Caption Creative Contest Result

November 13, 2006 at 11:15 p11 (Filler)

After one week of keen contest and vigourous voting over the weekend, we have a winner for the caption creative contest! He is none other than the humsup (saltish & watery) cocka!


 Burung Pipit thanks all for taking part and let put our hands together for the winner! *clap clap*


All unclaimed prize will be consumed by the organiser or his goon representative!



  1. ylchong said,

    SeeFei: Why do I always miss the boat — if it’s The Titanic, it’s Cockay-lah! ~~ Desi
    PS: Sext dime, please offer 20million as first prize; otherwise, DEsi will still miss the sampan. You see, I’m a small man from a small house, nothing more than 200mil will do!

    4f: if desi takes part next time, will use the NEP calculator, sure can come out with figure that you will be happy with! 😉

  2. happysurfer said,

    Good job, Cocka. Congrats!

    4f: HS, i voted for you but unfortunately my vote is not good enough!

  3. carcar said,

    i’m here to claim the gift, on behalf of cocka!

    4f: didnt know you and kkt yau lou muahahaha….

  4. angel said,

    Si ayam jantan memang terer
    Sekali bukak mulut, pasti menang punye!
    *koo koo koo*

    4f: ini ayam bukan sebarangan ayam!

  5. may said,

    congrats, kokokai!! BKT next round on you again, hor? *wink wink*!!

    4f: *look left* *look right* where that kkt go hah? when u ask him to buy, buat bodoh aja!

  6. sengkor said,

    what? i lost to uncle cocka..? *look down and walk away slowly*

    4f: sengkor, not badlah, close fight. u lost by 2 votes only!

  7. Meepok said,

    Hi Seefei – This is my first visit to your blogsite. It’s really neat man. Still can’t get over your “father’s day letter” posted in June 06. It’s a classic.

    4f: tenkiu for dropping by and the flattering comment! hang ard and meet the rest of the bloggers here. they are a crazy bunch!

  8. nyonyapenang said,

    congrats to cocka. so, what dessert cocka suka makan?

    4f: are you joining us for the dessert?

  9. Kenny Ng said,

    LOL… cocka the winner? Congrat to cocka… anyway, he’ll get?

    4f: come to the prize presentation and you will know!!

  10. plink said,

    Kongratiewrayshen Unker Cocka! 🙂

    4f: didnt know unker cocka speaks german!

  11. Maverick SM said,

    Congrats Cocka and See Fei. You have made blogging world interesting.

    4f: SM, glad you enjoy this!

  12. misti said,

    wah humpsup cocka win hands on. or claws on!

    4f: are you joining us for the prize presentation?

  13. Cocka Doodle said,

    Thank you! Thank you all who voted for me!! I’m so touched by this award….I want to thank the Academy for making this possible, my parents who stuck with me thru thick and thin, the organizers for their splendid , but most of all, Emily…..

    4f: the winner had spoketh! shall we set a date for the prize presentation. dont worry chilli crab will not be served this time round!

    Sengjai, you lost by two votes ah? Didn’t you get the titoki sisters to vote for you?

    4f: yarloh considering your good relship with the lychee sisters.

  14. Simple American said,

    Congratulations to Cocka. Woo hoo!

    4f: tenkiu for taking part SA!

  15. Leonard said,

    not bad, w/o my vote still win…bravo!!!

    4f: yarloh! how come you didnt vote hah?

  16. me said,

    hmmm…where did the winner go? if he didn’t come in to collect within 2 hours, can forfeit ah? what’s the prize anyway?

    4f: he was stuck in the spam filter muahaha…. read his comment above

  17. ian said,

    Aiyaa… I lost big time… Apparently not farnee… 😦

    4f: no worry! the fun in participation!

  18. Mick said,

    Oh man. No one can make a better copywriter than one who is salty wet.

    4f: yup, he is the master!

  19. Liucas said,

    yay!! uncle cocka can buy me lunch liao!
    i wan to eat southern fried chicken 😦

    4f: aiyoh, tit for tate issit? 🙂

  20. hiaoaunty said,

    got runner-up prize or not???? u wan me go away empty handed ar 😦

    4f: dont worry, you will be invited to the prize presentation ceremony!

  21. velverse said,

    Huar.. like this cocka gotta belanja makan dy~
    4f: are you coming?

    4f: are you coming?

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