Dinner Anyone?

October 25, 2006 at 11:15 p10 (Bloggers Meeting)

butterfly, originally uploaded by See Fei.

anyone? dinner on friday?

where: east coast seafood centre
time: 730 pm
coming: mother superior, leonard, cocka, car2
not free: robin, misti, mick

humsup jokes not provided, bring your own



  1. may said,

    hmm, why are your flickr codes showing? heheh!

    4f: oopps! ok, deleted liao….
    too bad you’re not just 30 minutes away, otherwise I would’ve brought 3 other sexy ladies with me to join in the party!

    have fun, y’all!

    4f: ya too bad too my heli pilot is still on raya hols! 🙂 send our regards to your three sexy friends will ya?

  2. Leonard said,

    okay, so its confirmed lar….looked like its going to be more flabby for my tummy liaoz…

    4f: i suggest you walk there ….

    any changes sms me hor, me seldom time to surf blog nowadays….

    4f: no prob!

    too bad no sexy ladies…sigh!

    4f: aiyoh, mother superior and car2 gonna knock your head!

  3. wuching said,

    aiyo, too far lah! see lah in couple of months time lah!

    4f: wait until neck long2 liao!

  4. angel said,

    waa… u post up all the details, u not sked some cuckoos go spy u all?

    4f: no sked cos we got divine security in mother superior

    i want seafood too… 😦

    4f: we do seafood next time when in kay-el ok?

  5. Kenny Ng said,

    where is it ah? in KL ah? 😛

    4f: tenkiu for asking. it is in little dot, about 400 km south of kay-el.

  6. LM said,

    Kenny ah, if cocka can go, so can you! 😛

    4f: LM, what about you?

  7. zeroimpact said,

    Wow a meet… a meet
    Sure nice one
    Have fun

    4f: are you coming?

  8. Immomsdaughter said,

    If air ticket provided, I wan 🙂

    4f: ………..

  9. fantastflier said,

    I wan I wan please send air ticket….

    4f: use teleporter lah, faster!

  10. Hiao Auntie said,

    thank you see fei for inviting me to this makan session… i would hv joined u, but unfortunately i hv class on friday… next round you let me noe k… my course ending soon

    4f: no prob *listing hiaoauntie into the database* 🙂

  11. Mick said,

    Oh man. I can only ta pau.

    4f: we will send the ta pau over… with the bill 🙂

  12. zara's mama said,

    too far! and I’m too big.. and I eat too much..

    4f: we will have one in kay-el after your confinement

  13. Eileen said,

    I got no appetite now…too bad… 😦

    Enjoy yourselves though! 🙂

    4f: then, you must come cos all the rest are big eaters! 🙂 take care!

  14. velverse said,

    Wah….. I want to go… but too bad…
    I want to eat… but…
    I hope jokes is provided.. but…

    I am so far away. Can DHL to me ar?

    4f: since so many of you cant make it for this one, will have to throw one in kay-el sometime. promise you will come then, Man?

  15. lakeside girl said,

    I love butterflies (and that tiny little smiley at the bottom of this page).

    Are strangers invited to the dinner? =p

    4f: welcome, we are all strangers with a nick, aren’t we?

  16. winn said,

    cock-car cola!!

    4f: the real thing, rite?

  17. sengkor said,

    all meet at spore then take a bus to KL.. It’s called ‘2D1N KL-SGP Bloggers Ties Conference 2006’.

    4f: we have an event manager here!! we will do that when the YTL bullet train is ready!

  18. zeroimpact said,

    I would if I could
    Too bad weather does not permit here
    But virtually I am there
    Lurking behind that tree

    4f: hei you get well soon! we will reserve some peanuts for you LOL

  19. Immomsdaughter said,

    Shall I take it your silence means consent (to sponsor my ticket)…muar ha ha

    4f: you can share the teleporter with flyboy hor! 😉

  20. ylchong said,

    hey, you are CONscripted as one PR managAR for G7 bloggers meet end-2006, with sisdar Heln hoRsted at Ipoh!

    I will organise South troopers, and some Y&A will do the North troopers to march to meet at middle point, Be Prepared!:)

    4f: General, give your order when the troop is ready! 🙂

    I’ll ta pau some CurryFishHead from Mantin, the Besta in 9 states.

    4f: ta pau? dhl fasto before  the CFH starts to rot!

    PS: Hope you guys had tummy downset; I’m jeles!

    4f: hahaha just woke up this am, no upset wor! dont jeles lah, took a ton of photo, just for you only!

  21. Hiao Auntie said,

    how was the dinner????

    4f: the dinner post? sorry, cant get it up this morning, prob due to the heavy graphic and busy monday traffic. will try again later in the afternoon 🙂

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