Did you see the dog?

November 15, 2006 at 11:15 p11 (Life and its pleasures)

the coming, originally uploaded by -Teddy.

In case my esteemed readers have not noticed, I have taken a two week hiatus by running the caption competition. Please be assured my interest in blogging had not waned and neither I had taken my ER for a ride with that trivia. 

I had fully utilized the “free” time during the last two weeks to ponder the following important things…

  1. who killed the Mongolian model?
  2. can the world afford a total US pull-out in
  3. the implication of the increase in GST tax (to 7%) to my little rice bowl
  4. why the latest canon dSLR camera 400D got no spot metering?
  5. doing “colour” meme from velverse
  6. the meaning of life

As this blog is rated G (General), i would not touch on politic, religion and race and that will leave only item (4) to (6) to be answered. In this post, i will try to answer the toughest one first…. The meaning of life… 

I don’t know about my other fellow human beings but the meaning of life is pretty clear to me. My universe is very simple and consists of only myself and a dog. There is only a single and primary purpose to my existence and it is to feed the dog. The dog will bite me if it ever goes hungry. Ok, maybe there is a secondary reason, ie to avoid being bitten by the dog.

I will toil day and night to find food for that nasty little dog. The drudgery of hunting and scavenging for dog food is more than offset by the pleasure of not being bitten by the dog. If the dog is happy, I am happy. 

If I die, the dog dies too. But if the dog dies, probably I will look for another dog to fill the vacuum in my little universe unless the dog has offspring that can continue this relationship. I know some of us seek solace from this dog-gone life by having a relationship with a higher being with the hope that there are some payback in the next universe where supposedly dogs don’t exist. Some enlightened one will see the dog and look for a harmonius path of co-existent in the hope that they will be the dog in their next life. 

Well, my esteemed readers, that’s the meaning of life to me. You can disagree with me but don’t prosecute me for my belief. Lets hear everyone’s view and  may i leave you with this question?

Do you see the DOG in your life?



  1. may said,

    I see Liucat!!
    4f: both liucat & ahboy are lucky fellas!

    and the dog, and the rat, and the ox, and the tiger, and the rabbit, and the dragon, and the snake, and the horse, and the sheep, and the monkey, and the rooster, and the pig.
    4f: hahaha… but you only feed the dog cos the rest are your reflection.

    (but yes, your view is one to ponder upon.)
    4f: only by recognising that dog in my life gives meaning to everything that i do including blogging 🙂

  2. angel said,

    feikor, i think i see the poodle in the picture.
    4f: poodle small eater, good for you lah!

    but the Dog in my life? Ownself ka?
    4f: the dog is not you lah. it is the one that causes all the grumblings in life…

    Jou meh yeh kam sam geh?
    4f: i tot my explanation is very simple, no?

  3. nyonyapenang said,

    get a smaller DOG.

    4f: right on! but cannot be smaller than the jones’s 😉

  4. Kenny Ng said,

    Dog fever now everyone?

    4f: all my life…

  5. Simple American said,

    I keep thinking 42. But thats the answer to life right?

    4f: 42 nay! it is 69!

  6. Winn said,

    So Chiim one..liucat oso dun understand.

    4f: i learned from liucas before she turned into a cat! 🙂

    hmm are u refering to yourself? coz u need to love yourself to keep going.

    4f: yup, it resides in the same universe!

  7. Mick said,

    i see the poodle.

    4f: good, you have a small mouth to feed!

  8. Mick said,

    XXXXX (deleted words) ought to pay for his crime of abetting the murder.

    4f: sorry mick! cant name name here! dont wanna get both of us into trouble!

  9. LM said,

    wow! you spent 2 weeks to ponder these things.

    4f: ya, amongst other things…

    That GST thing har! make my blood boil only. But then, like most of you, we just shrug it off. what to do?

    4f: well, there is a lot riding on that 2 percentage point of GST. it is suppose to cover for the impending reduction in corporate tax, increase in welfare & health spending. as it is a regressive tax, ie it will hurt the poor more as it is a flat rate tax, it will be interesting to see what are the relief package the gahmen is offering.

    imho, what is more worrying is the redefinition of income to the coffer. now the gahmen is recognising capital gain of assets as income. in the past, income is only derived from interest and dividend from the govt assets.

    Life: we are just passing by on this earth.

    4f: tenkiu for enlightening us… hope you had had a pleasant journey so far. 🙂

  10. Maverick SM said,

    I didn’t see. But I hear the barking … of

    4f: a matter of the bark is worse than the bite?

    Cakap Tak Serupa Bikin… over the last few days.

    4f: i heard some tikus’s noise over across the causeway this few days

    My life and my pig; if she dies, I will get another, if she didn’t that I will just live with it.

    4f: aiyoh, thats haram my fren. dont get my blog banned by the tikus leh 😦

  11. wuching said,

    then..i’d rather be the dog!

    4f: woof2 brudder! 🙂

  12. helen said,

    I got 6 dogs and 1 stray who always come to house with pitiful eyes at chow time… lol

    4f: one woman’s dogs is another man’s dog? it is the different sides of the same coin, helen sista!

    What dog???? Doggie style? OOOOps, after your blog kena ban!!

    4f: ooppsss…

  13. ah leng said,

    the meaning of life for me is, 95% consist of hardship, sorrow, sacrifices, sadness and left only 5% is… happiness(don’t get too “offended”..readers,hehehe)

    4f: do i see an enlightened one here or a shrewd one here?

    little dot land mass is less than 5% of boleh land but has the same GDP output as its bigger neighbour. Are we happy or sad?

    If you have the deja vu feeling of life kicking you in the balls, change the point of view. get a smaller dog. 😉

  14. HB said,

    Increasing GST to 7% is pure bullshit. Poor people also need to eat. Don’t tell me poor people buy things at a lower GST. Fucking reason.

    4f: Be patient. PM Lee said, “wait till Feb 2007 for the announcement of the budget…”.

  15. me said,

    are you calling see a dog??!??!!?! kakakaka.

    4f: nope. she doesnt bite and neither does she suck bark

  16. lovin_each_day2002 said,

    I am not a dog person. I subconsciously kill off all dogs before I can actually see them.

    4f: tenkiu for dropping by and leaving a comment! do u really have that tendency toward the dogs in your subconscious? and why is that so?

  17. carcar said,

    when we go yum char????????????????

    4f: stand by please for my call…

  18. ylchong said,

    in animal farm, the Pig is smartest.
    so please look after the pigs wellA; I’m a pig-to-LET!:)

    4f: hei desi, apalah ni! pig is haram and i dont wanna get cucuk with the keris for mentioning haram stuff here! LOL

    dogs not welcomed at my abode, Puppies below age 16, which measn all of wan tamby chic’s frens! are okay — I’m still suffering from phobia of almost beaten by a fierce WAN; See I’m around, cos I Fei-ed faster than datdarndog.

    4f: i see you had strong legs when you were young…

  19. ah leng said,

    i still hang on with that 5% though im “tired” and “weary” already.

    you’re right, life kicking me in the balls & bonking me in the ass.

    my old mum at times told me that i dont know how to live my life and its not the problems in my life – really sounds reasonable to me…

    4f: our old mums lived in a simpler time. anyway, if you can see the 5%, the let the 5% filled your universe and i am sure your dog will be much smaller!

  20. ah leng said,

    yap…life kicking me in the balls & bonking me in the ass.should change my point of view but its difficult…very difficult.

    4f: well, we have choices…

  21. zara's mama said,

    Your dog == your wife?
    Why so ‘chim’ one?

    4f: she is not the dog but the feeding hand. chim hor?

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