sea, breeeze & good company!

October 30, 2006 at 11:15 p10 (Bloggers Meeting, Darn Good Food)

 pic from leonard

It is always a good break to meet up with bloggers if my experience over the last three meets were any indication. especially when you have good company like leonard, car2, mother superior  & cocka. we missed the presence of spinnee & hiao auntie who could not make it due to work/study commitment. how we wish you could join us!

dinner was seafood at the east coast seafood centre. can you spot us at the pic above? our table is at the centre. i appreciate the effort & sacrifice put in by those who turned up.

cocka – came all the way from JB. as we finished around midnight, we hope you could catch enough sleep and made it for the early meeting the next day.

car2 – after burning midnight oil for her last paper on the same day, she badly needed her beauty sleep. despite her bit self, this lady still oozed charm & glam in her every move that evening.

leonard – sacrificed a friday nite out with gf. i understand his situation as friday is my family night out too.

mother superior – needed to go home and fetch her daughters to a function before coming over. we were pleasantly surprised that she made it before we finished all the chilli crab despite the crazy peak hour friday traffic.

food glorious food… chilli crab, steamed prawn, vege & bbq fish… we ordered one more fried tauhu but didnt take any photo no space to squeeze it in here. we were given a dose of chinese language by the friendly waiter from mainland china. Mother Superior ordered coke and the waiter asked her,

“red or white?”

we were stunned for a while before we realised the waiter actually meant “classic or diet?”. For the record, MS was not on diet.


the 2nd round was conducted at the east coast coffee bean club. camwhoring & chatting were heavy here… 🙂

Leonard was foaming at the mouth during this session… can someone guess why? the answer is in the last pic of this post

Leonard, you should cool down with the ice tea. Told you not to get overly excited by the foxy & seductive Car2 (background).

do u know that you can tell the character of a person from his/her camwhore style? Read on….

eg1. the artistic type who cant resist beautiful things – Mother Superior shooting the deco on the wall

eg2. the EQ & quiet type – Leonard as he was waiting for car2 & mother superior to finish their session before his camwhore turn

eg3. big, strong and cautious type- Cocka with his firm hand grip & extra safe camera “belt” on his wrist

eg4. perfectionist type- Car2 (background) patience & persistence on that one shot over the coffee glass…



  1. Kenny Ng said,

    The foods look so nice, suddenly so hungry now… aaarrrggghhhh!!! Thought to skip lunch today but cannot now… LOL

    4f: tahan……….. 🙂

  2. me said,

    what is it about you, blogger’s meet and chili crab? why is there always chili crab?

    4f: blogger meet is always about good company, food, camwhoring & yakking… the setting for this meet is actually a group consensus which was initially suggested by cocka. chilli crab is a regular feature cos it is a good ice breaker as explained by Mother Superior and we always have new blogger attending this meet. hope that explains…. 🙂

  3. may said,

    so this is what we missed!!

    4f: where was the lengluis you promised? we waited wo…

     aiya, really should organise one for everyone. we meet halfway… let’s go Malacca for Peranakan food!!

    4f: good idea, can work out the detail with our event manager, sengkor!

  4. mother superior said,

    To ME:

    A blogger’s meet without chilli crab will not have any fire, trust me. The seafood setting is always helpful in breaking the ice, because you are at your element – eating with hands, mah, and licking up the chilli from your fingers. Also, got nothing to talk, you can pretend to flick the chilli crab to someone else (or somebody’s shirt) and then, voila, sure got conversation.

    So now you know why SF and MS always plan for chilli crab meat meets.

    4f: well said.

  5. wuching said,

    eastcoast seafood center? is that in singapore?

    4f: yup

  6. LM said,

    omg! look at the food!. Now feelin faint liao. need FOOD.

    4f: JELES! your office so near vivo and all the good food area…

  7. Hiao Auntie said,

    sinful sinful food!!!! i’m just kidding…. and of coz with coke, best!

    4f: hei next time must come for this sinful gathering, ok?

  8. Mick said,

    Looks like Leonard couldn’t resist the charms of car2 afterall.

    4f: me2 but lucky no incriminating photograph! muahahaha…

  9. velverse said,

    Huar… nice nice nice… seafood dishes. This is simply amazing 😀

    4f: tenkiu2!

    Next time when I drop by spore… give me a tour to the nice place 🙂

    4f: wat next time, come next week lah… can go jalan2 at vivo, east coast…

  10. Immomsdaughter said,

    Arrggghhhh…crab!!! My favourite food……without me 😦

    4f: quickly jot down in my note book “seafood is IMMD’s fav food” 😉

  11. Leonard said,

    wei, i also have take photo of the coffee bean bottles hor…also nice nice…why show my tummy photo!!!!

    4f: you tummy photo tells a better side of you, the EQ and patience side!

    btw, i gave you the tofu photo, although blur blur one…all food blur blur one, how i hope i have a S3!

    4f: hei i tot you have the “press the button and release quickly” technique to take close up? 🙂

    btw, i just cant stop bursting into laughter while reading eg3., the sentence is so irony

    4f: only eg3, wat about the rest? accurate or not my read on you?

  12. Chen said,

    nice, nice…
    the chilli crabs is the signature dish? 🙂

    4f: the chilli crab is the unofficial dish of little dot!

  13. helen said,

    Good food, good company… who could ask for more? 🙂

    4f: yup, one of life little pleasures!

  14. nyonyapenang said,

    the chilli crabs looks yummy and soooo pedas too.

    4f: yummy but not too pedas. it is heavenly when washed down with coke!

  15. Maverick SM said,

    Bloggers meeting or makan contest? So much good food; ahdoi…I also cannot tahan lah!!!

    4f: SM, there is always a feast when we meet. I really look forward to meet up with you to cakap2 & sembang2 mengenai kisah & hikayat negaraku!

  16. angel said,

    Shucks man… Calling BolehLand Bloggers! Any Chilli Crabs in KayElle that can top Kiasuland’s???

    4f: ok, will leave that question as angel assignment for the weekend, ok?

    Fatty Crab? No no, not nice… I heard in Seremban got one really nice (chilli?) crab restaurant…

    4f: maybe desi can answer this question!


    4f: *angel wants to eat crab – jotting down in my notebook*

  17. misti said,

    hehe. my spirit was sitting next to you. can feel or not that night? *grins*

    4f: so it was you ha? i tot the cool2 feeling was the sea breeze 🙂

  18. fantastflier said,

    drat now I gotto go try the chili crab here. prob no where near but beggars cant be choosers!!!

    4f: kill 2 birds with one stone lah, start a genuine chilli crab eatery there lah!

  19. carcar said,

    thanks for this superb dinner arrangement, you did a great job in organizing and photo shooting! thanks!

    4f: the pleasure is all mine! tenkiu for sweeping me off my feet with your charm and wit.
    i heard frm leonard u still holding one of our photo wor, hehe…

    4f: i didnt shoot any foto in sepia as mentioned by leonard. anyway, will send again those remaining photo that i didnt send out earlier!

  20. Simple American said,

    Man I look at those chili crabs and I can see why MS got back so quick. I would love to be there too. Yummy looking food.

    4f: hei! we are still looking forward to see you here. any plan to drop by before the year end?

  21. spinnee said,

    u guys so camwhore, how to appear at such function when i’m a vampiress!

    4f: our functions are all vampire-friendly one. we have golden rule  like no face and flash camwhoring allowed.

    so i’m supposed to be anonymous one leh… hahaah

    4f: no worry, as of now, we are all still anon, except leonard of course!

    anyway it’s so troublesome to makan crab outside… spoil image leh! *act princess*

    4f: no prob, i offer to deshell the crab for you if you show up next time and we still have crustacean seafood! 🙂

  22. me said,

    aiyah, i understood blogger’s meet lah. didn’t understand why always must have chilli crab. thought it was your favourite or something. thanks for enlightening 🙂

    4f: you are welcome!  *one plate of chilli crab for lenglui here please* MUahahahah…

  23. Cocka Doodle said,

    Aiyah! late to comment liao. Sorry! was damn busy these few days!
    lenglui..this place serves one of the best chili crabs I’ve tried in Kiasuland.

    4f: tenkiu for the explanation

    Seefei, next I would suggest Peranakan food at this place in Joo Chiat Road. The food is simply awesome!

    4f: Pls give me the name of the restaurant. Will check it out when i am at the area

  24. Simple American said,

    Doubtful I will make it this year or even next.

    4f: we keep our fingers crossed and wish for a small miracle.

  25. ian said,

    wah carcar banyak pretty in that photo…

    4f: will let her know she got another admirer here!

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