Just looking around…

November 10, 2006 at 11:15 p11 (Filler)

Just looking around…,

….to see whether there is any more entry? creative caption contest is closing soon. dear esteemed readers, dont forget to vote! You can leave your choice of the top three caption here!

To recap….

1. Lenglui ME (Kay-eL)

2. Velverse (Kay-eL)

3. Misti (little red dot)

4. Winn (Pee Jay)

5. Cocka (Jay Bee)

6. Helen (Yee Poh)

7. SM Maverick (Kay-el)

8. Nyonya Penang (Oriental

9. Simple American ( Bush Land)

10. Mick (Little Red Dot)

11. Hiao Auntie (Little Red Dot)

12. Sengkor (Kelong Valley)

13. Little Miss May (Pee Jay)

14. Ianfluenza (Down Under)

15. Eric (unknown)

16. Happy Surfer (Kelong Valley)


….to see what’s happen in town as da week is closing. as it has been raining a lot lately, most probably will go for hot pot at peck seah street. anyone for hot pot?


Have a nice weekend!



  1. wasabi said,

    4f: This comment from wasabi was deleted because it is not relevant to this post.
    I am not a party of interest to the spat between the two bloggers mentioned by you, so please leave me out of your “mailing” list in future.

  2. may said,

    *looks above*
    *shakes head*
    *whistles and walks away*

    4f: sorry for the distraction! please come back miss may!

  3. Yvy said,

    eehh…why comment so long wan? like novel only lar…aiyo…anyway, why my name say little red dot? and am i in some contest arr? blur leh…. O.o

    4f: pls ignore the comment! sorry arent you misti purple? maybe i linked wrongly, let me check!

  4. Maverick SM said,

    See Fei,
    When you are down in KL, call me and I’ll have teh-tarik with you and your family. You can write to me via e-mail address here.

    4f: tenkiu first for your kind invitation.

  5. Leonard said,

    i lousy, cant even think of any caption, hope this poll be successful!

  6. carcar said,

    apa itu hot pot? steamboat or apa?

    watever, i want to go! leonard! grab yr ger ger and come, let’s go together.

    fei, bring your see too!

    *as if im organising like that*


  7. hiaoaunty said,

    peck seah street got hot pot??? which one?

  8. misti said,

    lol. i am mistipurple and my link up there is also wrong. not that it matters lah.

  9. angel said,

    why nobody voting wan??

    i vote, sengkor, cocka & winn.

    yes, me want hot potttt!!

  10. seefei said,

    my vote….
    Happy Surfer – like the frog prince & museum story!
    Helen – like the politic cum humour combo
    Cocka – linking with other bloggers, i like!

  11. carcar said,

    can vote already?
    ok my vote ah…:
    1. me
    i like the ‘highlight’ part for 1st caption, ‘act sophisticated’ on 2nd caption, and more photogenic on my left! for the 3rd caption!
    Very carcar caption, all I like!
    Promise land vs kiasuland is good! 2nd and 3rd are good too, burung pipit not only horny, but so free and so need the photoshop! Haha… (just kid ah BP)
    It makes me scroll up to the 3rd pic (immediately) again and how true, I found the moth indeed have ‘antenna’, hahaha!
    Btw, if the winner goes to Msian who live in Msia, can a Msian who live in Sgp claim the prize on behalf ah?

    4f: tenkiu car2! look like helen & cocka is the front runners! with reg to ur last request got to ask de eventual winner!

  12. me said,

    *kiss kiss carcar* i also got vote ah? yehhh!!! pssttt, fei, where should i go to buy more votes?

    4f: aiyoh ask lidat how to help! anyway, if you are in town next time, let me & car2 buy you ais krim, ok?

  13. carcar said,

    yes me!! if you are here, me and seefei will buy you ais klim, kopi, and wat else you want? seefei belanja 😛

    4f: wa sokong! seefei belanja carcar bayar ok?

  14. me said,

    kakakaka. so niceeee. i want triple scoop! kakaka.

    4f: when r u coming? must let me have enuf time to get the red carpet out of the warehouse 🙂

  15. me said,

    don know leh. but don’t worry ah, plenty of notice beforehand. sure enuf time to get red carpet, engage welcome orchestra, book big bouquet of flowers and all that *grins*

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