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November 5, 2006 at 11:15 p11 (Filler, Pics/Photography)

This is one of those eat-full-nothing-to-do posts conjured up over a lazy weekend…

Below are three photographs from the animals kingdom. My esteemed readers are invited to caption the photographs. The best set of captions will win a dessert of your choice from burung pipit.

The contest is open until the end of the week (11 Nov), ie the lastest you can submit your caption in the comment box is the coming Saturday. Judging will be based on popular voting to be carried out after the close of the contest. Only captions visible in the comment box is considered valid entry.

Please pick your choice of “best” caption set on 12 Nov and 13 Nov. Let us know your pick by commenting in the box. Will announce the result of the winner on the 15 Nov.

This contest is not open to all the ex-gf, wife, mother and relatives of burung pipit.

I will start the ball rolling….
Imagine i can hear the language of insects and below are some of the conversation this kay poh (busy body) overheard from some of the participants of the hottest party in the insect world!

Ant in the centre to ant on the right:
How bro! Whose good idea is it to use this short cut? I think we are lost!

Dear, how many time must i tell you not to wear green? Now, how am i going to find you?

No one invite me to the party! Everyone think i am too plain jane…*sob sob*

Closing date: Sat 11 November 2006 1 am

 Monday Count! We have nine contestants with theme from politic, sex, humsup, humour and philosophy. Interesting mix! Keep it up guys! You can submit more than one set of captions.

1. Lenglui ME (Kay-eL)

2. Velverse (Kay-eL)

3. Misti (little red dot)

4. Winn (Pee Jay)

5. Cocka (Jay Bee)

6. Helen (Yee Poh)

7. SM Maverick (Kay-el)

8. Nyonya Penang (Oriental Pearl)

9. Simple American (Bush Land)

Update of contestants so far….

10. Mick (Little Red Dot)

11. Hiao Auntie (Little Red Dot)

12. Sengkor (Kelong Valley)

13. Little Miss May (Pee Jay)

14. Ianfluenza (Down Under)

Organiser comment:

So far, we have participants from America, Australia, Malaysia & Singapore. Anyone from Europe? Mr K, are you reading this? 🙂

 Some party had asked burung pipit whether can KELONG this competition or not. Can but near impossiblity lah cos the judging (this weekend) will be transparent and open.

If you want my advice, here is one! Increase your chances by submitting more than one set of caption. It is free, anyway!

Friday, last day for submission…. there was an entry from a mysterious Eric yesterday…

15. Eric (unknown)

Last day and closing soon….. a very farni and cute entry from Happy Surfer…. check it out guys!

16. Happy Surfer (Kelong Valley)



  1. may said,

    uik… changed template again? *scratches head*
    can’t think of any good captions for your great photos… ugh! perhaps inspiration will come to me another time. or… I think I shall just vote… *grin*

    4f: *patiently waiting for miss may to return*

  2. Kenny Ng said,

    I choose No. 3 caption.

    4f: aiyoyo, kenny you suppose to caption the photographs! quick2 come back!

  3. angel said,

    *Creative Juice is dry*

    4f: monday blue issit?

  4. LM said,

    Lovely photos!
    4f: tenkiu!
    But I just hate those 3 ants! Keranga ants. Damn stink (they have soft abdomens and are crushed easily) and they bite painful!

    4f: soft abdomen? LM, are you mixing up your keranga with your piao mei! the morning must be early, some coffee for you too! 🙂

  5. me said,

    i wasn’t going to join…so malas on monday morning. but seeing that nobody here has participated, okaylah, i make an effort lah.
    picture 1: centre ant to ant on right: psst, you know what i did over the weekend? i went for a highlight! *blink blink* see those silver streaks on my bum? that’s the latest happening thing man! check it out!
    picture 2: ooooo! i see a sexy lizard waving at me infront! calm down, act natural, act sophisticated….wha?! damn! it’s just another piece of grass!
    picture 3: someone’s taking my photo! quick quick, turn to my left side! i’m more photogenic on my left! smile….
    ok, ok, i know, it’s pretty lame. award for making an effort to motivate the others?

    4f: 1st entry! terima kasih manyak2 leng lui muak muak!

  6. velverse said,

    okay… let’s rock and roll.
    pic 1:
    Ant 1 & 2: “Sir, there’s an ant down there. What should we do.”
    Ant 3: “Call the SWAT (Super Whacko Ant Team) to save them. We never leave an ant behind.”
    pic 2:
    Hooray… now I can pee anywhere I like and nobody is going to notice anything!
    pic 3:
    Teacher always tell me.. less is more. More is less. Damn… kena con again.

    4f: 2nd entry! tenkiu velverse!

  7. misti said,

    1. jump lah. won’t die wan.
    2. darn. i’m lost again.
    3. oi, who bit me just now? grr.
    4f: 3rd entry! tenkiu very much!

  8. Immomsdaughter said,

    *GOING BLANK* Never ask me to use my brain on a Monday morning 😛

    4f: aiyoh u still use brain power? i tot everyone else is using computer muahahaha….

  9. Kunstemaecker said,

    It’s too early for me to come up with funny captions. I’ll try to think of some.

    4f: here! have some coffee, Mr K! 🙂

  10. Leonard said,

    woah, impressive photographs, see until mouth open big big brain mulfunction, cannot think of caption!

    4f: die2 must think of a caption, ok! 🙂

  11. winn said,

    1. Ant 1 :” eh do u think i will win if my caption not hamsap?’
    Ant 2 & 3:” you think leh?” *scratch butts*
    2.Cicak:’i only tok to hamsap ppl’
    3. Butterfly:’i only let hamsap ppl take my pic’

    4f: 10Q winn, you are contestant no:4! nice attempt on humsup but watch out! his highness of humsupness cocka has yet to open his golden mouth!

  12. Cocka Doodle said,

    Picture No. 1
    Quick!! We’ve got to move out of Titoki’s house!! The termites are in town!! Hurry! Tell the rest!!
    Picture No. 2
    Ahhh……its always a nice feeling scrapping my balls on the lawn..
    Picture No. 3
    *Antennas up** Quick Leonard! There’s a new girl in town!!

    4f: welcome your highess, you are no:5! nice balance of humsupness and connexion with other bloggers!

  13. helen said,

    1. Ant in the middle to the other 2: That’s our promise land over the Causeway…. Heard it’s the land of opportunity for us ants and rats. Kiasuland is too damn clean….
    2. Lizard: Dang, that burung pipit is definitely horny.. rooftop, electric lines and now grassland in mid afternoon?
    3. Butterfly – that turkey who took the shot needs photoshop lessons…

    4f: at no:6 we have Helen, tenkiu very much! politic & humour, potent combo but refreshing!

  14. Maverick SM said,

    Ant1 to Ant 2: If we keep doing what we are doing, we will keep getting what we had got. Now we had only stone and sand to eat.
    Cicak: It’s so difficult to find a proper toilet; fortunately, my shit is green too.
    If only I alone exist, I will owned this world absolutely. But then… I will be lonely!

    4f: tenkiu SM, you are no: 7! philo and politik, true to form, well done!

  15. carcar said,

    after reading this post twice, and all the participant caption (so far) i am still puzzle..
    which category am i belong to, since this contest is not open to all of your ex-gf, wife, mother and relatives…

    4f: you are kaki lah, none of the above! come lah, have some fun!

  16. nyonyapenang said,

    1.ant on the right to ant in the middle,”fuiyoh, got orgy down there wor. wanna join ah?
    2. “pssst…piaomei, can come out now ledi. the moral polis chau liao la.”
    3. ‘eee….don’t come so near me. you got bad breath”

    4f: contestant no 8! tenkiu! orgy and piao mei? got lobang (pardon the pun)? 🙂

  17. Simple American said,

    1. Will you keep you antenna off my wife’s butt?
    2. The grass is always greener than me on the other side!
    3. Bug. Who you calling a bug? I’m a moth. That’s Mr. Moth to you bub.

    4f: we have a contestant from bushy land here at no:9! tenkiu for correcting us! the last pic is a moth and not a butterfly!

  18. me said,

    what made you think i am from pee jay leh?
    4f: using guesstimate algebra mixing with computer agarithem lor!

  19. Mick said,

    Caption for Photo 1: Center red ant to right red ant: Buzz off! She’s (left red ant) mine!

    Caption for Photo 2: Oh man. Where are my balls? I recall clearly they dropped right about here.

    Caption for Photo 3: Pay no attention to the fluttering wings. I’m just part of the car’s paintwork.

    4f: no: 10, tenkiu mike!

  20. hiaoaunty said,

    1. kong kong kong, kong simi la, faster jump!
    2. errrrrrrrrr *straining* “nb so hard to come out, no more fish head curry for me in future!”
    3. “mummy!!!” boo hoo…. “mummy i’m lost!”

    4f: tenkiu! contestant no: 11. what so hard to come out har and due to curry fish head? got prizzies for guesssing or not 🙂

  21. Kunstemaecker said,

    no inspiration, sorry.

    4f: no prob! tenkiu for dropping by again!

  22. sengkor said,

    my humble entry 😛
    1st pic:
    middle ant to right ant: sorry honey, he (left ant) is not ur son..
    right ant: i knew it! we looked so different!
    2nd pic: according to this map, it says that the strip bar is just next to the 329,345th green grass.. dun tell me i miscalculted again..
    3rd pic: now i know why all moths commit suicide by diving into the flame. this is really boring!

    4f: tenkiu sengkor, you are no 12

  23. may said,

    ok ok, I got I got!!
    1) “see? told ya it’s not a camouflage costume party! at least we still stand out and not look like these pebbles.”
    “ok, smart ass… now come on, hurry up!”
    2) “oh, shoot. they didn’t tell me it wasn’t a camouflage costume party.”
    3) *looks up…* *sigh…* “you’re not the only one, buster…”

    tenkiu for coming back! hope 13 is your good luck number!

  24. ian said,

    1) Ant in middle: “OI! How many times must I tell you to walk in single file?!! We’re ants, damn it! Now I’m disoriented, thanks to both of you kiasu punya semut!”
    2) “Catching me surrounded by grass doesn’t make me a vegetarian. I eat tomatoes, okay?!! What do you mean tomatoes aren’t animals??”
    3) “You can take a photo of me, provided it doesn’t end up in the internet and become a topic for caption contests… Promise?”
    4f: HI first entry from OZ! tenkiu no 14, Ian!

  25. angel said,

    Can I vote now? Can I? Can I???

    Cocka, winn & sengkor! In no particular order..
    Me thinks they are currently in the wrong line of work lah…

  26. eric said,

    pic 1 : ant in the middle “okay, we all agreed, whoever wins this race, get the ant chic over there ! ”
    Pic 2 : “psst.. piomei cicak! stop playing hide and seek,
    come out fast laa !! ”
    Pic 3 : “please don’t spank me. I am your ancestor visiting you. You’ll be lucky from now on !!! ”

    4f: no 15! tenkiu eric! piao mei and spirit story – good combination!

  27. happysurfer said,

    Here’s my entry, SF:
    Caption 1:
    “Who said I’m drunk! I just can’t walk straight, that’s all.”
    Caption 2:
    “Hey babe, I’m not a frog but I’m trying my luck. Kiss me. Quick!”
    Caption 3:
    “If I were any prettier, darling, I’d be in the museum in a glass box.”

    4f: very funny, tenkiu HS! we have 16 and we are closing soon…..

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