full moon celebration

October 23, 2006 at 11:15 p10 (Gathering)

attended melissa son’s full moon celebration over the weekend. i was happy to see her again. but i guess she was more happy to see me and my wife. she offered me photos taken during the delivery of her son. looking at those photos i was amazed at the amount of tube and equipment present and required during the delivery. science and technology, never realised so much was needed for a simple delivery.

beside myself, some other ex-colleagues were also invited. they were not from my department as most of us had left to to do our own thing. maybe i had left the party scene for too long, i felt weird at some of the topics that were discussed.

like when did “baby talk” made it to party value? ok, this maybe a full moon party but it is so fashionable to talk about making baby? one of my ex-colleague is going for her fourth, motivated no less by the government money for baby scheme. Niamah, i have no quarrel with people who want many kids but to tout the benefits of having many kids at everyone who were within earshots were a little too much.

One more convert for the government message of “Have more than three (kids) if you can afford it!”

wifey was a bit uncomfortable with all this baby talk and we opted for an early departure. we thanked melissa and hub for having us and left promptly.



  1. may said,

    goo goo ga ga ga?

    I guess it’s almost similar for singletons like us who are asked “when are you getting married” at every family gathering! *rolls eyes*

    4f: you are single? i thought you are as married as zara mama! muahahah… but seriously getting married is life one big priority that i had neglected. a lot of catching up to do!!

  2. velverse said,

    hahaha… baby talk eh.. damn… now you make the “full moon party” that I going to attend tomorrow sounds scary. But then again… lucky she is my only classmate that has got married and have children.

    So now… I don’t felt like an odd ball.

  3. wuching said,

    did u get ur red eggs?

  4. angel said,

    so, what did u get for the ang goo goo?

  5. Robin said,

    When u are single, they will ask you when u are getting married,
    after u got married, they will ask you when u are going to have babies,
    when your kid is born, they will ask when they are getting married…
    and when they are married, they will ask u when u are going to have grandchildren..

    so boring…

  6. ian said,

    Hah, it’s the first time I hear you say Niamah.

    4f: sorry hor for the indiscretion 😦

    Hahaha… Well, I guess full moon parties are commonly dominated by topics surrounding babies. As for the part on making babies, is there any point to compare, really?

    4f: point to compare? read zara mama you will get a pretty good picture of bringing up baby.

  7. carcar said,

    can’t agree more with Robin, yes…

    4f: wah, when u & robin so ngam key one?

    come on, give me a break.

    4f: a break? can… come in low neckline on friday dinner and you will have our undivided attention! 😉

  8. Mick said,

    Less talk about babies. More talk about cars please 😀

    4f: ok, next post on car,

    Yaloh, gahmen only encourages people who can afford it to have as many babies as possible. They are not really that keen on giving handouts to poor families with so many mouths to feed.

    4f: imagine our country is like matrix. it needs human power to run it. scary isn’t it?

  9. fantastflier said,

    Its far worse when the baby being discussed is YOU! like at family gatherings and your mom goes yabba yabba yabba.. lol

    4f: hahaha those were like eons ago…
    dunt worry your time will come, move to canada! less stress more relaxed… 😉

    4f: tenkiu for the suggestion! wait until the integrated resorts open first then decide!!

  10. LM said,

    canada! which part? knew of somebody who moved there (Toronto) and had to battle -20C winter temperatures!

    4f: flyboy is in the oil capital of canada – calgary! drop by his blog lah but you wont find -20C story there, only chipmunk and elk! 🙂

  11. zara's mama said,

    Baby talk.. hmm..
    Sometimes it gets a bit too much for people who are trying..

    How come no baby photos?

  12. Mick said,

    Singapore powered by human batteries. What a mind-boggling science-fiction piece of information 🙂

    4f: what do you expect from a 3M country, MO yan MO yau MO tei (no hr, no oil, no land)? i take my hats off to the govt for getting ppl to invest SGD$10 billion here in the integrated resort!

  13. mother superior said,

    C’est la vie, that’s life and talk in Singapore, unfortunately.

    Understand how you felt at the party.

    4f: i am the thick skin type. pity wifey who bore the brunt of it.

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