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October 31, 2006 at 11:15 p10 (Red & White Matters, Singapore)

Another man was killed by MRT at the Clementi station, reported by Yahoo here. Only about a few weeks ago, one out-of-luck unemployed Tan Jee Suan committed suicide by jumping onto an incoming train. The public donated a cool $500,000 to his widow and son.

God, please dont let this be another copy cat suicide. In a supposedly developed country like little dot, it is indeed tragic and sad to hear a loss of life due to hardship.

Isn’t it eerie the MRT that is used by many suddenly become a suicide tool of choice for the destitute?



  1. spinnee said,

    when one is at its desperate ends, i guess that’s one road to go, especially they’ve seen the warmth of the public.

    afterall, 1 die better than 1 family die rite. haiz.

    4f: hope the govt realize this and work harder on the reach out of their social program. i am keeping my fingers crossed it is not a copy cat suicide!

  2. may said,

    any suicide is a loss. *sigh*

    4f: newspapers seldom report suicide but  a dead man in front of an MRT train is hard to ignore i guess!

  3. angel said,

    *makes mental note about Clementi station*
    Isn’t it painful to die this way? 😦

    4f: i have no idea what motivates suicides. Whatever it is, it is more than pain itself!

  4. wuching said, evil spirits pushed him!

    4f: eeeeeeeeeee!

  5. Maverick SM said,

    Suiciders have psychiatric problems which are beyond self-control. Even without MRT, they may go to the high-rise buildings.

    The social menace can only be solved by having more people in counselling works and having more public educational programmes, plus easy accessible avenues to social psychiatrists.

    4f: SM, thanks for the short brief on the solution of this social menace. Tan Jee Suan suicide case was very high profile and maybe it is time all stakeholders (govt agencies, citizen group, self help groups) should work together on discovery, surface and suggestion of solution to this social menace.

  6. Hiao Auntie said,

    probably another case of financial desperation driven to suicide…. hope those govt agencies wake up and not always wanting to go by the book before they grant assistance…. counselling may be one thing but still it doesn’t solve the problem… the real issue is the inability to cope with the cost of living in Sg… more aid is needed to help these down and out ppl

    4f: straight times run an article a few days ago saying our welfare spending is about 2% of our GDP. it is low compared to spending of other developed countries. i know govt is not supportive of social welfarism but maybe it is time to consider slaying another sacred cow for the general good of all! i think the welfare spending should be increased at a rate and quantum that is more effective for the purpose it is intended to.

  7. Simple American said,

    Its sad if someone thinks they have to do that to take care of their family.

    4f: *sigh* indeed it is a sad episode in this land of plenty *sigh*

  8. Leonard said,

    jumping into a MRT or off a building is a terrible death…but i believed the people are of no choice…

    the govt will only find one particular poor family when they raise bus fare, gave them help, discount, ask tv station to film…the others…erm…i dun know….

    hope i safe with these words…

    4f: if you disappear from the surface of little dot, we know what happen to you! 🙂

    seriously, you are ok. i have faith in this govt. i am sure, the wheel of bureaucracy is already rolling to look into the source of Tan Jee Suan’s suicide. You must have faith when international big wits are lining up to put in bets of billions in this little island.

  9. me said,

    that’s sad. don’t understand why people have the courage to face death but not life.

    4f: good question! what is worst than death? find the answer and we may have half the answer to poverty

  10. Kenny Ng said,

    Those people really irresponsible and selfish. Suicide is not the solution.

    4f: irrationality creeps in when you think you think you are at the end of the world. i give these poor souls the benefit of the doubt. poverty is a real problem around us. the fact the Muhammad Yunnus from Grameen Bank won the noble peace price for his work with poverty in Bangladesh testify to this.

     i concur suicide is not the solution but this message and the solution got to reach those that matters fast and clear.

  11. Mick said,

    Surely it’s a cry of a desperate soul that has been ignored. The cries of a desperate soul, whose pleas for help, while he’s still alive, have fallen on deaf ears of callous souls. This desperate soul cries out, “Please help me! Please help my family!”

    Maybe they think it’s an effective way of channeling money from the public to their needy dependants.

    Problems in life are temporary. Only the Giver of life has the right to take it away.

    4f: this latest case, if it is a hardship one, will serves as a wake up call to all!

     Actually problem in life is permanent, only life is transient, ie the poor will remain poor and the rich, rich. Unless there are acts of intervention… will the status quo change 🙂

  12. zeroimpact said,

    Courage is at its peak, the wrong side though
    Suicide should not happen at all if I had it my way… but then so does war and so many other things

    4f: it is more shocking when it happened so near to home and when all the economic indicators are up…

  13. titoki said,

    Now now, isn’t that a good idea and a good place to make your spouse half a million richer?

    4f: i wont wish that on anyone! there is nothing more valuable than life itself!

  14. zara's mama said,

    what’s the world turning into huh? Esp if the one who ended his life think that his dependant may get richer by him doing such an act.

    4f: it is just my 2 cents worth of guessitimate. but if it is a real copy cat suicide, then there are really very desperate people in this little oasis of plenty. hope this will be a wake up call to relevant govt agencies to relook their social and assistance program.

  15. velverse said,

    Hemm.. like I always say when I am driving, if you want to die, die far far.

    Don’t die and cause trouble for others and dun die to make others panic or scared till death watching their blood and minced meat splatter all over.

    Sigh… smarter way to die mar. Example sleep in car with air con on and all windows closed. Die easily, peacefully and dun disturb others. How good rite. SIgh.

    4f: like you fai yan fai yue (direct in your face) type of talk!

    there is a chinese saying, “dont trouble relatives when you are alive and friends when you are dead”

  16. Mick said,

    Many of the truths in life that we cling on to greatly depend upon our point of view.

    4f: why cling on when you can let go and have a fresh perspective?

    No problem in life is permanent since nobody in this world can live on this earth physically in his current body form forever. But life after death is eternal, whether it’s spent up there or down there.

    4f: problem is life can be permanent and transferable when you & your family get stuck in a vicious cycle.

  17. LM said,

    I tell ya.. developed place; but the gap between the rich and the ‘rest of us’ is so wide!

    4f: is it getting wider or the middle class is getting bigger?

  18. carcar said,

    yes, agree with titoki, a jump.. suddenly they received half a million ( in within 3 days)..

    no wonder monday night when i pass by clementi road, there was a traffic jam under the mrt track, sigh…

    life is precious, love life.

    4f: everyone think so now, ie life = $500,000.00 in little dot 😦

  19. O2Deprivation said,

    With the excessive publicity of these issues in the local chinese newspapers, I am not surprised if there are copycats, trying their luck as the last resort. This is not healthy, same goes to the recent Huang Na case when the murderers received huge publicity at the end of his journey, with many potray him as a loving dad and kind hearted husband. Are we off-tracking?

    4f: the media needs to balance its role, ie to inform and to educate. however, the huge sway of public opinions in these two news could be the tips of the social iceberg. these news will never carry the impact of the magnitude of a tsunami if there is no strong undercurrent of a prevailing set of opinion (of poverty and injustice) in the public realm. the shock wave may have throw some of us off track but i am very sure it has also waken up some slumbering govt agencies into action. i can only look at the good side of thing, ie there will be more assistance and reaching out program towards the needy after the tan jee suan case.

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