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November 1, 2006 at 11:15 p11 (General Chatter)

on the top, originally uploaded by *helmen.

I answered a lot of “What do you want?” questions when i told my close friends that i was looking for a wife sometime back. My answer, most often than not, would be, “Long hair & not intimidating”.

A visual of that description would be like the gal in the pic above!

My feeling then was if i could describe what i wanted in a more specific manner, my list would be so short, only my mother would qualify!

Well, if you ask me now the same question, i would tell you, “Someone like my wife would be fine”.

I am sure you would like to ask me whether she look anything like the pic above, right?

Scroll to the first few posts of this blog and form your opinion!



  1. Robin said,

    hmmm.. the perfect one.. or the perfect match..

    I think the latter is fair

    4f: tenkiu…

  2. may said,

    she looks nice. I’m sure your wife is mighty fine, too!

    4f: tenkiu. me leh? 😉

  3. Kenny Ng said,

    To me I’m not hoping so much, just simple, understanding and caring life partner is what I want.

    4f: men and women are different. a lot of time we misunderstood “tolerance” for “understanding”. “caring” is difficult to achieve in this world of many demands. your supposedly simple requirement, is in fact the holy grail of virtue that men all over the world are looking for in women. wish you well in your pursuit of these rare species.

    I don’t need to scroll back to your first few post, as long you love her, she’ll look perfect to you no matter how right?

    4f: well said… 🙂

  4. angel said,

    ya… she resembles See 😉
    *brings mike*
    So, feikor, what izit in See that attracts you? Other than the physical aspect, that is…

    4f: first and foremost, i was not attracted to her physical aspect. in fact in the first 3 months of our relationship i didnt know how she looked like. i was attracted by her strong view of family value and priority in life.

  5. Winn said,

    yalor agree with kenny…..
    but easier said than done la kenny.but how true is it that we lower down our expectation as we aged! LOL.
    i’d say , find someone u feel comfortable being with

    4f: you and kenny so ngam key! is that a coincident or something that we dont know? 😉

  6. Simple American said,

    The girl in the picture reminds me of Sandra Bullock. *purs* Pretty hot.
    And I remember your wife is pretty too. Though she is not like this girl at all.

    4f: tenkiu!

  7. wuching said,

    does it matter how our wives look like?

    4f: it does. vice versa. i am sure my chance of getting a wife will be small if i look hideous.

    its important that we love each other then she will be the most beautiful woman in the world for u!

    4f: love can only blossom if we can pass that “look” department.

  8. Mick said,

    Ay? I thought you’re already married. You mean you are getting another wife? *baffled*

    4f: i was talking b4 i got married!

  9. Immomsdaughter said,

    Wei, short hair not nice meh? I got short hair wor, lucky my hubby like 😉

    4f: aiyah no pic how to imagine? must send me you photo, ok?

    Anyway, I satisfied my curiosity by peeping into your archives and your wifey is vely sexy *Feel free to send her my compliment. U r one lucky dude 😛

    4f: tenkiu but will keep compliment to myself, can?

  10. ian said,

    Eh, lend me your magnifying glass please… I wanna find a wife like that too… Muahaha!!!

    4f: aiyoh oz got so many lengluis you dont need unker help here lah! some more you so tall & handsome… btw what about serene from GSDH? You are mentioned in her latest post!

    You really dont need my mag glass But i dont mind though if you wanna seek my 2 cents worth with girls that you fancy 🙂

  11. zara's mama said,

    wah.. very closed to what you wanted..


    This is what we call Fate is it?

    4f: beside fate, credit should also go to yahoo messenger & my match maker cum courtship strategist…

  12. velverse said,

    What I want. I don’t know anymore.. as I grew older… as I met more people… I got lost and I didn’t know what I want anymore.

    4f: what about big, strong & loaded? 🙂

    Sad to say, I gave up on looking for someone that understands me. Coz none came close.

    4f: it is difficult for men that understand women. we are just different. we can be understanding but to really understanding the women’s pysche takes a lot of effort and time. as a matter of fact, i am still learning although i had been married for a while…

    I stop asking myself what I want… coz when love comes, what I want just flew out the window.

    4f: may i ask what are you looking for? cant it come in the same package as love?

    Then again, I believe in destiny but forsee possibilities.

    4f: dont forget, destiny is also in our hand! i wish you well!

  13. Maverick SM said,

    So you did get what you wanted…I saw the pic!!!

    You must be a damn happy husband…

    4f: i am more happy with the content than the packaging 🙂

    If you asked me what type of wife I want (consider that I am bachelor), em….. maybe someone who is called Nori and then later, Maya!!!hahahahah!!!!

    4f: i can only say u have taste, my fren!

  14. spinnee said,

    i dunno why but even i went to the first few posts, i can’t see any photo.

    4f: got uv light, vampire cannot see one muahhaha!

    in any case, beauty lies in the eyes of beholder. isn’t it. 😉

    4f: true, and intrinsic beauty is more important than what lies externally, right?

  15. carcar said,

    “Long hair & not intimidating”. ?

    i am short hair and daunting wor, no wonder cannot find my life partner.

    *go to mrt station*

    4f: go mrt station for what? ppl get half a million, you will only get joss stick & prayer!

    dont worry, yuen fun mei doh only! i am sure you have a long list of kidnappers to choose from! *wink wink*

  16. nyonyapenang said,

    very clear vision, you got. 😉

    4f: tenkiu for the good word. actually hor, lau liao no much choice left LOL

  17. zeroimpact said,

    Ok… I don’t think I’m intimidating so my long hair will not spark anything for you

    4f: sorry no intention to go bi-sexual yet muahahaha…

    But then again… how to put list la, even got also, always the product will not match one
    I believe the list will do no justice

    4f: concurred with you, judging by our own feeling is the best way to go…

  18. mother superior said,

    Hmmm… the long hair factor deserves another debate. But for now, see, you’ve got a wonderful See after searching high and low on the sea of msn.

    4f: hahaha i hope i dont stir up a hornet nest from the “hair” issue!

  19. me said,

    but what was the first thing about your wife that attracted you? her looks? was it love at first sight? sheesh! so busybody! sorry, can’t help it.

    4f: no love at first sight. we were introduced by a fren thru email. we were on telephone & yahoo messeger for 3 months before we actually met. i was attracted by her homeliness and strong family value.

  20. Kunstemaecker said,

    Thanks for visiting. 🙂

    4f: you are welcome. pls make yourself at here in burung pipit little lily pond! 🙂

    I would like to know what Burung Pipit means. It sounds cute.

    4f: burung pipit is a little bird of the finch family.

  21. Leonard said,

    oh gosh…my comment disappear!!

    4f: how come? can comment again? 🙂

  22. Kunstemaecker said,

    thanks for the answer. it’s a cute little bird!

    4f: yup burung pipit is cute and tiny, the silent observer of the events happening around it.

  23. velverse said,

    what about big, strong & loaded?
    v: hahaha… it’s never easy to get everything we want.

    4f: it is difficult for men that understand women. we are just different. we can be understanding but to really understanding the women’s pysche takes a lot of effort and time. as a matter of fact, i am still learning although i had been married for a while…
    v: Yes, that is why I hate it when others tell me. Can’t you be a little more understanding. In the first place, did they try to understand me?

    may i ask what are you looking for? cant it come in the same package as love?
    v: Probably it can. It’s hard to say… when love comes it comes 😀

    dont forget, destiny is also in our hand! i wish you well!
    v: yes, in our hands… and there is where possibilites kick in 😀

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