Welcome Mr Bush!

November 17, 2006 at 11:15 p11 (News & Comments, Whining/Bitching/Ranting)

You can never estimate the power of pop culture in your life until it stokes the fear in you. My family is going to live through this Friday night in fear because simple American kampung mate, Mr Bush is visiting and asking me out for dinner. I vowed I won’t watch  American political movie after this and here is the reason why.

Have you watched the movie, Syriana? We are worried that someone will take out Mr Bush with a copy cat tactical strike from a patriot missile launchs from the stratosphere. What if the missile carry a nuclear warhead? How scary, imagining your life evaporates just like that for the mere fact that you are stuck on a little island with the most powerful man on earth?

Superman, where are you when we need you?

Beside that, half of little dot is cordoned off to provide a security buffer zone for Mr Bush and his entourage. That leaves only the Night Safari, Bird Park and the trans park in Changi Beach in the outskirt accessible to local indigenous like me. Unless you are a great fan of National Geographic, Animal Planet and have a non-mainstream sexual inclination, there is really not many places you can hang out this Friday.

But don’t get me wrong. I hold no grudges against Mr Bush for all this inconvenience. On the contrary, I like this man, for the fact that both Bush and burung pipit have a lot in common. For example, we have simplistic view of the world. I, “don’t forget to feed the dog and the world will be a better place” and Bush, “take out Saddam and we will have world peace”. The only difference is I don’t have to survive election every four year to validate my point of view.

Mr Bush, try our signature dish chilli crab at East Coast, satay at Lau Pa Sat or visit our newly renovated museum at Bras Basah. Whatever it is, have fun and it is a pleasant experience talking to you. But next time when you wanna drop by, please let us know in advance so we can book our long overdue trip to Bali.

By the way, if you happen to drop by Texas en-route to Washington, can you send my regards to my blogdy, SA?



  1. Winn said,

    i was reading your post when u suddenly commented in mine.
    so ‘ sum leng xiong thong’ hor? haha.

    4f: in case you forget, i am the “hand” that has been feeding you! we are ONE!

    Bush ! come to msia too. we are friendly people.

    4f: cannot lah, if someone take this opportunity to bomb the causeway, how?

  2. Mick said,

    A very brief visit as usual. Touched down in Singapore on Thursday morning at 0715 hours. Flew off to Vietnam for APEC summit on Friday morning. May God bless Singapore.

    4f: i dont know why but actually felt proud that he picked little dot as the first stop of his Asian tour. a case of tiny in size but tall in stature?

  3. Maverick SM said,

    Bush may have done wrong in international affairs.

    4f: bush achievements or mistakes is still too early to tell. history is only clear in retrospect. i gave him the benefit of the doubt!

    We have leaders here who would do acts that divide his own nation. Sad.

    4f: should limit the office term to 2 like in the US hor!

  4. LM said,

    but his powers are waning at home…..

    4f: hahaha… that will depend on the baker’s report on iraq. if it is positive ie no pull-out of troop, which connotes that bush has bipartisan support in US. so i would nt write him off, yet.

    still, you would have noticed the friendly ties with the Bushes (including snr bush who have also visited) and our ruling party.

    4f: didnt notice that but wont be surprised as US and little dot has a relationship that dates back a hundred years. There is a book written on this relationship and recently out in the market. Its title is something like “America, American and Singapore”. Go and read it for a better perspective

  5. ah leng said,

    or may be someone take him out with a modified tv or video camera like in The Bodyguard ?..surely his route is already “cleaned”.

    4f: bodyguard? i am sure kevin costner is in one of those black limos zooming around town…
    if you wanna take out a bush, better register with NPark first. bushes are public properties in little dot. 🙂

  6. nyonyapenang said,

    ya, bushes are good – can hide behind and do many fun things.

    4f: like? care to share?

  7. wuching said,

    u invite bush to ur house for kopi onot?

    4f: …wanted to but my sarang is outside his security zone. but the other texan MR SA comes, will definitely invite him to have a cuppa!

  8. fantastflier said,

    Diu, when the father Bush went to Sg he also chup half of Sing…like father like son…

    4f: you must be really angry cos the whole east coast kena blocked!

  9. Kenny Ng said,

    who is Bush? Someone must kena hamtam kaw kaw? LOL…

    4f: aiyoh! where have you been? mars? 😉

    Oh yah… I’m coming to S’pore on 7 or 8 Dec to represent my ministry for badminton friendly match there… I still dunno which place I gonna be, will tell u when I know ok? Maybe can meet up.

    4f: need a bedminton partner or not? pimp call me, ok?

  10. Simple American said,

    Bush won’t let me fly on the plane with him to Singapore. I dun need to go to Viet Nam, so he won’t have me eating all of the peanuts and drinking the little whiskies. You are barricaded from your town. I’m barricaded from my ride.

    4f: you should try lil dot edb. they may have better odd of getting you on board airforce one!

  11. Mick said,

    More like a case of poor planning. Came to Singapore 1st. Then flew up to Vietnam for APEC Summit. Then flew down to Indoensia. Air Force One has too much fuel to spare. Courtesy of Iraq’s oil reserves, maybe? :p

  12. Kunstemaecker said,

    I didn’t get Syriana. Not a thing.

  13. zara's mama said,

    So Malaysian shouldn’t go near JB as well lar.. just in case what you say does happen?
    Poor you.. so Friday stuck at home.. no where to go.. ahem, can work on your B-project loh. Got excuse mah.. Remember to drink some Guiness, my hubby swears by it.

  14. Kenny Ng said,

    got bedminton partner for me? wakakakakaa… anyway, how to contact u? dun have ur number la.

  15. Hijackqueen said,

    Eh, can tumpang Bush to buy some Amelican ginseng hor.

  16. Leonard said,

    dun understand what’s going on here…still trying to steady my mind and waiting for it to be back to normal!

  17. carcar said,

    mr bush jao jor!

    how are you? if a car is down, we can call a mechanic;
    if a mechanic is down, i need to call who?

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