz? good, see reply to leonard.

  8. Cocka Doodle said,

    When I saw that picture up there, i thought they were harvesting opium poppies…..and I said to myself….how nice. LOL

    4f: sorry buddy! we dont do ganja 🙂

  9. carcar said,

    u can pass to me!! me!! me!! me!!


    4f: ok you will be my biz devt manager. pls direct some kang tau this way hor some time this week hor! LOL

    ok, partnership with angel!

    4f: sure, you can share table with angel and leonard!!

  10. mother superior said,

    Your choice to step out on your own could be the greatest achievement of your life, even if it’s tied to the economic tide. There is a surer way of ensuring life is not as volatile as the economic tide, and that is inner peace within. Think of the deep oceans. The top waves can result in a tsunami, but the deep waters, are like flowing rivers of peace. That’s why the divers survived during the tsunami.

    4f: one thing i learned when in biz is to have a big heart and open mind. will not squeeze my suppliers too badly and compete too aggresively. end of the day, to be able to sleep well at night is most important. inner peace… still learning, not yet as there are too many demons to exorcise.

  11. Immomsdaughter said,

    Got vacancy to apply in your company ah? I’m happy to work 9 to 5, 5 days week, can shake leg, got time to blog & go kopi tiam one. Of coz, salary must be 4 figure starting with #5. Got job liddat ah?

    4f: got, and your salary will be paid in indonesia currency!

  12. me said,

    *thunderous clap on the back* well done! it may be a little scary at this point in your life but have faith. your family n friends believe in you so you should too. it may get a little tough at first but the road will only get better. and remind yourself of the satisfaction of reaping all your own hard work. will be crossing fingers for you.

    4f: tenkiu for the encouragement & hope your golden words will come true one day!

  13. Kenny Ng said,

    Good choice. For me I still long way to go for my retirement. I’m just a ‘baby’ in working life.

    4f: long way to retirement? how come, you must be enjoying your work very much! 😉

  14. titoki said,

    How nice if we can copyrighted everything which we’ve ‘achieved’ for our companies? 😉

    4f: why not? have you tried? 🙂

  15. LM said,

    You have the makings and thinking of a entrepreneur! So what business are you getting into?

    4f: i look at buildings/structures and write report. depend on the client’s brief, my reports can be used for repair&maintenance budgeting, due dilligence , governmental submission, expert report etc.

    I also want to be my own boss! The flesh is willing but the spirit is weak.

    4f: well, find something that you like & good at and you dont have to work another day… cliche but a time tested one!

  16. Mick said,

    If your boss doesn’t recognise your contributions, fire him and be your own boss 😀

    4f: hahaha… not the boss but the company. i am still very in touch with my ex-boss. i am actually grateful that they let me go to do my own things. my ex-company still invite me to their talks and seminars as paying guest muahahah….

  17. zara's mama said,

    But most ppl are ‘tah kung zai’.. and when we leave, we leave.. *sigh*

    4f: well, enjoy the ride while you are there!

  18. Maverick SM said,

    SeeFei, you had made a brave decision to be in the bizworld. Tho’ people think it gave them independence and that they can do things their own way, make their own decision, be their own boss, in reality, it is the inverse.

    4f: well, market dictates the trend & direction of our biz but we can really choose our own niche. concur with you that this freedom do come with a price.

    Once you had invested in your own biz, you actually lost your independence, you become dependent on others to survive, you cannot do things your own way; you do it your customers way, the way that pleases him to contribute to your revenue. At such the decision making is tho’ your own, but you don’t own it; you don’t have that freedom to own it.

    4f: jumping onto the biz bandwagon is sure a road of no return as far as the sunk of biz is concern. but i do not agree that our independant is lost. finding, retaining and managing customers is always a challenge whether i work for people or for my own self. i count myself lucky to still have the ability to choose my customers based on product/price differentiation.

    You become a social product, the society owns you except for the fact that you could receive monies from them to fulfill the dream, your life will become topsy-turvy if the income is so fluctuating.

    4f: hahaha i take that as a compliment. social product? you mean like those listed entity? sorry sir! i am not in that league yet. on the income fluctuating bit, it is another biz challenge that come with the territory. ensuring sufficient cashflow is paramount to ensure the viability of a biz.

    Wish you success in your endeavour.

    4f: tenkiu!

  19. misti said,

    swim well, friend. life buoys and swimming against the current is an everyday affair when you’re on your own. even going to the loo, you have to time. but if you’re a good swimmer, you will enjoy the tides.

    4f: tenkiu for the “fish” advice. i am like a shark now, dont swim i will sink to the bottom!

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